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Comment 11 Dec 2016
Beck was a definite down grade. Urban simply hired the wrong guy. Our starting QB has regressed since he has been here. The more I follow T.Herman the more respect I have for his coaching ability, but to hire a QB from Nebraska that had shakey QB play at best was a definite reach, and it back fired. Who cares about recruiting if you can't develop the players. So by saying whoever came in after Herman was going 2 be a down grade is basically giving Meyer a pass on the 2nd worst coaching hire of his career Withers probably being the worst.
Comment 30 Oct 2016
Please stop giving a vastly inferior team so much credit. What do you think Bama would've done 2 NW? They would've put up 50+. When you have 2 teams on different scales in terms of talent only coaching 2 a certain degree can make up 4 it. So let's call it our offensive staff aren't earning their pay checks and just got out witted by another coaching staff.
Comment 30 Oct 2016
JT definitely has 2 shoulder some of the blame with the offense, his deep passing has been completely off this season 4 whatever reason. I really think he has regressed. You never miss what you had until it's gone. Boy do I miss me some T.Herman our QBs and offense as a whole has regressed severely since his departure. I saw NW #16 come down hill at the snap almost immediately when he saw option. How about a fake option pass play. We use 2 run it all the time with B.Miller. At this point I place the offensive struggles squarely on the coaching staff. The offense will only reflect from their coaching staff. They look confused and slow. Our right tackle was getting his ass whipped at PSU, but we continued 2 go 5 wide and leave him on an island. No TE, or RB help that's coaching. Warriner needs 2 go back 2 coaching the OL, and coach Stud, and Beck need 2 be ousted the same way they did the safety coach a couple years ago. Lastly if we can't find a capable WR, give M.Lattimore some burn there
Comment 23 Oct 2016
With the way PSU was whipping our OL why not throw some screens? It seems as the season has progressed we've regressed as an offense. I'm starting 2 become overly concerned with JT's passing. Then on that last sack if he would've stepped up 2 his left instead of his right there was nothing, but time and green that way. He ALWAYS steps up 2 his right 4 some odd reason. I'm glad we lost this game because this offense against a team like Bama would've gotten us beaten by 50. So I'm hoping this will serve as a wake up call. I just don't like having 2 lose 2 finally fix what was wrong. I also think our rotation at WR was/is 2 deep. I'm now hoping 4 a return of Corey Smith he is sorely missed and needed. I also think D.Wilson needs 2 be more involved with the offense. I think his lack of inclusion in the offense makes him take more chances when he is returning punts.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
I'm starting 2 think the issues in the passing game are on JT. He has 2 know his WRs and who he is throwing 2. 1 deep pass play 2 Brown he should've put on a str8 line because Brown had the inside positioning. He threw it high and away. Then he consistently missed Baugh who I think needs 2 be made a bigger part of the offense. The BEST offenses use the TE, I'm completely baffled as 2 why we don't. 1 last thing maybe we need 2 cut the rotation down some. Seems like someone new is going deep each week with varying speeds. Possibly the constant shuffle of WRs in/out the game isn't allowing 4 JT 2 develop a good throwing relationship with them, hence the over/under throws
Comment 15 Jan 2016
Craziest thing about it is had we ran "tempo" more that would've created more plays, and more touches to spread around. A blind man could see our offense looked a hell of alot better when we sped it up. I love U.Meyer and think he is 1 of the greatest coaches EVER, but I just can't believe he couldn't get the offense straight except 3 games this season VT, MI, and ND. 1 thing is 4 damn sure he got it right when he hired T.Herman, and his absence hurt the offense!
Comment 05 Dec 2015
I hate to lose a coach, but I'm not terribly saddened 2 see him go. He was the safeties coach, but how many bad angles, missed tackles mis-judged balls was T.Powell in on? Seems like about 75% of them to me. Our DBs can't locate the football, and hardly ever get their heads around. Our blitzes were bland and easy 2 see. When you have superior athletes you let them use their superior athleticism, and don't slow them down with super complicated schemes. The 1 thing he did do was reduce the complexity of the defensive playbook. Congrats he is due, but I'm not over concerned. He was aided by having probably 10-12 NFL players on defense.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
He wasn't throwing late he was just under throwing his passes. That should easily improve with more GAME reps. Remember this is only his 7th start. I think we're really discounting the effect the changes in the coaching room are having on this offense. Somebody posted Zeke isn't as explosive, maybe because he is a 1 cut runner that needs 2 be running down hill instead of side 2 side. That intentional grounding was a bad call he threw the ball right over the top of M.Thomas. As the comfort level grows with the offensive coaches, I think the play calling will improve. B.Miller needs 2 hand the ball off when he is in the wild cat. Need 2 keep the defense guessing. All and all I feel better about this team now compared 2 a week ago.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
What exactly is everything though?
Comment 20 Jun 2014
D.McNeal looks REALLY good catching and running, but I didn't see any blocking.
Comment 28 Jul 2013
Now ain't no gray box like an unexpected gray box! Welcome aboard Biiiig Meechy!
Comment 17 Jun 2013
This guy will be a S I think he is already huge, and will only get bigger. Reminds me of Sean Taylor in that #26. This guy is going to be really good!
Comment 07 Jul 2012

I'm just trying to see what Meyer could've done to prevent this from happening? I hate when the coach is being blamed for the stupid choices some of his players are making, not to mention these are players Meyer didn't recruit. A HC can only do so much.

Comment 27 Jun 2012
I don't think Urban will EVER shut down DL recruiting. Huge DTs, cat quick DEs, LBs that run like DBs, and DBs that can fly. Hmmm sounds like an SEC defense to me. I don't think our DL depth will impact a TRULY elite prospect such as Hand because there will be a rotation.
Comment 26 Apr 2012
Juco players are often further along in the development process, they help bridge the gap between your vets, and your younger guys ... I love the idea of juco players ....