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Comment 29 Jun 2020

I guess I'm one of the few unconcerned about the RB room this year. Sermon is a stud and he's familiar with tOSU's style of offense. Chambers is a beast folks seem to be sleeping on. He'll be a stellar number 2 to start the season if Teague and Crowley aren't ready to go. By the time B1G play starts, the room should be back to full strength--maybe minus Teague if his achilles hasn't healed. Add in 1) pressure on the D from a monster group of wideouts and seasoned TEs that can catch, 2) the QB run threat, and 3) a killer lineup of Slobs...folks, the RBs are going to feast. I actually feel sorry for the poor DCs who have to scheme against this year's O...except, of course, Don Brown. F#@k that guy. Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I don't know that TE receptions is the key to TE recruiting. If you have any hope of playing TE in the NFL, you better be able to block large, fast human beings. No TE gets that experience in H.S., so college is the first time TEs really get a taste for blocking NFL-sized players. So, the pitch to recruits is, "Hey, we know you can catch, but can you block a guy who's 6'3", 265, and runs a 4.7? If you can't, you have no chance as a TE in the NFL. We'll develop you to where you can and we have the record to prove it."

Comment 13 Jun 2020

Preachin' the truth Seattle. If Gene Smith were conducting Jimmy's performance review.... "So, Khaki Jim, it appears you're better at producing commercials than producing on the field. I'm happy to say you now have the opportunity to pursue the former option full-time."

Comment 01 Jun 2020

Bucks19, agreed. Goes along with the O philosophy of getting the ball to the speed guys.

My point is, if you look at our pass plays when TEs are releasing as a receiver, the QB rarely looks to them as the first--or even second--read. Makes sense when your fast, agile wideouts get open as often as ours do. Just look at how often opposing offenses pass to the TE vs tOSU. Why? Because the Buckeye secondary blankets their wideouts.

As long as Hartline keeps recruiting and developing players at this level (and may that be a VERY long time), TE receptions aren't going to surge.

Comment 31 May 2020

Lack of TE targets is mainly due to where they are in the progression. Day, like his predecessor, stresses getting the ball to the "dynamic" play makers, so Olave, Wilson, Williams, et al, are going to be the primary reads almost every pass play.  And because they're so damned good, they're open a lot, ergo not very many TE targets. Fields' accuracy combined with our wideouts' ability to get open probably won't result in much of an uptick in TE receptions this year.

Comment 24 May 2020

The lone knock on CJ was that his size didn't translate well to blocking from the slot. The new roster lists him at 190 now, so hopefully that issue is resolved. I'd love to see him have a good year given the challenges he's overcome and his dedication to the program. The guy just has a knack for getting open and his hands are money.

Comment 03 May 2020

He was dinged up almost his entire career

That's part of being a DT. They're all dinged up. His extensive playing time does not support your theory at all. Playing alongside an early third-round pick is a better explanation for his not playing more snaps.

Comment 22 Apr 2020

Day did a presser awhile back in which he talked about Wilson in the slot. He mentioned two reasons: first, to complicate defensive planning/improve offensive versatility by not pegging receivers into an inside or outside roll; and second, to put vertical pressure on the defense from the inside.

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Then again another old saying if it's not broke why fix it.

Amen. When the power run game and receivers are performing to the level of last year, it's tough to justify distributing the ball elsewhere. I thought tOSU used the TEs extremely effectively as outlets last year, giving Fields an big target when the defense had the receivers locked down (which wasn't often). Where I would like to see more TE use is in the Red Zone where size/height can create more of a matchup problem than speed.