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Comment 15 May 2019

Because Browning hasn’t yet consistently played in a starting capacity, it’s fair to question whether he’s truly had the opportunity to show what he’s capable of

I've seen this statement about other players before and it has never made any sense to me. Players have the opportunity to show what they're capable of every day in practice.  And apparently, Browning hasn't shown enough--yet--to unseat Borland. There's absolutely no doubt Browning is more physically gifted, so it has to be something he wasn't quite grasping under Schiano's complicated defensive scheme. Hopefully, with Mattison's simplified scheme that better leverages players' raw physical talent and Washington's coaching, Baron will thrive. I wouldn't be surprised to see Browning getting the majority of snaps over Borland this season. Then again, based on what we heard out of camp this spring, Mitchell may surpass them both.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Really not much to be surprised about. Put yourself in the shoes of a young, high school football star courted by big-time programs. You established relationships with the previous head coach and staff and then it changes. Easy to see how a young man would reconsider his options under those circumstances. I'm wholly impressed with the job Day and tOSU staff have done keeping the vast majority of recruits in the fold for '19 and putting together a good-looking class for '20, all without a legendary head coaching track record to bank on. Now if the '19 season doesn't go well, I'll join you in your concern.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

I love the idea of building some lasting depth by taking a chance on some lower-ranked in-state guys. First, you may very well find a diamond in the rough who flourishes under tOSU's training program--never underestimate willpower. Second, it helps to build relationships with Ohio HS coaches by demonstrating Day's willingness to take a chance on a few home-grown guys. Third, it should add some stability to the backup QB position since home-staters are--in theory--less likely to transfer.  And fourth--as others have said--it gives that lifelong Buckeye fan/underdog recruit a chance to realize his dream of playing for the Buckeyes. A lot to like with that approach.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Totally agree that we shouldn't need the read option to have a good run game, but it sure helps.  Forcing the opposing D to account for the QB run facilitates the run game by complicating/slowing defensive reaction to the ball. The split second it takes for an end or LB to figure out who has the ball is often all it takes to position blocks and open lanes. As a D, if you know the RB is getting the ball on a likely running down because the QB isn't a gifted runner, it makes it significantly easier to read and defend.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

I'm eager to see how much/if the run game improves with a bona fide running threat at QB. MB, I'm with you that I don't want to see zone read  80% of the time, but forcing the D to account for an additional, legitimate running threat should open things up for JK and Co.

Whether it was poor O-line blocking, defensive schemes predicated upon Haskins not running, or a combo of the two, the running lanes just weren't there last year. Rarely did Dobbins or Weber have a clean lane to the second level and far too often they met first contact at or behind the line of scrimmage. Hopefully, that changes this year.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

Maine, you may wish to research your team a bit better. The teary-eyed, wound-licking assistant referred to in the article also coaches safeties. If you need help identifying them, they're the slow guys in the back end of your defense that Paris Campbell and Chris Olave ran right past on their way to the end zone. And the video to which I referred is prominently featured in the subject article of this thread, not your link to Mr. Skivvies-in-a-Bunch. 

Comment 12 Apr 2019

Maine, still a punk move to trash other coaches for pursuing better jobs.  A good leader/coach/friend would be happy for former colleagues pursuing what's best for themselves and their families. This dude's a whiner whose secondary got scorched for 396 yards and 6 TDs in The Game. And that video sure as heck won't help him on the recruiting trail.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I think quite a few folks share your concern that tackling may go away in the future.  I'm not one of those.  I think tackling technique will continue to change toward rugby-style and head-on tackles may be discouraged/penalized, but tackling will remain.  

One of my best buds is an Aussie and he got me into watching Aussie rules football a few years ago. Still a rough sport and entertaining as Hell to watch--especially alongside Aussies with beer mugs the size of kegs. Their tackling technique minimizes the type of injuries that have sadly become so commonplace in American football.  I admit to thoroughly enjoying bearing witness to a good decleating--à la Denzel Ward's "You got BBQ back there?" destruction of Taivon Jacobs--but if rugby-style tackling means more players will live out their post-football lives free from brain and spinal issues, I'm all for it.  

Comment 31 Mar 2019

I'd never heard of Tudor's Biscuit World before, but the name certainly intrigued me. Stopped by their website and let me just say I admire the Hell out of any company that boldly acknowledges a weakness and makes it a strength. Far from hiding their nutritional info, they prominently feature it on their lead banner within 3 seconds of visiting the site. Their take seems to be, "If you had any doubts that a sausage biscuit contained 750 calories, 50% of which are from fat, and more sodium than the Dead Sea, here's your proof. Now stop worrying about it and go buy one--or several--of our tasty little coronaries." Well played, Tudors. I'll stop by for a biscuit if I'm ever in the neighborhood.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Not sure why you got a DV for presenting a factually-based post. Demario has certainly received more than his fair share of press, no doubt because we've all seen flashes of his athletic ability and wondered why we haven't seen more.  Well, Demario just told us one reason: he's had trouble with pass pro.  I suspect there are more good reasons why he hasn't earned more playing time based on the multi-dimensional character of Day's offense and the versatility it demands of the skill positions.  The coaches see these guys day-in and day-out, so Demario obviously hasn't done enough so far to supplant other receivers/running backs. I hope he does this year, because I'd love to see him overcome injury and have Dixon-like success as a late-bloomer. Go Bucks!