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Comment 19 Jun 2016

If the cavs win, it will be a celebration to end all celebrations. It will also be a culmination on one man's dedication to his profession. Lebron has a chance to do something that he dreamed of when he was 18 years old. Several years later, here he stand. One game, one opportunity. The city yearns for a championship. Ohio yearns for a championship. However, I look forward to witnessing a man achieve his life long dream. Nothing ever comes easy.  Go out and earn it. 

Yea Ohio

Comment 02 Aug 2014

People, we rented Cole Field house from Maryland. I's going to be way more than people expect. Flag planted on their campus! 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

IMO I think he should sit the entire year and earn his way back next year. I get that he admitted fault, but I believe people need to be held accountable. He did not follow the orders of a police officer. He was probably warned several times  to leave. Eventually they had to make a decision to remove him from the situation because he was doing more harm than good. It is not good to put your family in a situation like this, let alone a football team. Everyone makes mistakes which is why he should have an opportunity to come back next year.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I got a few sets. I got last years seat and I also got some in 346 row 4n seats one and two. You have your own cushioned seat that is put there for bigger games. I called lucas oil because I questioned the "n" on the ticket. It's still stadium seating and it's the first two seats! They are available now and later

Comment 28 Jul 2012

Changing the Penn State uniforms would be good for the University on so many levels. It will be an opportunity to start a new while creating a new buzz for the team (They better be dead on with the change or they will hear it). It can also be used to attract new recruits, as many of the uniforms are. Regardless of people's approval, change is coming and it should be embraced. The loyal fans will remember and remain and new stories will be created as a new era begins. 


Comment 25 Jun 2011
One can see that ESPN always kills tOSU and it's sad. However, D's comments really show you that he does not understand Woody, Ohio State football and how to do his job.