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Comment 29 Mar 2020

Can anyone explain how the 247 point system works?  If you go into the 247 class calculator, it becomes clear that our total points of 280.61 is the sum of the points that each player "adds" to the class. For example, Jack Sawyer adds 29.88 points to the class.  But his rating is 0.9988.  What is the mapping between 0.9988 and 29.88?  It makes no sense.

If anyone is wondering why I'm asking such an esoteric question, it's because I have nothing better to do on a Sunday evening when there's no sports on.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

The 2011 team was incredibly dominant all season, leading the country in several key metrics, winning the Big Ten regular season at 16-2, winning the Big Ten tournament, and being the top overall seed going into March Madness.  Then the upset to an under-ranked Kentucky team in the Sweet Sixteen.  It's sad that a retrospective of great Buckeye games doesn't include them, due to their early exit, but man were they fun to watch.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Meanwhile, on the day we sign QBs ranked #83 and #290 in the nation overall, TSUN signs a QB ranked #1106 overall.  Harbaugh sure is the QB whisperer all right.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I have a question about the "we talk multiple times a day" thing.  My question is, WTF?  Is that really typical of the modern recruiting environment?  Do most high school football players actually expect that level of engagement?  It seems ridiculous to me.  These coaches are already busy coaching their current players.  99% of college students do just fine without having an on-campus babysitter.  Why are football players so needy?