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Comment 21 hours ago

A major reason OSU lost is because Caleb Wesson missed 7 bunnies, and this has been a consistent pattern in this losing skid.  He has been rebounding and defending pretty well, but his offense is terrible.  I am going to lose it if we recruit another player who cannot shoot a basic jump shot the correct way.  The ball has a much better chance of going in if it is shot correctly.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Turnovers are the biggest problem.  Mostly unforced.  Just lazy passing and catching.  Defense is not the problem.  When you score in the 50"s you are not going to win.  Got to make open shots and not pass up open shots and drive to the basket and throw up prayers or turn it over.  

Comment 26 Aug 2019

Everyone seems to be talking about the offense.  The defense is what needs to be a lot better.  Last year we really couldn't stop the run or pass very consistently and gave up a ton of big plays.  That has to change big time for OSU to be successful this year.  Defensive tackle and linebacker appeared to be the main problem areas.  I hope with new coaches and sceme this will change for the better in 2019.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Already looks better than Amir Williams.  He runs the court well and plays with energy.  Hopefully his strength and offensive skills will improve.  Looks like he is willing to work.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

Kaleb needs to spend 95% of his time working on improving upper body strength, quickness, body tone, and general physical fitness.  He will never play in the NBA unless these items improve greatly.  I like his skill set, but he cannot carry out these skills in his current physical state.  This won't be easy, but he could be a real dominant force if he succeeds in changing his physical condition.

Comment 26 Mar 2019

I said from the beginning that 2015 class was way overrated.  Lyle was the only one who had B10 skills but his other baggage made him a 2 star.  The rest were all 2 stars at best.  Matta totally misjudged these guys.  In ended up costing him his job. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

This team played with a lot of heart and very little B10 talent.  The over achieved a little.  They were somewhat painful to watch due to lack of offensive (shooting, ball handling, passing, finishing)  skills.   After basically losing Matta's last 3 recruiting classes, this made group of fill ins did quite well.  The new players coming in next year have to be able play - start immediately.  If they can't, that means they were over rated, given the talent level of the returning players.   The Wessons need to build more upper body strength.  Both are unable to get both arms up in traffic whether shooting or rebounding.  Arhens and Washington will get better.  People seem to forget how bad Diebler was as a Freshman.  I'm not sure Muhammed has much more of an upside.  Hope I am wrong about that.