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Comment 12 Nov 2015

Was really curious about this myself. Made an apparently legal right turn. Turned around (prob in a parking lot). Then made a left. What is probable cause? 

More cops without enough robbers. And too high profile a case (and expensive) for JT, or any other ordinary person, to challenge. Cops/city get their uncontested fine money... 

Comment 15 Oct 2015

Very interesting point GV on the zone/man route running. I loved Ross's breakdowns. Guess i missed that somewhere. Can you point to an article somewhere that discusses this philosophy?  

This comment keeps bouncing around my brain, made by i think a VT coach preparing for this year, speaking about JT and how scary fast his reads are on film. Said you "can just see him go click, click, click through the progressions" and theres nothing that can stop that....

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Pls pls pls someone start this thread. I forgot my login name for a few years and have been "lurking" here so dont have enough stickers to do so. Would love hearing the butt hurt from them and eSECpin. Cant believe Mark May now has an AB C slot to spew his bullshit

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Oh please do come back with a Monday recap! I want a blow by blow ! Details pls. Prob deserves its own forum.

Those SEC ass clowns can shut it once and for all. I have never been so nervous for a non buckeye game as i was for JvilleSt. Sadly the game will be forgotten as someone earlier so hilariously pointed out the narrative that will be spewed: "Did they win? Did they win?!" 

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I don't have enough street cred for a Forum post, but saw this article this morning and thought others would be interested. Figured i'd drop it in here.  Timing seems interesting: looks like dolodale got some news from Meyer just pryor to his migrane. Either scenario could be migrane inducing:
a) 12 Guage, you have the inside track to the starting role against Bud Foster's newest Frankenstein he has had all off season to develop just for us
b) 12 guage, despite all your late season heroics and hard off season work, you still have some wood to chop to catch JT.
Splitting headach either way.....
"Meyer also said he met with the two quarterbacks on Wednesday and told them who's ahead in the competition, per The Columbus Dispatch's Bill Rabinowitz. The coach said he won't tell the rest of the team about his decision before Monday's game, adding that he's unsure about whether both QBs will play on Monday but expects both to play over the course of the season."