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Comment 14 Dec 2019

With Hafley reportedly leaving to become head coach at BC, are we looking at any players de-committing? Hope not because Hafley was a dynamite recruiter. Any thoughts how this will effect Stroud’s recruitment?

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Accident could have happened playing DE while diving for a QB.  Unfortunate, but Jack won’t change his style of play. Hats off to him for that.

As a Head Coach, you utilize your best player(s) anywhere (defense, offense, special teams). Enough of the people saying he shouldn’t be playing quarterback... you’d put him there too if you’re on the goal line and have a 6’5” stud who could pound it in.

Prayers for a speedy recovery Jack.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

2 points here..... 1) Gee Scott is not the 36th best player in the country.  Should be top 15 after balling out at numerous camps.  Richard Sherman even said as much and

2) Paris is minimum a top 3 talent. If the people doing these rankings have ever seen this kid play live, they’d know he’s one of the best OT prospects ever.  This is no exaggeration (combo of size and speed).  

I’m sure if they were both committed to SEC schools, they’d be ranked higher........

Comment 30 Jul 2019

I think we have to come to the realization Bijan may not be coming here.  Let’s move onto EJ and try to secure our running back spot. Smith is a good rb, not to mention his Hall of Fame father could be an impactful recruiter for us in the future (ala Stacy Elliott).

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Rumor is Bijan absolutely loves L.A., and USC makes more sense if it’s a “closer to home” decision.  If it’s not Ohio State, don’t be surprised if Robinson becomes a Trojan.  

Still hoping Bijan delays his August decision.  Would be the best news for OSU if he does.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

Gee’s 5-star status is LOOOOOOONG overdue. I don’t know what else a player has to do to earn it. He’s the second best receiver in this class behind only Fleming and deserves that bump.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

Hartline’s title as the top recruiter in the country will come in due time......but I sure wouldn’t trade him or Larry Johnson for anyone else.