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Comment 01 Jan 2017

It is very telling when Urban said he thought they would be playing In the Natty.... They were looking ahead and did not focus on THIS game.

Seems the offensive play calling goes from one extreme to the other; JT running too much or passing too much.  Offensive play calling has been a cluster f for 2 years, unimaginative, and pathetic.

I hope they don't move quickly on from the loss, but dissect it over and over. It is the master film on everything that has been wrong the last two years. Maybe now it will be properly addressed instead of duct taped/super glued.

Yes, I will wear my buckeye sweatshirt proudly today as I always do. It is not that you get knocked down that matters, but how  you get back up. 



Comment 31 Dec 2016

Win or lose I love being a Buckeye! I hope when the team gets home, Buckeye Nation will show them the love just like when they win--it will mean more to them now than ever before.   Trust me, as bad as we are all feeling right now, those players feel worse. I do hope Urban makes changes with the coaching staff--the offensive play calling has been atrocious the last two years.