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Comment 13 Jan 2020

In 1987/1988 Morrill was 16 per suite.  Sometimes it got a little interesting in the morning with only 2 showers and 3 toilets for 16 people.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Both defenses... this could be a 56-52 game.

I think OU wins.  Joe Burrow will have 3 weeks of non-stop back slaps.  OU will have 3 weeks of everyone telling them they can't win.  LSU will have 3 weeks of everyone telling them they can't lose.  OU will enter on a mission.  LSU will enter overconfident.

Kind of reminds me of us in 2014.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

That’ll likely prove too much for the Golden Flashes to overcome, so we’re picking a double-digit-point win for the Buckeyes.

Prediction: Ohio State 72, Kent State 59

The only way this game is as within 13 is if we're sloppy with the ball, miss free throws, and they're on fire from long range.  It will likely happen at some point this season, but not likely tonight at St. John.

Good guys by 20+.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

@Ramzy - to get to your score prediction, the Buckeyes need to score 3+ TD's per quarter.  I don't see them throwing the ball enough in quarters 2-4 for that to happen.  I think they're going run the ball and the clock the entire 2nd half, which means Chrisman will likely get a chance to punt a couple of times.