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Comment 02 May 2011

I was sitting in the dining facility this morning when they announced that he had been killed.  All the third country nationals (TCNs) got up and started cheering and clapping.  Pretty cool moment.  Definetely one I won't forget. 

Comment 21 Apr 2011

I'm having a copy sent to me here in the graveyard of empires, so no one talk about it until after I've watched it.  I'll keep you up to date.

Comment 13 Apr 2011

after a few bowls of loud mouth soup, you check out the fun bags on hose hounds.

Comment 02 Mar 2011

Greetings from Afghanistan 11dubsketeers.  Keep up the good work, cause it really is the highlight of my day.  Wathing Three-bler on delay.  Dude went off!

Comment 22 Feb 2011

it's been some years, but have you ventured to blue ash chili.  not sure if they are still in business, but they were awesome.

Comment 13 Jan 2011

the announcer forgot the word "shared" national title in 1997.


Unfortunately I would rather have it back the way it was in 1997 than what we have now

Comment 10 Jan 2011
Snow day for me+the wwl playing tOSU/cryami mnc=awesome
Comment 25 Dec 2010
Merry Christmas to the best buckeye site.
Comment 16 Dec 2010

Jim Rome refers to beers as pops.  Maybe the writer is unoriginal and stupid like JR.   GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Comment 14 Dec 2010
4 16 team super conferences. 2 divisions in each conference. Play everyone in your division plus 2 cross division games and 2 ooc. Winners of each division play ccg. Conference champions are seeded using a bcs formula. 1 plays 4, 2 plays 3 in the higher seeds home stadium. Winners play in one of the bowl games. Everyone else in the conference with 6 wins goes to a bowl game. This keeps the bowls and makes the regular season important because you have to win your conference. And it only adds one game.
Comment 18 Nov 2010

I want to thank you all for not mentioning the obvious stain on my white pants after my "JoePa moment".

Comment 18 Nov 2010

I spoke with an Auburn fan to get his take on the Cam issue.  His response was typical SEC.  " I hope it doesn't happen till after the National Champioship game cause even if the the wins get vacated, everyone will still know that Auburn was the best team."