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MEMBER SINCE   October 23, 2016

Grew up in Ohio, went to Ohio State for Undergrad and Professional School. Moved out to Steamboat Springs in 1995 and never looked back (but often look downhill - as in skiing). Love all things Ohio State of course.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 4 rows behind the Ohio State bench (with my mother before she passed away) in Tempe and beating da U for the National Championship.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Avalanche
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe

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Comment 03 Dec 2017

But I do agree.  I thought Delaney (however its spelled) was gonna rain down hellfire, brimstone and treacle. But instead its like a call to your buddy that actually picks up the phone while the plane is lifting off.  "Hey Jim, is that you?"

"Yeah, this is Jim Delaney. I can barely hear you by the way."

"Jim, can you hear me?"

"What, I can't hear you...we are right in the middle of taking off to New York.  Who the hell is this?"

"It's ESPN and we would like your reaction to the CFB Selection committee selections."

"What?  I'm on a plane taking off and can't really hear you let alone understand anything just asked of me."

"It's ESPN and we'd really love a comment from you."

"Yeah, those guys played great.  They are champions.  There are a bunch of people in a room who make these decisions but I'm on a plane taking off right now so, you know..."

"Mr. Delaney, are you there?"

"Yeah, the plane is still taking off so talk with you later..."

Comment 03 Dec 2017

And this just in...individuals completely sacrificing their (or any remaining) integrity for the corporate good.  Sacrificing individual integrity for corporate good is always an individual decision but it really doesn't make these people more than politico schills in the end. I know Urban is arrogant, I've felt it face to face, but he seems to be trying to be honest with his emotions and integrity.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

JT has knee surgery on Sunday, leads team to Big Ten Championship on following Saturday to get more wins than any other Buckeye QB EVER. All with 50% reps on Thursday. THURSDAY. He didn't even have the opportunity to practice really. Thank you JT for being awesome. 

For someone who had to dress up as a cow to games so we could have fun during the 1988-1994 seasons I salute you with all my heart.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

No way we will be stopped today with the hometown mention on a Saturday Skull session.  Straight from Ohio State to Steamboat Springs. Go Bucks! 42-13.  Ski Season is coming...