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Born a buckeye fan in Dayton Ohio. Was given first Ohio State book "Straight Arrow" featuring Art Schlichter. Book was signed by the author at a book fair. We still got the book safely secured. As kids, my brother and I were always decked out in Ohio State clothing year after year. I then started to follow every buckeye game as a kid. 1980's Dayton, Ohio native Keith Byars makes Heisman run. At 10 years old I tune into every game mezmorized by his power, and attend my first live game at the Shoe against Michigan State.

I played a little high school football @ Chaminade-Julienne 1988 (Dayton school where RB Javon Ringer attended and lead the team to a state title -- Tressel wanted him but he ended up at Michigan State), our first scrimmage game was against Centerville and Kirk Herbstreit @ Centerville stadium. Kirk was a big dude his senior year. My younger brother, on a safety blitz sacks Herbie in the scrimmage game. Herbie and I are the same age, we will meet again decades later at an awards ceremony.

1990, on my first ever flight at Port Columbus, Ohio I'm on same flight as legendary Coach Earl Bruce. Talked one on one about OSU football for about 15 minutes in particular Keith Byars. Dad and I could not believe we got to meet coach in person. Luckily my dad had a camera and snapped a photo of the two of us. I was 20 years old at the time. 90's come around and I tune into every game like all other 20 year old buckeye fans, Cooper should have won at least 2 national titles. I then start following local high school football prospects as southwest Ohio football is loaded with talent at this time. While at a game in my hometown Vandalia, Ohio, I notice a familiar face. I approach the person while we are standing down on the jogging track at half time. I said "I know you from somewhere." He shook my hand and said " Tim Spencer, Ohio State running backs coach for John Cooper." We were both there scouting running back Ryan Brewer of Troy High School. We talked for about twenty minutes while his two sons ran around playing tag--they were probably 6-8 years old. I remember him yelling "Evan, get over here!" Well, we know how the Ryan Brewer story unfolded at South Carolina but I did not foresee that little boy running around named Evan going on to be one of the MVP's of OSU receivers and the MVP of the team according to coach Urban.

Moving on I'm still watching every single game then the magical ride of the 2002 season. Never missing a game, I then start searching for buckeye trees to get buckeyes to make necklaces. Craziest thing, I develop a passion for the buckeye tree and decide to write and publish a book on it. It's the first ever book written about buckeye trees and is available on iBookstore "All About Ohio Buckeye Trees & horse chestnuts"

2005-2006ish we sign our 7 year old son up for basketball camp at the local Vandalia Recreation Center. The kids are being coached by the eighth grade team. One player was stacked and stood about 6'2" for an 8th grader he towered-- his name-- Taylor Decker. It's great to see the local kid win a National Championship. BTW- Decker played a hell of a game. This area is buckeye country and were all united as one. Well, I just finished watching the greatest trilogy of games in Ohio State History capping off a National Title Win. I decided it was time to join this website. This Bucknut does not miss a game and I can remember specific plays from games going back 30 years. I live in the heart of Buckeye country and within 20 miles north of me and 20 miles south is the greatest football talent in the country.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wisconsin win, Alabama win and the National Championship win against Oregon
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Keith Byars -- O S U childhood football star that got it all started
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • SOCCER TEAM: My daughter's

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Comment 24 Nov 2018


My 70+ old parents in the house, my son turned 18 today, my brother and his family are in from New York.

This is what it's all about.  


Comment 24 Nov 2018

Erupt -- A sudden outbreak of something:

-Most scored points on TUN ever in "THE GAME"

-Haskins erupts & reaches almost 4,000 yards, Breaks BIG10 Record, 5 passing TD's (318 yards passing Game still not over)

-Defense Linebackers dominate (constants pressure, multiple sacks),  Defensive backs played aggressive - 2 interceptions & at least 3 bad calls against them

-Special teams block punt & return for TD

-Buckeye Nation erupting in the Shoe right now!

-62 to 32 as I type

-570 yards of offense and growing

I think this eruption just surpassed Mt. St. Helens


Comment 22 Nov 2018


I thank God I was born a Buckeye in the Buckeye State, raised as a Buckeye from birth.  Thankful, first & foremost for my family, friends & the freedoms we have living in the United States, a close second is being United with all you fine people on this forum supporting the greatest football program on earth.  There is a bond we share that many don't understand.  Don't forget TBDBITL will be performing for the first time in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Happy Thanksgiving

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Big10 can kick anyone's ass on any given day this year.   Neutrally looking at the two.   Blue would shock Bama to the point of a double digit win.   I believe the top 4 teams in the country are-  BUCKS, PSU, Badgers & TUN  

Bama #5