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Comment 09 Dec 2019

We've all heard the, "You don't want to Clemson right now" talk.  I know in the second half of the season Clemson turned it around by blowing out the likes of FSU, Louisville, BC, Wofford, NC State, Wake, South Carolina, and Virginia.  It feels like they played a bunch of teams on par with Maryland, Indiana, and Northwestern.  How much of that talk is real?  I feel like Clemson is a very good team, but maybe the talk about how good they are right now might be disproportionate.  

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Ramzy.  I love your work.  You are an extraordinary wordsmith.

Comment 05 Jan 2018

I think kickoffs needed to be graded harsher.  They were awful the majority of the season. It got better, but there was a lot of kickoffs that went out of bounds and I remember at least one returned for a touchdown, but I feel like there were multiple.

Comment 03 Nov 2017

At this point I hope he plays, then when the  it comes time for a playoff push/in the playoffs, he is finally suspended.  I don't think the Cowboys are looking at how this could really hurt them later in the season.  It's fine with me.  I'm not a Cowboys fan.

Comment 14 Nov 2016
I'm going to offer my thoughts on the subject of whether we get in. Alabama is in, right? Even if Alabama loses the auburn game, they are in. Let's say they do lose to auburn and we win out. We then move to #1. Now, could it remotely be possible to leave a #1 out, without them losing a game during championship week. I don't think so. Alabama is still in, so does it really matter if we are #1 or #2? I don't think it does.