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Comment 16 Jan 2018

It's time for the last batch of these Warriner OL recruits to finally step-up.  Will we see Bowen, Knox, Burrell, Taylor emerge as the guys since they are all vets now?  Or will Myers, Davis and even Matt Jones come in and replace them?  I'll be honest I don't have a ton of confidence from that veteran group right now.  

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Regardless of his status with the team, its clear Walker has serious issues and will never make an impact on the field.  And yet there are still some crazy people who question Urban's recruiting tactics while at OSU.  Urban dodged another bullet with this one.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Off-season shit posts have arrived.  I can't understand people who think we would be better off losing our starting WRs so we can force unproven underclassmen into pivotal roles.  If Mack/Victor/Harris etc. were better than PC/JD/KJ etc. they would show it on the field and the depth chart.  

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Personnel was much more appropriate for a 3-4 last season honestly.  We wouldn't be moving to a 3-4 with the way we are recruiting DTs this cycle.  I think we will continue to see some stand-up DE action like Hubbard played this year on passing downs, but no way a traditional every down 3-4.  

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Pretty great article I'll link here https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/wsu-cougar-football/what-exactly-is-wsus-speed-d-how-the-cougars-have-risen-to-the-top-of-the-pac-12s-defensive-rankings/ with the excerpt below.  Sounds like Grinch operated mainly out of a 3-down front with some stand-up ends, something we did more and more as the season went along.  Very multiple which is great.  Hopefully Jason can do a film breakdown of Grinch at Wazzoo.  His tenure there has been one of the most impressive stretches for a coordinator in all of CFB.  This hire can't be applauded enough.

Grinch’s scheme is rooted in the style of defense he learned under his uncle, Gary Pinkel, at Missouri, and former Missouri defensive coordinator Dave Steckel, who’s now head coach at Missouri State. But he’s customized it to duel the spread, high-scoring offenses of the Pac-12, and to the kind of kid he’d be able to recruit to Pullman.

Missouri’s stout SEC defense under Steckel worked primarily out of a four-man front. Grinch’s defense is multiple, but based on a three-man front, with the added versatility of a roving nickelback who’s a hybrid linebacker/safety, and a rush linebacker who frequently plays up on the line.

Comment 02 Jan 2018

There's no doubt this match-up is bad for the sport of CFB.  Only saving grace is the fact the game isn't a rematch like it was against LSU a few years back.  Oh well Oklahoma crapped the bed big time in the second half so this is what we get.  

Comment 28 Dec 2017

I expect him to play but can't blame him for skipping.  Roby easily saved himself a million bucks with his hamstring "injury".  

Comment 28 Dec 2017

I'll confirm my PS3 Gamertag tonight when I get home and will sign up then.  I really like the idea of a weekly summary and some stats etc.  For those asking, PS3 does not require any payment to utilize online features.  One suggestion based off a quick skim of the set-up:  I would contemplate choosing 2/3 conferences for which people can choose to pick a team.  ODs are much more fun and engaging when you have a pvp online game regularly instead of simply playing the computer every week.  For example 6 teams in the American and 6 Teams in CUSA while still following the <78 overall rule.  

Comment 21 Dec 2017

I love the people who think Urban and the staff could do something to have saved Carman from bolting.  Outside of backing up a Brinks truck to mama Carman's driveway, there wasn't anything OSU could do to keep that kid from leaving the state.  Recruiting experts blew that recruitment big time.  Everyone simply assumed he would go to OSU since he was from Ohio.  Unfortunately Fairfield is closer to Cincy and we have been spurned there many times.  OSU had the longest tenured relationship with Carman, he visited campus by far more than any other school, we recruited him longest etc.  Was simply never going to happen.  

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Woodbey knew all along Schiano wasn't going to be at OSU long-term.  Hell he even admitted it himself.  Luckily Proctor kept his sanity throughout this whole process, even in the face of constant hometown pressure.  That's the key win right there.  Once Tyreke Johnson came on board, I think Woodbey decided in his mind it was alright for him to leave.  I will never believe for one second however that the 6 day FSU relationship was ever kosher.  

Comment 20 Dec 2017

Woodbey bout to flip to that dunpster fire after less than one week of even considering FSU.  "Recruiting is all about relationships"  as they say....

Comment 20 Dec 2017

At the end of the day there were three kids in this class who have potential to be great and potential to ruin a team's chemistry.  You know who they are.  More times than not, when a kid spurns Ohio State, Ohio State comes out ahead - see: Depriest, Trey