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Comment 31 Jan 2017
I would love to see more ohio kids. Winning is great but other programs win too with our kids. Like msu. I love the national scene but having some ohio talent even if it needs to develop could fill in some gaps when so many players leave each year for league. Also UC is stepping up major in ohio recruiting and I wouldn't be surprised if they snatch up some top in state talent.
Comment 12 Jan 2017
Yea they are right alot but if you looked at the article from 247 about re ranking the 2016 5*. Half of them they wouldn't consider 5 stars. Half of the kids. So if you follow that through the 3 stars and 4 stars that means half are mis ranked? All I'm saying is upper 3* through 5* are all really elite kids any are a great addition
Comment 11 Jan 2017
I know it was sarcasm. But michael thomas was another kid ranked extremely poorly too. Some kids just fly under radar or skip a interview for 247 and watch them sink. Tbh at friday night lights it was hard to tell the high 3 star kids from the rest. all elite elite high school players tbh.
Comment 15 Dec 2016
There is no doubt that these schools are in a recruiting arms race to have all new facilities, biggest weight rooms and what ever else they want to throw in. Good for the kids. Bad for schools that don't want to spend the money on new stuff. I. Notre dame
Comment 07 Nov 2016
Hard to blame the kid for trying to milk the visits for all you can. Seems bad but if I was in his position I would try to get as much as I can from my once in a lifetime experiences.
Comment 25 Oct 2016
I feel as if no kid from Ohio would choose penn over us. That being said not all these kids will receive a offer from osu but most likely will from penn. For those kids I feel it was a game changer. Especially given how bad some recently great B10 schools have been lately. Such as Msu and Iowa