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Comment 19 Aug 2018

so hope the report is done and we hear something soon. still don't see it anywhere else at all..... word would have certainly gotten around by now if there was anything to it, right?

Comment 05 Aug 2018

what would my advice be? tell the truth...... that's it. Not the sordid details, necessarily, just the truth........ to a couple questions. 1) Why did you hire zach in 2012 given what you knew in 2009? and 2) Why was he kept on staff for 6 years after multiple "incidents", including what was investigated in 2015? Short, to the point, HONEST answers. Then close the press conference with a simple, "now, if you don't mind, it's been a really difficult time around here and there's a bunch of guys i miss alot so i'm going to go back to what i love, coaching and teaching those guys. we got some healing and preparing to do." 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

my one burning question is why did meyer hire this guy in the first place? he obviously knew zach smith was an abuser after the first incident in 2009 at florida. got to believe his loyalty to earle is the reason. unfortunately that loyalty has come back to bite him. abusers rarely ever stop being abusers. those who abuse others should never be on the coaching staff of a place like ohio state (or anywhere) so meyer's "mistake" here was hiring him in the first place. there were 9 incidents from 2012-2015, after he was on staff. if meyer (and the whole athletic machine at ohio state) didn't know about them they should have. our academic/athletic institutions cannot be places where known abusers can work. if meyer says he didn't know, then so be it. if he knew and kept him on staff then that is a problem. should he be fired? no, i don't think so. if he knew of zach and courtney's "issues" (and again, he probably did or at least should have) then he should just come clean about why he hired him and kept him on (trying to help, loyalty to earle, respecting courtney and her family's desire to seal the records so zach did not lose his job and income), admit that in hindsight it was a mistake, and vow to never let it happen again on his staff. just be honest about the whole mess. if he is willing to do that he should stay as coach.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

i hate this as much as the next.... you can't replace urban in the short term but really, none of us can pretend nothing happened here. meyer has known that zach was capable of this abuse since their days at florida. that was the first incident we are aware of, 2009. why did he ever hire zach in the first place? surely he investigated thoroughly before bringing him on, right? there were 9 incidents since his hire in 2012 and the one in 2015. sealed or not i just do not believe meyer was clueless about it. he and earle were close, you know they talked about zach, earle's grandson. i just hate that meyer decided to hire him in the first place, then keep him during those years. a guy who beats his wife should not be a football coach at ohio state, period. just can't happen. urban can save his job, but he will have to be open and honest about why he made the decisions he made.  

Comment 01 Aug 2018

i think one thing that has become clear is that nobody wanted to see Zach fired for reasons of financial hardship on the victim and her children...... it seems everything was kept under raps (even by courtney and at the request of her own family) so that they did not lose their revenue stream. now that meyer and osu finally did what probably should have been done years ago, fire his ass, they are getting raked over the coals for it. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

unfortunately she has decided that the university and the meyer's are responsible for her idiot husband and the abuse she has endured. i know that these things are extremely difficult, especially for the victim, but (and i'm speaking from experience) until the victim takes action, those closest to the situation are really hamstrung with what they can do. should zach have been fired long ago? probably. would that have made the situation for the victim worse? we'll never know. could more have been done? maybe, but again, if the victim refuses to press charges it becomes nearly impossible for others to step in. what is courtney's new found desire and motivation to expose the meyer's and the university's lack of fulfilling (as courtney put it) their duty? time will tell. why did she not reveal all of this until after smith was fired? again, time will tell. 

Comment 09 Apr 2018

Appreciate the opinions. I was really just curious what people thought.