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Comment 8 hours ago

I have a similar affliction. I hopped on *goblog about halfway through the second quarter and positively reveled in skunk weasel misery--a joyous way to enjoy pre-game beers delightfully accented with the piquant aftertaste of *ichigan tears. The comments grew especially savory when Downy Jim started promoting the virtues of nicely pressed khakis as his players were getting their asses handed to them. May Harbaugh forever reign over TTUN.

Comment 8 hours ago

Agree.  Love the early results from Chambers. Dude's build and running style remind me of Eddie George. I think he's gonna be special.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

While I can--slightly--understand your position about selflessness, that's just not how true competitors think and operate. Tuf would go full "Black Knight," lacking arms and legs, bleeding profusely, and still want in the game. That kind of competitive fire is why his teammates voted for him to lead them--twice. That's also why there are coaches and medical staff to make go/no-go decisions instead of the players themselves.

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Ruckert at H is truly intriguing to me from both passing and run blocking perspectives. Opponents who have become accustomed to the smaller, faster receiver/running back hybrid OSU has traditionally placed at H are going to be surprised when a dude who is 6-5, 250 with serious wheels and great hands comes flying out of the backfield.  That's a matchup I'll take against any DB and the vast majority of LBs--run or pass.  Stop this, bitches!

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I can understand the frustration some have with Coach Stud.  The OL underperformed in the run game last year (two-thumbs up for pass pro) and this year's OL haul definitely has some developmental guys on it (which I'm fine with--especially the Ohio boys). But, the fact Day has worked in lock step with him for the past few years and elected to keep him on staff is the biggest indicator to me that he's performing to Day's satisfaction. That's more than enough for me to keep my fan support behind him.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

Yep. And this from MLive:

He rushed for 2,526 yards and 38 touchdowns, both Big Reds single-season records, and he averaged 9.8 yards per carry. Thirty-two of his 258 carries went for 20-or-more yards, and 12 of those covered at least 40 yards.

With those numbers, he seems like a great candidate for H.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

Especially in the close games when gameplans have fallen short, players haven't executed to their best, and sheer willpower and determination tip the scales in the victors' favor. 

Comment 28 Jun 2019

43201, what would be your opinion of Dobbins if he regained his top-end speed and endurance during this offseason? Weber's speed clearly jumped between his sophomore and junior years because he worked on speed during the offseason. Last year, Alford mentioned Dobbins needed to work on his endurance and it's not a stretch to believe that won't include speed work, too. In 2019, I think we're going to see a noticeably faster Dobbins who doesn't lose gas after 30 yards.  

Comment 27 Jun 2019

This is awesome. Two fans arguing about which 1,000-yard tOSU RB is better. A sure sign life is good in Buckeye-land. Meanwhile in weasel territory, they're trying to figure out if a walk-on or converted tight end is going to be their feature back. All is as it should be and may it never change.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Some of our most sure-handed receivers didn't start out that way.  Smith, Campbell, Thomas all had their encounters with the drop monster and pushed through it via perseverance, coaching, and repetition. By the time the season starts, Mack will have had 10 months to hone his technique under Hartline's tutelage. He is a man on a mission this year after losing most of last year to injury, so there's little doubt he's taking full advantage of that training time. Hope to see him have one helluva year--including another circus catch to drive a dagger through the weasels' hearts--and position himself nicely for the 2020 draft.