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Comment 25 May 2014

I have said it four times now, what happened last year with the losses to MSU and Clemson!  I told my friends after the Clemson game this is going to hurt us tremendously in this year's recruitment, all my friends laughed.,  Who's laughing now!  If you win a bunch of lousy games that is nothing and menaingless, if the games that you need to win to show HONOR ;you lose, that creates huge problems!  Until we win some big games and strut our stuff like we have some!  We are not going to win many kids this way to 614.  Truth hurts sometimes, what you do with it is what matters most!

Comment 25 May 2014

Clemson?  I mean  who would have thunk it ?  They had 2 play makers QB and WR, all we had to do was double team the WR, and this was a no brainer win!  No, urbs made no adjustment the entire game, that is 4 quarters without an adjustment??? ReaLLY??????

Comment 25 May 2014

Well, looking at the stats of our tight ends the past couple years, and how very little they are targeted in the passing game.  I figure why not convert a Offensive lineman to TE.  Heck doesn't need good hands , cause we never throw to him.  Why waste a talented great athletic TE at a position that he is called the catch the ball once a game.  waste of talent and poor play calling.  OSU, needs to either throw the ball to the TE or just convert another offensive lineman to that position.  enough said...

Comment 04 May 2014

I have read all the posted comments, and will say this for the third time.

Losing on National TV to MSU, and Clemson, did hurt us tremendously and it is now showing.  we are second Best in the BIG 10 and we choked against an average Clemson team!  I travel all over the country and here it everywhere I go, Ohio State Looked pathetic against the 2 teams mentioned above.  With all that talent on both sides of the football, it was a coaching blunder.  Vanilla offense and soft defense!  

I am a Buckeye born and raised, but I can not watch the last part of the season and the game against Clemson for the life of me and the people I meet nationwide in my travels during the week,  We simply beat ourselves, and the coach;s played into that mind set!

Urban did not use the talent he had, everyone talks about Mitchell and how he should have seen playing time!  Braxton, not passing, recievers playing soft, DB in soft coverage! It just was so pathetic to see a team with that much talent, just go blank...

Most buckeyes will say trust in UFM, I will trust when I see him calling a creative offensive game plan that uses and utilized his talented players, instead of making the QB run. H.S. QB's watched those games, listened to Braxton complain at the end of the season, took to many hard hits, and there are RB on this team they should get the ball they are on scholarhsip too!  Every High School kid that was interested in playing QB heard these words, and watched those games!

Facts are Facts and Franklin is using Braxton's own words to get players!  How do I know, I heard a friend who' son committed to PSU said that is what " he was telling us"

Everything is being used against us right now, even Braxton's words, which we all thought so harmless..

Comment 21 Apr 2014

No One ever truly wants to admit it but loosing to Clemson (who got demolished by FSU) and to not be the best team in the BIG 10. These are what the competition is telling the RECRUITS, you want to play in a weaker conference for a team that is not even the best in that weaker conference!  This is what Saban and others are using, along with the decommits of a 5 star LB from TX.  Recruits (18 yr old) kids eat this stuff up!   Sad but true. Only one thing matters; WIN WIN WIN, and you will get the Creme of the Crop!

Comment 22 Mar 2014

His corners in the pics above, playing 10-12 yards off the reicever.  You would think they had 2 Terrell Owens on the field by the looks of

those corners.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Has anyone noticed in the pictures above!!


His Cornerbacks are playing 10 yards off the receiver's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enough Said......same tune.............different name!

I am selling this hire, my opinion!



Comment 20 Mar 2014

The problems I forsee:  Young growing men being put through grueling exercise routines. Remember every person's body respondes differently to that type of fitness instruction, some take longer to heal, some may not be use to it, many are overloaded.  Add to the mix cold Ohio winters which creates, tighter less elasitc tendons and cartliage.  Need to take it slower with these young guys , especially early in the year (winter).


My two cents, probably all it's worth!


Go Bucks!!!

Comment 21 Feb 2014


1) Braxton is a great runner, exceptional !!!!

2) Braxton has targets named:  Huerman, D. Smith, E. Spencer, M. Thomas, Dontre Wilson, J. Clark, Jeff Greene, J. Dixon, C. Smauel, Eze Elliot, need I say more.  He is surrounded by talent on all sides and facets of the game.  

3) If we simply use him in the:  Run/  Run option/ Short Passing game we win all games including the Natty!!!

It really is about throwing underneath stuff to these electric backs and receivers.  I mean come on man, who in the nation can keep up at Linebacker with Huerman, Dontre, Samuel, Clark, Thomas, EZEK running around  ????       Answer:  no one.

Enough said: Develop the same passing program of one Russell Wilson or similar QB.  Short underneath routes exploiting easy mismatches in coverage with our faster, and sometime taller receivers.  5 to 10 yard pass plays should kill defenses and should allow Braxton to complete well over 70%.  It will force defense to bring defenses backs forward and play downhill on our receivers that is when you burn them with a 25 yard pass over their heads with 1 of our speedsters.  It opens up the running game as well. It creates all sorts of holes and openings and we have all those tools right now!


Go Bucks!!!



Comment 17 Feb 2014

 "Did Kent State have a better coach (just hired by Georgia) than Ohio State?  If so, why don’t we have him?  (Let me emphasize I don’t think we have enough information to judge Coach Beals yet."

I played ball with Greg Beals at Kent state, I will say this , there isn't a better coach for the job, to take Ohio State to the next level.  He was a great player, great professional, and has a gift for getting guys motivated when other coaches could not. Give him some time and he will bring this program into the National Spotlight, guaranteed.

** My spell check does not work on this new site, any advice to get it to work would be greatly appreciated.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Could have been and should have been:

Donte Booker                           Rakewon                             Mitchell

Mitchell and Raekwon at linebacker would have been the best LB group in all of College football period!  This goes beyond a huge

This loss, is the biggest loss I believe in tOSU history!






Comment 10 Feb 2014

I wish the Mitchell family well, and this is good for Mike to be closer to his father.

...Now, to handle the talk of some players that were disenhcanted do to lack of playing time this year. Mitchell, Bell, Apple, just to name a few, that had been told early that we "do not red shirt our key freshman"  The coaching staff needs to tone it down in regards to playing time and how much you will receive if you enroll early.  When I was being recruited the coaches would tell me, it is possible with your blue chip cailber of player to earn playing time your freshman year, but it is also possible you may be red shirted and not play much, if any.  They kept it straight forward and I liked that as a kid, had they sold me on a lie, I would have been hurt emotionally and may have transferred.  Let's remember these are kids and we need to treat them with respect and dignity on all levels.  I believe Vrabel was a huge impact on getting Mitchell here anyway, that is what I have always heard.  Now he will be back in Texas with Vrabel.

Best wishes Mike.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

@ colerain 2004:

I agree with you.  We had no depth and a very limited amount of talent and quality play from LB last year. As a five star stud to find yourself red-shirted, and then to hear this season the other LB's that were recruited plus McMillian you have to wonder what he may or may not have been thinking.  He should have played in the first 3 games of the season, and I do not remember him having a serious injury , something that took a couple weeks to heal, should definetly have seen the playing filed a bit more... Also, who is the LB coach....hmmmm??  Most recruits that transfer, will do so for a combination of reason's.  Maybe he was promised something that didn't pan out here...it is possible,  Maybe he ends up in Texas with Charlie?  Crazier things have happened.

To me Vrable and Mitchell are huge losses.  My opinion!  Best wishes to the Mitchell Family.

Comment 07 Feb 2014


If you go back and watch the first few games of last year, We were passing the ball all over the place, playing explosive football. It was about the play calling and getting the ball into as many different people as possible. It worked extremely well.

 The only other time during the season that we used this type of Offensive strategy was the Penn State night game!  Go watch it, it was amazing how we came out throwing the football and spreading the ball around, this is a much watch game!

 The defensive strategy in this game was to knock Penn State's QB out of rythmn, must watch this game, this should be a blueprint going forward for offensive and defensive play calling.

Comment 02 Feb 2014

In some ways I believe Fickell is being protected, no one wants to speak about his input for each game, weather or not he calls plays, is he creating the defensive schemes we are seeing week in and week out, was it his defensive game plan against Sparty and Clemson??

I believe if the answer to the above questions was YES, then he needs to be fired!

However, gene smith, urban and others refuse to comment on his EXACT role, rather they say he is the CO- defensive coordinator and they leave it at that, no one's really knows, but I fear he is the reason for the horrible defensive sachems and play calling.  When he was the interim head coach, we lost 6 or 7 games that year...do you remember the defensive game plans?  They look the same as they do now, only difference is now we have Urban style offenses generating huge points every game!


He need's to go!  I love him as a player, and recruiter, but those things do not WIN; nor do they create winning defenses!!!

Comment 02 Feb 2014

I agree , he should never have started coaching on the BIG stage right away, unless it was some special teams gig, he is holding onto his dream job and it definitely shows.


He is paid an enormous amount of money to WIN and to coach the DEFENSE!!  Well 3 seasons later and I have to admit the worst defense I have ever seen in my life... I have seen better defensive schemes and play calling at the High School level.


He must go after this year!  If the defensive backs improve dramatically will fickell receive the credit??  


I believe he should only receive credit, where credit is do.

If he is calling the Defensive game plan and doing the play calling and our defense improves then I would say he deserves credit.  Not until then.


Comment 24 Jan 2014

Coombs and fickell holding on, like an old girlfriend/boyfriend.  Stalking and hoping and praying tOSU will not let them go.  Never liked situations like this.


They both needed to go in 2012.


We will be the 90th rank pass defense next season, and improvement, but not a top five national team, like we are. That is why I am completely floored by the concept that these 2 guys are still hanging around...