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Comment 14 Nov 2016
I'm going to offer my thoughts on the subject of whether we get in. Alabama is in, right? Even if Alabama loses the auburn game, they are in. Let's say they do lose to auburn and we win out. We then move to #1. Now, could it remotely be possible to leave a #1 out, without them losing a game during championship week. I don't think so. Alabama is still in, so does it really matter if we are #1 or #2? I don't think it does.
Comment 18 Apr 2016
Exactly. This is not a new standard though. From the time he arrived on campus, he said our players should practice better than anyone else in the country. If you are a corner, you need to practice better than Alabama's corners. This is why Ohio State had been dominant in recent years and why we will hear so many buckeyes names called in the upcoming draft.
Comment 12 Apr 2016

Unfortunately, this isn't typically done anymore.  The last time I remember a QB sat long enough to properly develop is Aaron Rodgers and maybe Kirk Cousins, both different situations.  I'm probably missing a few in between.  The NFL wants guys to plug in and play immediately.  The teams that take the time to properly develop quarterbacks are the teams who have really good quarterbacks already and draft a mid round prospect, your New Englands, Green Bays, etc.  Hopefully he can land on one of those teams.  

Comment 12 Apr 2016

I agree you.  I just don't think that he is a great quarterback.  He helped us out with some big wins in 2014, like I said, I don't know if we win them with a different quarterback.  But from my perspective and I am no NFL draft evaluator.  I just don't see how he is a draftable QB prospect if you look at how he played in 2015.  Yes, he went undefeated as a QB, which not many guys can say.  But if you look at the competition in 2015 that he faced, it's not very impressive.  We are talking about 8 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 8 games.  My position should have been made more clear in the thread, but I am talking more specifically about as an NFL prospect.  Cardale seems like a great guy, he's just not a QB that I like