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Comment 27 Aug 2016
I've gotten my education from University of Toledo, spent my true formative years in the Army. So, those.
Comment 27 Aug 2016
I recently acquired 2 tickets to Nebraska's visit to The Shoe on November 5th. I then bought 2 tickets to Dallas visiting Cleveland (Cowboys fan) for November 6th. So, I'm thinking it'll be a great sports weekend to celebrate my birthday. I don't even have anyone lined up to take on those 2nd tickets yet ha, but knew I wanted to do it.
Comment 27 Aug 2016
The Zeke/Marijuana Shop thing has me jumping back and forth. On one hand, I have said the same about perhaps just being curious about what a place like that may look like. No harm in that. On the other hand, he has got to know that playing in the NFL, especially in Dallas, means people will judge everything he does and many will look to shed a negative light on him because of his status and the team he plays for. He's a young man though, so that'll come. And on another hand, as in this situation I have more than 2, there's the domestic violence stuff. Even if he is innocent of that (And i, and I assume the team, believe whole heartedly that he is) and shes's out for money and/or a crazy woman scorned, it'll still raise questions about his decision making and the kinds of people he allows around him. Hopefully he's not attracted to crazy TOO much ha. Can't totally avoid it though, can we fellas? Anyways, I hope he's innocent in that and then learns to balance his new professional and personal lives and we can stick to talking about him shredding defenses. I look forward to "ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEKE"-ing it up in the stands in Jerry World after every time he smashes a Giants defender on September 11th!
Comment 20 Aug 2016
Hot: Vegas last summer. I don't recall the exact temperature, but it had to be around 110. Cold: I spent 6 years stationed in Alaska when I was in the Army. Cold Weather Leadership Course specifically wasn't any fun in the dead of winter ha. Again, no specific coldest temperature (there were many) but ... I'm lucky to be thawed out.
Comment 27 Mar 2016
*******SPOILERS****** The best way I can describe my feelings on this movie is this: It's an ocean of disappointment with a few small islands of greatness spread throughout. It was really bogged down by what I assume was the studio wanting to cram so much into this to catch up to Marvel. Because of that, none of the plots had real time to breath or grow. I actually loved the first 20-30 minutes of build-up. The opening, Bruce in Metropolis for the Zod battle, seeing Batman for the first time, Clark's new life. Unfortunately this version of Lex brought things down initially in every way imaginable. Even the music choices in his scenes were awful, campy and silly. He had scenes where he'd play it more low key that worked for me, then the music would just annoy me. The only real genuine Luther moment didn't even have him physically in the climax of that scene. Then the movie stopped caring about developing character motivations. Why does Lex hate Superman enough to want to kill him? Why is Wonder Woman even there? Why did Bruce Wayne throw out all of his morals and ethic code and just start killing folks? Why doesn't Alfred try stopping him? How does Lex know about Darkseid at the end? Superman is supposed to be a beacon of light, but he was sure as hell willing to turn on and lose faith in humanity pretty easily, and that was the damn laziest Justice League intro possible, with the exception of the Knightmare scenario Batman had, which was still choppy, edited poorly, and made no sense. Was it a dream? Premonition? What triggered it? The Flash? Does it mean Injustice is the plot of Justice League? Also, the trailers blew their load and gave us damn near every single exciting scene. Besides the actual climactic battle, which was pretty great, but we knew it was coming. Then there's the ending, which on some level I really appreciated, but then it just dragged on and lost its impact. That said, Affleck as Batman was fantastic, Wonder Woman made me excited for her solo movie, I could get behind the ending if it means what I think it will for the future stories, The Flash's cameo was solid, The battle scenes were great, some of the buildup worked. Poor editing, bloated story, underdeveloped characters made this a disappointment though. Not an awful movie at all, just not even close to reaching expectations. I'm going to see it again soon with fresh eyes and minus the high expectations to see what I think then. Also, maybe I will find things that help connect some dots that I may have missed the first time. 6/10
Comment 12 Mar 2016
He hasn't even started trying to sell the script to anyone, so I can't imagine there's any production company ready to move forward yet. Not to mention I've learned to not trust anything McFarlane says regarding a Spawn film until it's actually filming. He's been claiming to be close for a decade. I know he's editing a script he wrote, I know he wants to do it, but I don't buy it actually happening until it does.
Comment 11 Mar 2016
Yeah I know, though I don't really like the idea. Because that probably means no Spiderman in his movie, which makes absolutely no sense at all. I'd see it. I'd have to. But it's not off to a great start.
Comment 11 Mar 2016

I think they have gotten Spider-Man right more than they have gotten him wrong.  The first two Rami Spiderman films were great and I really enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman.  Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 were hot garbage, but even Batman has had his share of blasphemy (Batman & Robin),

Comment 11 Mar 2016

You also see a lot of articles where they talk about how difficult it is going to be. Often, at least as I read them, it seems that they give very diplomatic answers to this question which I am sure they have grown tired of answering because it comes at them from every which way.  "Feels inevitable", "It is possible" but there is still a large gap between the idea and the execution of it.  I certainly hope we could one day see a Spider-Man film where he goes against Kingpin or The Punisher showing up to cause a little trouble for Captain America though.  But for now, I'll just enjoy the ride.  I definitely dig the more adult themed Netflix shows.  

Comment 11 Mar 2016

Yeah, Mamoa looks great as the King of Atlantis and I am looking forward to seeing how he is portrayed in the new universe,  Flash and Cyborg (or at least Victor Stone) are supposed to have small roles in BvS as well.  I just mentioned the Trinity because they have the biggest roles and the other guys are supposedly just cameos to help set things up for the future.  I don't think I have ever been as amped about a film as I am about BvS.  Spiderman 3 was close (I'm still sad about how it ended up), because Venom is in my top 5 of characters, but this is other level.  

Comment 11 Mar 2016

As far as I am aware, and straight from Feige's mouth, is that currently there is no real plans to cross over the Netflix shows with the movie universe.  It could certainly happen, especially as phase 3 winds down and they are looking at new avenues to take the franchises, but they like where each is at on their own at the moment.  

Comment 11 Mar 2016

About the impact of Heroes vs Heroes on these movies' box office intakes:  Zero.  

They'll both have ridiculous opening weekends and if the films are good or great, they'll continue to kill during their run.  

Comment 11 Mar 2016

I enjoyed it but also didn't go crazy for it like a lot of other people,  That said, the self-aware jokes about the actors and stuff is part of that character.  Which will be something people get and love or don't and hate.  As for the post about the must-see ... Batman v Superman is head and shoulders at the top of my list of must-see comic films (or films in general) this year.  Doesn't mean it will be a better film than Civil War or Apocalypse or Suicide Squad but this is the first time seeing the big boys in the same universe and you add in Wonder Woman.  My nerd goosebumps show up in force when I see clips and trailers for that one.  

Civil War, Suicide Squad, Apocalypse, Dr. Strange and yes, nostalgia dictates I put Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 on my most anticipated list too.  

Comment 08 Mar 2016

That's not at all what has been reported.  Philly ended up giving him 21mil guaranteed and an average of 8-9mil per season.  Dallas offered him around 5-6 mil a season and significantly less in guaranteed dollars.  As much as a 8-10mil gap in fact in guarantees.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

I'm also on the Zeke to Dallas train.  I don't know if it is logical just because of 4 being so high for a RB, but I have certainly been seeing some smoke there in regards to Dallas potentially being THAT high on Zeke to consider it. Could also trade down a few picks, especially if anyone is trying to come up for one of the QBs. I honestly feel like it may come down to Bosa or Zeke for the Cowboys and to be honest, I think I Zeke may be the better pro.  After the Cowboys, Tampa (if they don't re-sign Martin) and the Colts seem like good spots, though I don't see him lasting until the Colt's pick at all.  

Comment 08 Mar 2016

I am actually just getting back started on some kind of routine today.   I have applied to a few career opportunities that would require some physical fitness standards that I just cannot meet at the moment. I have enjoyed running most ever since my Army days and a couple years ago I was routinely running 8,10, even 12+ miles on the weekend to end my weeks. I'm a shell of that now, but I am hoping with the weather break I can get back up there shortly (and cut the extra 20-30 lbs I have gained since then) I just got me a gym membership and am trying to piece together a structured plan for those types of workouts.  I don't find weight lifting enjoyable so I KNOW I need a routine to follow to keep me going.  Diet is where my biggest struggle will come as I have no clue what to do there but I guess some research is in order.  

Cheers to you all who are getting back into the groove too and you long-timers who already know what the hell you are doing!

Comment 08 Mar 2016

Financial security isn't stupid, in my opinion.  It didn't work out professionally, but he got substantially more guaranteed dollars by leaving.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

I definitely can see where you're coming from in regards to the word choice here, however it always made sense to me.  Sure, "grind" in a typical sense is awful, especially in a work environment.  But people in athletics and working out use that term to explain their process of getting through the rough times with grit and determination, even if you don't want to.  It represents a mindset of toughness and accomplishing something that is difficult.  Maybe it did backfire and the mindset was obviously "off" this season, but I definitely understood what Urban was trying.  

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Folks should be able to discuss the film without it getting into a flame war over politics. This seems like a very solid community that could differentiate between the two.  But I thought the movie was very enjoyable, though still a few notches below a couple of the other more recent films of this kind, like American Sniper and Lone Survivor.  Really liked ole Jim Halpurt in it and Michael Bay was more reserved than normal and gave a very nice directing effort.  

Comment 27 Feb 2016

Worst: Virginia Tech at Ohio State ... You know which one I'm talking about. 

Best:  Ohio State at Michigan, 2013

That game was often frustrating as most of us assumed it would be a blow out.  That includes Michigan fans who were basically giving away tickets to their home game.  I got mine for like $30 a piece the morning of the game on Stubhub.  Ended up being super exciting, with the failed 2 point conversion giving the Buckeyes the 'W'.