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Comment 14 Aug 2020
Give kids credit for not being stupid. If anything, most understand that we live in uncertain times, everyone wants to return to normalcy and are doing their best to navigate the uncertainty. It's probably best to also recognize that these student athletes have more than just one source of advice. Hopefully they'll get better advice than Mo Clarrett got from his " inner circle" (Jim Brown and cousin, Vince Morrow, of UK fame). I trust most to make the best decisions for themselves. Don't hold your breath that the SEC, ACC or Big 12 will ever play an entire season. Look at the states where most are located! How did untimely opening up work out?
Comment 12 Aug 2020
"Does canceling now make the B1G look weak?" No. It makes the league look sensible with a dash of realism.
Comment 03 Aug 2020
Yet another stunningly stupid comment. If you can read (questionable), you might want to indulge yourself in facts. See article on front page about Hancock and his parents' frail health conditions. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
Comment 20 Jul 2020
"Cheating"? Come on! The kid decided where he wanted to go to school. Can't we be better than just accusing another program of cheating. This is not a good look for this board. Be better.
Comment 26 Jun 2020
Solved: "A cut of uncooked red meat, as a T-bone or rib-eye steak, with the light, white marbling of fat. May be used for sexual slang." https://emojipedia.org/cut-of-meat/
Comment 21 Jun 2020
Hamilton was a 3 star. .8457 Gallimore a 4 star. .9643 Hamilton was the 6th DT taken #235. Jason Cornell was a high 4 star Undrafted - BB Landers was also a 3 star and had a slightly higher rating than Hamilton. He had a great career at OSU and hope he gets an opportunity that he will make the best of, for sure. No argument that LJ is a great coach but not all players develop in the same way. Point was to dispute that Gallimore lost millions by not choosing OSU and that choosing OU is not necessarily a recipe for losing money.
Comment 21 Jun 2020
DeVon Hamilton was drafted at 73. Gallimore at 83. That doesn't translate into " millions". Moreover, they were both in this year's draft. Their "slots" probably were likely pretty close so your opinion is just as likely a pretty significant stretch.
Comment 20 Jun 2020
Haven't you read the "commenting policy"? You can't be using that fancy schmantzy language on this board!
Comment 19 Jun 2020
Don't worry about being grayed out. My hair has been like that for years. Welcome to the Board. Good to hear from a Bama fan. Two storied programs. Each deserving of each other's respect.
Comment 17 Jun 2020
Stick with what you think you know. Been an ardent fan for years and a season ticket holder for decades. Eldon Miller was not "the start of it" whatever "it" is supposed to mean.