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Comment 21 Oct 2018

Really felt like that roughing the punter penalty was a dagger.. just stopped them, down one score with a chance to get some momentum back..then we do that.. how the hell do you rough the punter in Punt Safe?? That play is a microcosm of this season and what’s wrong with this team. Absolutely no discipline at all 

Comment 21 Nov 2017
I think wins over Bama & Georgia put them in, in this case. They also waxed Miss St. I think the difference is Penn State didn't have any signature wins other than OSU last year & it was via 2 special teams touchdowns. If Auburn beats Bama & Georgia, I can see a realistic possibility that both Bama & Auburn get in. I wouldn't disagree about Auburn, but Bama has beaten no one all year (save for Miss St)..but they will get the benefit of the doubt, much like we did last season. Unfortunate, but homerism aside, OSU has the absolute worst loss of any contender. I'm not sure a 30 point loss to Iowa is forgivable.
Comment 28 Aug 2016
I was a freshman in 2010.. looking back now, I probably would have cherished that game a lot more knowing it was the Vest's last. I remember how devastating it was when he stepped down. How on earth would we replace arguably the best Coach we'd ever had?.. little did I know I'd be sitting in Arlington, TX 4 years later watching my Buckeyes win the national title with Urban Meyer at the helm. We are pretty lucky. Long live the vest and Go Bucks!
Comment 03 Jan 2016

I'll never forget that Tyvis became a Buckeye at our darkest time. His response about the state of the program and why he wanted to be a buckeye in the midst of Tatgate was something like, "the business school didn't burn down, did it?" Kid is a true Buckeye and I'm sad to see him go. The interception to seal the Michgan win in 2013 and the Hail Mary INT against Bama were just two of my favorite highlights from a solid career. Best of luck, Tyvis!

Comment 27 Jan 2015
Recruiting is so fluid. What if your son always wanted to be a Buckeye, but was not offered initially and committed elsewhere. Then OSU came calling before signing day. Would you make him sick to his initial commitment? I see your frustration, but it's a big decision in their lives. Kids commit so early these days that you're kind of forced to make an early decision to make sure you have a spot somewhere
Comment 27 Jan 2015
Can you imagine how easy its going to be for the master motivator Urban Meyer to get the team foaming at the mouth for this game next year? If they aren't already, that is. If this game is within 4 TDs I will be shocked.
Comment 25 Jan 2015
I have a friend close to the program.. He is pretty adament Braxton will be moving to H-Back. I think the shoulder injury is a bigger concern than ppl have let on. Take it for what it's worth. Either way, we cant go wrong with any of these guys. Go Bucks!
Comment 16 Dec 2014

We should lend whoever doesn't win the starting QB job to a couple teams in order to make at least two games competitive..

SO excited for this game against Bama. No one outside of Ohio is giving us a chance, and that's exactly the way this team likes it..

Comment 03 Dec 2014

You just get the feeling that this team is so tight-knit and gritty that there aren't going to allow each other to lose.. In spite of the circumstance, I'm strangely confident that we're going to win this ball game. 

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Burrow, yes. But I wouldn't be so sure that we don't see Gibson playing some wide out.. I know we've promised him a shot at QB, but how can you keep his athleticism off the field?? A nice  dilemma to have, for sure.