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Comment 05 Mar 2012

ha, jeez, feel better man

Comment 02 Mar 2012

From this article Breneman recommended himself, he visited all four schools, not just OSU and PSU. For what its worth, I agree that it will likely come down to OSU and Penn State. I don't think the Sandusky scandal will hurt PSU recruiting any further, at least until the federal government wraps up its investigation. While the NCAA is talking big, they are likely to do nothing as most of this is out of their jurisdiction. Apparently the feds must think there is much left to be uncovered, aside from the 50 counts already against Sandusky, and have their eyes on Penn State's role in the matter. From the article, they appear to be looking into "the possibility of a cover-up at Penn State, as well as possible bribes, fraud, or misuse of federal money." From the article, "fraud" can include such statements as "We don't have any unauthorized persons using the training facilities," which we know for a fact Sandusky had been using for some time. 

It makes you sick that after knowing what he did, Spanier and company let him have free reign of the place, including watching Paterno's 409th win from the President's box. Given the large amounts of federal dollars that go into a place like Penn State (or Ohio State or anywhere else for that matter), if I was someone considering Penn State as a student I would have to think about it for a second. In that regard, this is a much bigger decision than the football program alone, if knowing you're using the same showers where that happened isn't enough to make your skin crawl (five of the victims were abused in the Lasch building, where the football team calls home).  NCAA sanctions and some jokes in poor taste should be the least of your worries, kids. If the university failed to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act for short) as might be suspected by the Department of Education in their investigation, the school could face additional penalties the NCAA could only dream of applying to an institution. Given the nature of what is required under the act, it is not out of the realm of possibility. Even with Sandusky under house arrest and under trial, the Nits aren't out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot

Comment 28 Feb 2012

Certainly a possibility, but how many great recruits did you see come in and subsequently let go while Small was kept on? Absolutely Small had the talent. But at some point, that talent never showed up. He would hurt the team on the field (other than the rare glimpse of that special talent), and off of it as well. Sure, Tressel probably saw he could be a good football player. But I think to him, that was secondary to making the kid a good man first. 

Comment 28 Feb 2012

One of the things that pains me most about situations like this is the national media (or the UM fans) then turning it around into a failing of Coach Tress. Johnny, as a HS teacher you know there's some kids you can't reach, for all that you might try to do. My mom (a HS teacher herself) often calls with frustrations about just these types of kids. One rationale I remember early on as Tressel's thought process in Tatgate was that of a teacher. My mom has had kids that if she sent them to the office, as per the rules, they would have gotten that one last out of school suspension fo a few more days that would have meant they were over the number of days they could make up to graduate (or pass the year). So rather than do that, she had them scrape gum off from under desks and wash chalkboards, vacuum the classroom, etc for a week. If ESPN cared about HS education and she taught at OSU, she would likely be the labled the Anti-Christ. Tressel probably thought something along the same lines - better he punish and handle the situation then pass it along and those kids get the shaft and learn nothing from it. Unfortunately, that's what ended up happening anyways, and he lost his job. That is, of course, giving him the benefit of the doubt in that situation. The guy messed up, and even if he might have been thrown under the bus a bit, end of the day, he did something he shouldn't have and paid for it. 

In the case of Small and others like him, he did the same thing time and again. Truth be told, what did Small ever contribute, positive, to the FB team? For all the talk about Tress putting up with TP because he was the star, he did it on more than one occasion with kids that weren't nearly as valuable. This as opposed to Jimmy Johnson who would openly torment some players giving much better treatment to others. One quote I remember was that if a special team's scrub was sleeping in a team meeting, that guy was gone. If Emmitt Smith was caught asleep, he'd get Smith a pillow. At the college level, Bowden would often say the same thing. Curfew violation for Sebastian Janikowski? Bowden had the "Warsaw Rule":

Bowden joked that because Janikowski is from Poland, he is subject to a different code of conduct.

Being from Poland, having won the Groza award, same difference. He was another of the coaching fraternity that would have maybe helped along a kid like TP, but Small would have been gone a long time ago. Many, many coaches wouldn't have given Small nearly as many chances, especially after that potential never truly materialized. Tressel had a soft spot for these kids, and unfortunately in some cases it didn't work out. Or did they? In Clarett's case, it's finally sinking in. It's a shame it is going to take prison to do the same with Small, but hopefully he will be come a positive force after all of this as well. Although after all those chances, I can't imagine he has too many left. 

Comment 24 Feb 2012

Love Greg, but after some great hoops opportunities, $23 million in the bank (+/- depending on how good his accountant is), and being seen as a "bigger man" than Brett Favre after his photos came out... think he'll be okay DJ. Remember meeting Oden on campus before, and really, such a humble and likeable fellow. 

And I'm sorry, but I have to go there - after watching the youtube video of Russell and Oden, given Bill got a dye job, who would you say was older? Quick, someone with photo shop... Greg Oden|Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie poster stat!

Comment 24 Feb 2012

One thing that I was a little concerned about, it doesn't seem we have his major? From his sophomore year

“First off, I'm looking for a school that has my major, which I believe will be sports journalism,” said the Bloomfield star. “Secondly, I'm looking for a school that has a nice campus, with nice facilities and also has a nice feel to it. Lastly, I'm looking for a good coaching staff that’s going to make me work hard and push me to my limit.” 

Seems like a good kid, and he's really consistent on that point of his first college priority (very admirable). Granted, we do have a decent journalism program, and this website seems to say we have Sports Journalism (oh wait, differen't Ohio silly me ha its that Hoke guy he confuses me). Our school of communication looks more than decent. There don't seem to be a lot of sports journalism specific programs (another list) other than Penn State he's looking at right now (The John Curley Center for Sports Journalism). Apparently Florida also has a good program, and he just got an offer from them ($, info in header).

Hope we can still reel him in with this being so important to him, but it does make me nervous that the Gators might flex their "Erin Andrews is an alumni!" street cred. Erin Andrews or this guy, hmmmm... who would sway me more as an 18 year old (okay even today). Quick who do we have? A Pulitzer winner? Perfect! Take that Florida - Andrews wasn't even the sexiest sportscaster award winner, ha! How do you like our chances Alex? 


Comment 23 Feb 2012

Alex or Jeremy could probably do a better job of explaining than I, but to the best of my knowledge, an offer is an offer. The reason between the two is semantics - and recruiting philosophy. Take Tress for example. He would only offer a select few kids, with the mind set that if you got an offer from OSU, it was a contract and a commitment to you. Which is a great way to go about it, as you don't usually have to worry about oversigning or telling kids their spot is taken up. You offer, get a yes/no essentially, and move on (see the Nick Montana recruitment as an example of how this philosphy played out, for better or for worse). 

Other coaches like Meyer and Hoke seem to carpet bomb offers, almost to make sure they are "keeping up with the Jones's." There's a sense of loyalty to the first school that offers you, and of course a better opportunity to build a strong relationship with a recruit the earlier on you offer. That said, I think it cheapens what an offer is to have them be "commitable" or "not commitable." I don't think this was the case with Neal as has been mentioned in other articles/forum posts, but it certainly has been with a lot of other kids, for better or for worse. On one hand, it is an interesting strategy Urbz is taking with some Ohio kids. In a way, it means that an offer to an Ohio kid is a "commitable offer." On the other hand, it gives other school from out of state a leg up on recruiting. Having seen kids like Jordan Hicks et al leave the state in the past, I think Urban needs to be careful with how he goes about this tactic, as not every one of Ohio's sons will be so accomodating to his apparent strategy. 

Comment 17 Feb 2012

And as I read this I wondered immediately if you had not clicked on the link provided in the above article pertaining to this. And having done so, how many times during the reading of the listed tweats you shook your head wondering aloud to all that might hear, "how do they take my thoughts and put them on the screen this way? get out of my head, you evil tumblr you!"

Comment 17 Feb 2012

Awesome. Good stuff btw DJ, have to say I agree - as I look outside my house across to the medical center and see the audacious new banner that reads "Thank you, Les!"  Granted, I think I'm cool with money donated towards something that will equate to I don't know should I have a heart attack or get hit by a truck perhaps living to tell about it. Rather than, say, blown on booze and strippers. Unless of course the booze and strippers are for me. In which case, high fives all around, here's hoping I don't have a heart attack or get hit by a truck!


Comment 17 Feb 2012

I could not agree more that individuals have to have some accountability in their lives. At some point, you have to point the finger at yourself. That said, we all know teens aren't quite there yet with regards to maturity - it doesn't take some fancy studies to show it. Its for this reason that you have to feel sorry for these kids. Here you have an adult, that seemingly their coaches knew full well about and did nothing to stop, offering them all sorts of things kids want like I don't know cars/booze / women / abortions / video games /jewelry and such. Yes, they know the "rules," but when their role models - older players and coaches - are either looking away or taking part themselves, what are they supposed to think? I applaud the kids who didn't take anything from the guy, but I can only fault so much the kids who did, if for no other reason than, again, they are kids. 

The teenage brain is not just an adult brain with fewer miles on it,” says Frances E. Jensen, a professor of neurology. “It’s a paradoxical time of development. These are people with very sharp brains, but they’re not quite sure what to do with them. - Frances E. Jensen, Professor of Neurology, Harvard

All that again just to say let's make sure we point the finger at the people who really are to blame. The adults - people like Shapiro, and those who let this happen under their watch

Comment 17 Feb 2012

Funny you should mention that. I wonder then why people don't just refer to one Miami as MU and the other as UM, rather than Miami (OH) vs. Miami (FL)? Oh, because nobody cares <facepalm>

Comment 17 Feb 2012

Oh and while the article linked above says they only had the Nutritionist since '07, pretty sure that's a mistake because Mad Dog put one in way before then before following Brown to UT. Which goes again to show how important these guys are, when Brown and Meyer drag them along each coaching stop. 

And yes, of course, I agree - traditional media being in any way incorrect, a ridiculous notion I know.

Comment 17 Feb 2012

Count me in as one of those shocked that we did not have one already. Florida's had one for as long as I remember, and I remember going to football camps in the late nineties at UNC (back during the Mack Brown era, this was interesting from '07) where they had one as well.  That along with the training table "concept" that OSU is apparently just now starting to grasp. Really makes you think - if we have been as good as we have without this great of a program to maximize the talents of our athletes, can you imagine what we will be like in the years to come? Not to like, ridiculously raise expecations or anything <cough twentygazillion national championships cough>

Comment 10 Feb 2012

I'm really confused by the Friday cravings.  Is someone pregnant?  If so, congratulations!!  Awwww, babies (or cute video of a baby offense)!  Just promise now that you're out in California you won't make the mistake of naming your little one something you might regret later if circumstances change.  And for the love of God, don't drink while you're pregnant.  

Comment 06 Feb 2012

I'm the same age as Tom Brady.  And don't have a supermodel wife, championship rings, or live in a mansion.  It's all I can do not to feel like the biggest failure and disappointment to my parents either - I feel ya brother.  Bro Hug.  

Comment 06 Feb 2012

Another well written piece by Ramzy. I wonder 1) how long it is going to take for the Big Ten to catch on to what it takes to win, and 2) how long it takes for more to jump on the "unethical" bandwagon. One quality I think inherent to human nature is that if not careful, we tend to rise (or lower) ourselves to the level of competition around us. That's been Tressel the last ten years. Around the conference, winning the Big Ten was the end all and be all. Reading articles by "basement bloggers" and "real media" alike since Bret opened his trap, it was interesting to note how most focused on BB's Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl appearance - not so much on the Rose Bowl loss or lack of a national presence. This has been something of a theme, in that the local media sees this as hey, pretty damn good.

Whereas, as has been pointed out, Urban will settle for nothing less than a MNC as his primary goal going into each season (much like his former conference mates). Along with a win against the school up north of course. This is certainly one area where I can't wait to be more like the SEC - it is just interesting if the Big Ten follows in line. It is telling that Mr. Hoke, also known as Howard Stern's former sidekick, was one of the first to see the light. With the Big Two leading the way, the Little Ten almost have no choice but to follow suit. Its either rise to the level of the highest quality teams the conference has to offer, or be embarrased by them on a regular basis en route to their fifth tier bowl game (which may not be around much longer). At least we can hope they rise up. The alternative is a witch hunt decrying Urban as an unethical cheater, an oversigner, so on and so forth - something four year scholarships will hopefully help avoid. That and folks like Ramzy calling them wusses on a regular basis.  

Comment 06 Feb 2012

This is likely in large part because we didn't know anything else at the time.  I love Tressel as much as anyone, and am certainly guilty of being one of his apologists before and after Tatgate.  That said, when you don't know how good or bad your situation is from that being all you know, how can you not stick up for it?  It's like people who have never lived anywhere their whole entire life but M!ch!g@n.  Until they escape (or were misfortunate enough to have to move there), they just don't know how much of an amazingly similar facsimile it is to Satan's butthole.  


With Meyer, we for once are seeing first hand, "hey, maybe that wasn't such a good idea," with regards to OLine management et al.  Hence, why you have seen so many attitudes change, as quickly as they have.  

Comment 31 Jan 2012

OSU coming off the worst year since the Ice Age, Kiffikins coming off a respectable campaign last year (with his own squad), you have to give it to Urban.  That's assuming that USC can manage to navigate the Pac 12 schedule undefeated (don't they usually lose at least one game they shouldn't?) and then top the SEC team of the week for the title.  Compare that to our schedule for next year.  Out of conference, Miami, UCF, Cal, and UAB should all be wins.  Indiana, Purdue, Penn State, and the Fighting Zooks (under new management) should all be wins.  MSU, Nebraska, and Wisconsin could go either way, but I think we get at least one out of three.  Realistically, we can beat M!ch!g@n this year as well. 10-2 is a completely realistic schedule.  If we were able to go to a bowl game, I'd almost say Urban was a lock for the award, but given we are not, I think he may have to go 11-1 or 12-0 to win the award.  Keep in mind Hoke was also in the running for the Bear Bryant, Eddie Robinson and Liberty Mutual COtY awards as well.  Gundy won the BB award, as well as the ER, with the LM going to the warlock Les Miles.  A 10-2 year might win Meyer at least one of those (historical side note, Woody won several of the Eddie Robs).

Not to digress, but I also wonder at what point Hoke's season in 2012 is labled a "disapointment" by the national media.  They start off with a loss to Alabama, then face a tougher schedule this year with Air Force, at ND, at Nebraska, as well as MSU and Iowa home dates (not to mention at tOSU).  They could realistically slide to Rich Rod levels of mediocrity, even before the Big Ten games begin and Urban begins his coach of the year awards campaign.  Oh, cruel irony.  

Comment 31 Jan 2012

Okay, see what you're saying now a bit better with regards to Tress, P&P.  Totally agree on that point.  However I would still argue Saban and Meyer right now over Paterno, and on second thought, Bowden as well.  Both Saban and Meyer already tie/exceed Bowden's two national championships.  And while Bowden had an amazing run in the ACC, having won 12 conference championships and having had some ridiculous winning streak upon entering the conference, a lot of this was against teams that were just starting to realize they could in fact play sports other than basketball.  Kind of the same arguement that is made against Tress sometimes with regards to a weaker Big Ten slate than years past.  Clemson, which was a legit team coming into the ACC, never became the rival for FSU that the league had hoped for, and VaTech didn't come into the picture until Bowden's swan song.  Not to say he wasn't a great coach and recruiter, and talk about a great literal coaching family tree (take that Parcells).

So for as much as I honestly think the guy is garbage as a human being and may ultimately have to give back some wins (some day, maybe), he (cringe) deserves a spot as much as anyone.  I just hope Urban can win one or two more soon so that we can stop talking about Saban as the Belichick of the college game.  

Comment 31 Jan 2012

I'm curious though - after all this success in recruiting, given Urbz has a great turn around season like Hoke did (against arguably tougher circumstances), does that mean he wins coach of the year too?

Comment 31 Jan 2012

Heck, we already have two that were head coaches at this level, Hinton was a HC at the HS level along with his many other stops, Warinner has been an OC and I believe assistant HC in the past, our new DB coach has been a DC in the NFL, our Dline coach as more rings than the pimp outside my old house on West 9th Street just off High St... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US RITTENBERG???  AHHHHHHH!!!

Comment 31 Jan 2012

This is thanks to all the Al Jazeera complaints the other day.  ESPN or Al Jazeera, take your pick and quitcherbitchin'.  

Comment 31 Jan 2012

I hate the guy as much as anyone, but at what point do Saban at Bama or Brown at Texas become part of that conversation?  Or even Spurrier?  I honestly think our very own Urbz, scarlett & gray colored glasses aside, could surpass Paterno at the end of the day.  Paterno, with all due respect (see what I did there?) was a Cal Ripken Jr., if you will.  Great longetivity, and again the scandal aside and looking at him purely as a FB coach, he did some good things, but I believe over that time span he "only" won 2 national titles, where Saban for example has three now (at two different institutions, no less?).  Just a thought.  I don't count Peterson until he plays against real competition on a more consitent basis, and as much as I absolutely love Coach Tressel, one National Championship, record against the Big Ten and M!ch!g@n aside, I don't think puts him into the "all time greats" conversation either (although, of course, he's #1 in our hearts). 

Comment 31 Jan 2012

Just when I was starting to have some hope that Rittenberg hadn't completely drank the ESPN kool aid, he writes this dribble.  I'm not sure what he was hoping for when he says he was hoping for "star power" - realistically, if someone is already an OC or an "assistant coach," money will only do so much to draw someone from what is already a good situation for them.  Not many people will go with a lateral move that may be temporary at best (given their odds for upwards mobility into the HC ranks). Of course this refers to the LSU OC, who judging by their title game performance, I don't think would have been that much better than our current hire.  It seems like both quibble over the fact that we kept a good number of the defensive coaches from what is one of the best defensive units year in and year out in the country.  Okaaaaay... and then they harp on Herman not being a big name.  I mean really, to ask if Herman and Meyer can "revitalize" the OSU offense?  My cat picking plays by tapping on various pieces of paper randomly strewn on the floor with names of plays underneath could revitalize this offense.  "This isn't Iowa State" - really Rittenberg?  And you would have the expertise to judge Herman's ability to make the move based on what qualifications?  While I agree this may not literally be the "best staff in college football," it likely is among the best, something I hope to see as they gel into a unit in the months to come.  Lets make sure to keep this article up on a bulletin board for Urbz to reflect on after he's done with the season (and likely wrapping up his second top 5 recruiting class in Columbus).