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Comment 5 hours ago

For all of the hullaballoo about the quarterback transfers and lack of depth now in the QB room, I am most concerned about recruiting.  The above list is impressive, if that is how it turns out, so my concern may be unfounded.  However it seems to me that the nightly "Hurry Up" has been highlighting lower rated recruits as of late and verbal commitments of our "targets" to places other than here. 

Comment 18 Apr 2019


His mom is an alum, how unlikely is that?  We're literally everywhere.  I was expecting some obscure uncle with a connection to Woody Hayes, or something like that.  The fact that "we" didn't know his mom was an alum prior to talking to him is a little alarming.

Our athletic programs could likely be competitive if there was a requirement to only recruit the children and grand children of OSU alums.  I would be interested to read an article that highlights all the D1 athletes who are OSU legacies.  

Comment 10 Apr 2019

What would you think if during a full contact Spring game, Fields keeps it on a read option but gets blown up by Chase Young, and in the process both players get hurt, requiring season end surgery?  Would you still say "If you don't like to get hit - go find another sport."

I think the coaching staff should give us a show during the Spring game to make it worth our while and at the same time do their best to make sure we have 85 healthy players when the games count.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

The Spring Game is for the recruits to see how crazy our fans get over a team scrimmage.  It is also for our football starved fan base to get a taste of what our team could be.  Lastly it is to see how the young guys perform under the big lights, with 1,000's of fans in attendance.

At the price point, many will be able to attend who wouldn't normally be able to go.

PS - it also gives the students another reason to party at noon on a Saturday. 

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Everyone needs to relax... there was an article posted a few days ago predicting this.  Kaleb gets to work out in front of NBA scouts against the top players in the country.  He'll receive feedback and a list of things he needs to work on, then return to school to continue his development.  The process will repeat itself next year, with possibly the same result.  This is a great decision on his part.


Comment 20 Mar 2019

Is this kid still growing??? If so then there is a chance he reaches 6'14" while playing in the 614.

I thought he would commit on the spot when he was in town.  Hopefully the same result, just a bit delayed.  Go Buckeyes!