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an OSU fan living in Ann Arbor, that about sums it up. Go Bucks!


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Comment 04 May 2017

The website is an absolute eyesore. There is more bs & text than photos and profile of the products. Reminds me of a sales site on a geocities platform. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Everyone's pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Young squad - 14 guys from last year in the league, we can reload but that was an astronomical amount of players.

Playcalling/the ball isn't getting to the big time playmakers. Samuel got little carries tonight but keeps showing his ability to pop the big play. I don't think the receiving corp is an issue, rather that they aren't taking the downfield shots and giving those guys an opportunity. Tough to make much out of 5-7 yard routes. 

Power running game - where did it go??? It feels as if the battle for the line of scrimmage isn't priority 1... 

That 4th down where they rushed out the ST was unreal. *Indecisive on what to do on 4th down. *Career-long attempt for the kicker. *ST rushed out with 15 or so seconds left.

The worst part is losing to Penn State/James Franklin and having to hear it from every superfan until The Game.

The good part is the boys control their own destiny, they can win out and be conference champs and get back into the mix of the playoff conversation. Keep supporting the kids.  

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Safest bet for you would be the Buffalo Wild Wings on State Street, across from Briarwood Mall. It used to be Damon's Grill years ago and I can find a Buckeye or two every weekend. I'd offer to join you but I'll be out out of town. Lots of cool stuff in the downtown area, but you'll want to avoid the "superfans".

Comment 03 Dec 2015

The word around town is MSU.  Remember that assistant coach Brian Kelly flipped out on a few weeks back? Dude is supposedly a family-friend, mom didn't like that one bit.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Marine1, thanks for the advice- just saw your comments so I will try it out in the a.m.   We have a dachshund and they're fairly territorial/protective so it's hard to say he "received JUSTICE" when we have a fenced-in yard.  But again, sounds like you've got quite the background with these fellas so thank you for the advice!  If anything, at this point the entire house smells like onions and worried at this rate that it will take a while to get this odor out.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

I'm not 100% but I think "the saga" entailed something alongs the lines of committing to UNC, then de-committing, then committing to UM (after visiting a few others including OSU), then de-committing, then finally signed on with UCLA.  It was goofy as hell. 

Comment 21 May 2015
Gotta go Demps, Campbell, Samuel and Harvin with Zeke as the alternate. Pop off Demps because he's the fastest and you can cheat the exchanges so he runs over 100m, then let's roll with Harvin 2nd to kill the straight away and we front load this thing. Campbell can be 3rd and similarly to what we did up front, I'm doing on the backend with Samuel whose been praised by staff to be a great north/south runner - which to me means little wasted movement and great transfer of linear speed. Zeke was a former 110 hurdler and good 110 hurdlers have no drive phase and get out quick, I trust guys like that with a baton. #winning
Comment 16 Feb 2015

You can go through almost every D1-A teams on www.trackingfootball.com. This is quite the topic of discussion amongst high school T&F and Football coaches right now (promotion of multi-sport athletes), especially in the Midwest. 

Comment 27 Nov 2014

If any of you guys are interested, I will be watching our boys on Saturday at High Tops 10 & 1/2 in Royal Oak.  Looks to be very Buckeye-friendly!


Comment 11 Sep 2014

97.1 out of Detroit was on a big *itch and vent fest yesterday. Many Michigan Men finally figuring it out that Hoke isn't their guy and there are more problems to the program - can't blame it on Rich Rod. Pretty amusing and interesting to hear.  Big question was, what if they win every game, including a bowl game but lose to Sparty and Ohio  State (which they will) does Brady Hoke stay?