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Comment 10 Sep 2020

More of this, please.

The Ohio State needs to flip the script and flex its power. 

In the long run, who needs who more; Ohio State needing the B1G or the B1G needing Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa, PSU for their very lucrative media contracts? I suggest Kevin Warren and the other B1G schools start researching viewership ratings asap, which in fact is the leverage used to negotiate those $$$$ media contracts, which ironically enough, they are holding over the teams who want to play heads.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I didn’t hear him thank Iowa or Nebraska in his Heisman speech....

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I said at the beginning of this year, “if Ohio State isn’t playing for the Natty, I hope LSU is AND wins”.

I have enormous respect for Joe Burrow and how he handled his transfer, and the gratitude he showed OSU in his heisman acceptance.  A lot of others, in his position, would have been bitter and never given their former school and coaches the recognition he did. He is a class act and I for one am rooting for him and LSU tonight!