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Comment 18 Feb 2020

Not sure why everyone is acting shocked in this thread.  First off this draft class straight up stinks.  Not good.  Wesson will 100% leave after this season to take advantage of this.  Second and most importantly, Wesson has turned himself into a big man who can defend, rebound, and shoot the three.  Those are three things that translate to all levels of basketball.  If he can eliminate turnovers and start taking over some of these games by improving his finishing ability, he could go round one.   Worst case is Kaleb plays overseas for a decade pulling in $1MM a season.  Not too shabby...  

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Hancock's offer list is insane for a kid who the services haven't caught onto yet:  OSU, Bama, Clem, UGA, AUB, UF, ND, OU, etc.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I think in today's world this is a discussion worth having if gone about the right way.  We don't need to put specific kids on blast but this is a big part of major college football now and would be ignorant to simply ignore this.  That being said. we will see at least one guy leave from each of these position groups: WR, OL, LB, DB, and maybe a TE

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Not sure about any of those options, but would not be surprised to see us go after a grad transfer DB.  Our CB depth next year will be light with Banks, Brown, and Riep (unsure if he's a true corner) as our only CBs who have played any meaningful snaps.  

Comment 15 Nov 2019

All post 2002 when recruiting became easier to follow and guys who had OSU in their top 5 at some point:

  1. Deshaun Watson
  2. Stefon Diggs
  3. Christian Kirk
  4. Amari Cooper
  5. Jaylon Smith
  6. Christian Wilkins
  7. Jordan Hicks
  8. Sharrif Floyd
  9. Lamarcus Joyner
  10. Micah Parsons
Comment 11 Nov 2019

Kristian Fulton is a projected 1st round pick and true freshman Derrick Stingley Jr. would be a first rounder if he was eligible to go pro.  Arranda is getting exposed but they still have two top flight CBs.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Looking at scoring margin - only team last 15 years close is 2013 FSU with about +42 which is just below ours currently.  Should go up after next week then drop after PSU and UM.  That FSU team is one of the more underrated teams of recent memory, they were totally dominant.  

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Since 1949 Michigan has .5 national championships. I think people tend to over estimate the amount of modern success from the Michigan football program. They are always listed in top program lists, most wins, loads of natties etc but I often tend to think the overwhelming success of the program early on is skewing the external opinion of the modern Michigan football program.

Comparing them directly to a program like Ohio State who has won 7 national titles since 1950 is not really fair at this point. Since Woody took over in 1951, OSU leads the series 38-27-2.

Michigan is obviously a top 10 program in modern college football, however they are a step behind the truly top 4-8 programs of the sport since WW2.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Dude is a potential first round pick, and with Okudah , Arnette, and probably Wade going pro - would be an awesome addition.  

Comment 25 Sep 2019

As a CFB junkie I wish networks would offer a premium package for game film week after the game like the NFL does.  Would love to see an option that included normal broadcast, spider cam, All-22 etc that comes out the Monday after games.  Wouldn't really take amny effort on the networks part, and I'd gladly pony up some cash for that.   

Comment 31 Jul 2019

It's evident the distance to home thing is simply blowing smoke up everyone's ass.  He might've honestly told the coaches that was the reason why he was eliminating OSU and that's why all the insiders are on that train, but it is 100% not the true reason why.  Tuscon to Austin is a longer drive than Columbus to Jacksonville...  Bijan has always liked Texas and he has a longer relationship with them.  Texas is desperate, and I mean desperate for an elite RB recruit and my guess is they simply went all hands on deck with the kid.  Drayton was fighting for his job in this recruitment as pressure in Austin was mounting on him.  Sometimes the cat backed into a corner is the most dangerous, and I think it's simply a case of Texas NEEDING this recruit and prioritizing him over everything.  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

This is how the NFL works, and it's not something new.  Emmitt Smith did the same thing in 1993.  Dallas lost their first two games, Jones caved in and Dallas won the Super Bowl.  Dallas has a 0% chance of winning the Super Bowl without Zeke and Jones knows that and will eventually cave.  Dallas' offense is built for and around Zeke.  

With Elliott, the Cowboys are 28-12, have averaged 361.5 yards per game and 4.7 yards per rush, and have outscored opponents by 188 points, according to ESPN Stats & Information. In the eight games they have played without Elliott, the Cowboys are 4-4, have averaged 297.3 yards per game and 3.9 yards per rush, and have been outscored by opponents by 36 points.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Wow the Indians Front Office deserves a drink for this trade.  10/10  Bauer is a borderline MLB ace but comes with his own baggage and CLE never wanted to pay him the near $20MM his arbitration would cost next season.  There is also a 0% chance he would've resigned with CLE after next year and 0% he resigns with Cincy as well.  Not 100% sure what the Padres are doing here, Trammel is a legit blue chip prospect and they have an influx of young arms and corner outfielders, but they still got fleeced in this deal.  Unless they plan on using Trammel to get Syndegaard?  Regardless the Tribe got better today and better for the future which is the hallmark of a good trade.  

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Sewell is a top 5 LB nationally imo.  He's a traditional thumper ILB and would pair wonderfully with an exceptional athlete in Simon.  I'd put this in the slim to none category, especially without Urban but glad to see we might get two visits.  I'm in the minority here but would love to see us take another LB and CB in this class.  2019 and 2020 classes combined having only two sure-fire CBs (Phillips & Lejond) and LBs (Stover & Simon) is a bit of a risk if the tweener kids don't pan out as anticipated.  

Comment 27 Jun 2019

If Crowley is the real deal, you don't redshirt him.  Good RBs are only going to stay in college for 3 years (4 max) so don't waste one of them with him on the bench.  

Comment 18 Jun 2019

This is huge.  Even if we are running in 4th place right now, two visits over the next 6 months gives us a chance.