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I started getting into Ohio State football in middle school around 1993 but became hooked after my first game at The Shoe in 1995. This was the game against Illinois where Eddie George ran for over 300 yards and placed himself as the Heisman front runner. I had so much fun at that game and have been passionate about Ohio State football ever since. I do my best to watch or listen to every game they play.

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Comment 07 Jan 2018
I think this class will finish with 25. Really need a solid OT for sure but don't see them landing more than 1. Another DE would be nice too but Smith helps that numbers situation. They likely add Rogers. I could see that 3rd spot going to a WR, DB or LB. They'll probably take the best available if they have a choice. I wouldn't put anything past this staff for last minute surprises either. They've put together another great class and still have about a month to finish it with the final touches.
Comment 20 Dec 2017
This guy seems classless and not high on good character. Those traits equal a perfect fit for Florida State. Didn't make sense in the least bit. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll take guys who are of good character, low on drama and truly want to be Buckeyes over clowns like Woodbey or Carmen who play a game for attention and then at the end of the day pretty much say "screw you" to Urban and his staff. I'm very pleased with the guys that have signed and think we could still land 3 or 4 more solid players by February.
Comment 20 Dec 2017
This huge Ohio kid with an ego the size of Texas always left me scratching my head with his comments. He never wanted to be a Buckeye and seemed to love the drama. His comments about Barrett were over the line for a recruit. I'm sure he'll continue to run his mouth at Clemson and it will get him in trouble with his coaches. I want guys who truly understand the significance of being a Buckeye, want to be Buckeyes, aren't afraid of competition and who can handle the great pressure of playing for a college with such great tradition. Those things didn't mean enough to him and he basically said "screw you" to the state of Ohio in the end. That's how he'll be remembered as he tries to blaze his own trail at Clemson. I'm thrilled with the guys who are in this class and that are excited to play for the greatest program in college football. Go Bucks!!
Comment 17 Dec 2017
This recruiting year feels a little bit like the 1st year of the college football playoff. Don't really know what to expect with the early signing period and how things will shake out. I hope the staff can hang onto all the current commits and add Carmen, Smith and Oweh with maybe 2 or 3 spots for late addition guys in February. I'm confident this is going to be a class for the ages! Go Bucks!
Comment 14 Dec 2017
Beating Bama for this year's top recruiting class could be somewhat of a consolation prize for Bama getting in the playoff over the Buckeyes. Won't change anything now but could ease the disappointment a little bit. Hopefully Urban and this great staff can pull it off
Comment 08 Dec 2017
Welcome to Buckeye Nation Matthew! I watched through 5 minutes of his highlights and was sold! Kid can absolute ball at QB! Should be higher than a 3 star. I trust the coaching staff knows what it's doing with getting this great player from Texas. Go bucks!
Comment 22 Oct 2017
You got to think both of these teams will come into this game with chips on their shoulders. They both have something to prove. Penn State's chip will be that they were left out of the playoff last year despite beating the buckeyes and winning the big ten conference championship. Ohio State's chip will be their 1 regular season loss coming against Penn State and wanting to avenge that this year. The Buckeyes have also struggled to look good offensively in there last 2 big games (Clemson and Oklahoma). They should be very motivated to show how much they've improved and are capable of winning on the big stage again. It could be really close or I see the Buckeyes winning by several touchdowns. The Buckeyes need this game and will have no excuse coming off their bye week.
Comment 26 Jan 2017
The Buckeye coaching staff has had an unbelievable year getting top recruits from Texas. It would be incredible if they could somehow pull off landing Marvin Wilson too. I believe the only reason there is a chance is because of Okudah and Browning being signed already and their connection to Wilson. Hopefully their tweets last night were based on something positive that they know from him. They are both in great positions to let Wilson know what it's really like at Ohio State being a member of the program since they've lived it for several weeks now. Until he signs with the Buckeyes I'm still not convinced he's leaving the south.
Comment 22 Jan 2017
I agree. I'd rather get 18-22 high quality 4/5 star recruits that are more likely to contribute immediately or in 1-2 years than 25-30 with lots of 3 stars who are less likely to ever contribute and wash out of your program. I'd take quality over quantity all day, especially if you filling all your most important needs. Icing on the cake for this class would be 1 more DT of the 2 we are pursuing.
Comment 14 Jan 2017
Is it just me or did he have a falling out with Grimes as well as Martell? It's pretty obvious by his comments that he doesn't want to play second fiddle to Grimes and wants to be the man. It's unfortunate he waited so long to decide that and change to Nebraska. With his size and injury history it will be interesting to see if he does much there or anywhere. Good luck to him and I'm still very excited about the rest of our class.
Comment 12 Jan 2017
I'm not convinced that studrawa is a really good line coach considering what we saw at times this season out of our line. Maybe giving him another year will give us a much better idea. While I don't believe from results on the field that Warinner was a good offensive playcaller, it seems like he did great things with our offensive line during his time as line coach. Would have been ideal to have him return to line coach, he probably didn't want to take that demotion here. It's probably best for all parties involved if he starts over fresh at a place like Minnesota. I appreciate what he did with the line and that will be missed.
Comment 08 Jan 2017
It's been a wild week with changes after the disappointing loss to Clemson. I'm sure the next 7 days will bring us more announcements of players leaving and a few staying that we thought would leave early. Looking forward to how the unbelievable 2017 recruiting class finishes in February and Urban's plan to revitalize our offense next year. It's still a great time to be a buckeye fan! Lot's to be optimistic about.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
After last night's offensive disaster, there's no doubt changes need to be made. Urban has his plate full in figuring out who to replace. Our line has been below average, JT has clearly regressed, and few of the receivers are improving. We are very young in many areas but scoring 0 points last night was downright embarrassing! I hope to never see an Ohio State offensive performance that abysmal the rest of my life! Hopefully Urban will get to the bottom of these issues and make drastic changes next year. I'm confident it will get done but won't be easy.
Comment 17 Dec 2016
Just wondering when guys are going to graduate at the end of their junior year and skip their senior season of high school to get a head start on their college football career? I'm sure this is the new norm but it's kind of sad these guys don't get to finish out their high school days through the entire senior year with friends and the fun experiences you can have. I'm not against guys enrolling early if that's what they want to do. I know each person matures at different rates and a lot of them are ready to move on and start their college days but it's kind of sad that it's come to this across college football to get a head start.
Comment 15 Dec 2016
The Buckeyes still have an unbelievable class going and it will get even better by signing day. I don't fault him for going with the home school. It's not a surprise nor a recruiting upset. They need good players if they can ever have another chance of beating us on the field. The rivalry will get even more intense. Still don't think it was right for him to make Meyer and co believe he was wavering and having them risk traveling through bad weather conditions Sunday and waste their time.
Comment 13 Dec 2016
I find it really hard to believe that Meyer, Coombs and Smith risked traveling through a snowstorm Sunday night to meet with DPJ if they didn't feel like they had a good shot of landing him. It's strange that he hasn't responded to Tate Martell's texts lately, which doesn't look good. I'm not getting my hopes up and even without him we'll have an unbelievable class this year.