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Comment 30 Oct 2019

As long as it doesn’t turn into a pay for play situation then this is a great move

I think its naive to think it wont turn into that. Wonder how long before the "student athletes" try to form a players union and sue the universities or NCAA to be paid as professional athletes and become employees of the university.

I hope this doesn't change college athletics to much, but I fear it will. The term "slippery slop" comes to mind. It seems society has been going down a lot of slippery slopes lately.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Why are we behind Bama? They haven't played anybody. Their best win is over a 5-3 A&M team. A&M has lost to the only 3 teams on their schedule with a pulse (Bama, Clemson & Auburn. But I think Auburn is overrated like A&M always is). Their wins are over Texas State, Lamar, Arkansas, Old Miss & Mississippi State. The next best win is over a 4-4 Duke team. They play an absolute trash schedule. Just more of that SEC bias. We should be behind LSU. They at least have some good wins over Florida & Auburn, but the Texas win doesn't look so good anymore.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Well, LSU defense hasn't looked nearly as good as ours this year so far. I also dont think he flips, but having our D play better than LSU can't hurt. And we have Hafley so if any team could flip him, it's us. And he was going to come here before Urban retired. There are a lot of positives we have over LSU.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

The NCAA needs to move on this before the fed. Gov't take over.

Exactly. All the government will do is f*** it up like they do to everything else. I wouldn't be surprised to see the NCAA challenge this law in court. Not sure how I feel about students being able to take endorsement deals. Remember, these are 18-20 yo kids that these companies will potentially be throwing a LOT of money at. And how do they manage one more big responsibility in an already very busy schedule. Just seems like another big distraction for a student-athlete.