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Comment 09 Jan 2020

Not to mention what a certain Shelley Meyer might have to say about his return to coaching. I'm with you FZ420, unless he receives a miracle cure for that cyst, I think his coaching days are done.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Couldn't agree more. Eleven minutes. That's it. Add up all the time in which a play is actually being run and there are only eleven minutes of play in a football game. The remaining three hours is jammed with commercials and horrendous commentary from the likes of Booger McFarland.  I love American football. I was raised a Buckeye and stay glued to the college game, but an Aussie buddy of mine got me into Australian rules football. Much more entertaining from a fan perspective. Almost non-stop action, continuous clock, no pads, and VERY few commercial breaks.

Comment 22 Dec 2019

It may sound like it, but trust me...it's not.  Unless you mean "cool" as it relates to temperature. Then, yes. It's cool--very cool. Of course, that's from your neck down because there's very little air circulation and the heat rises to the top of the cargo bay. It's 98 degrees from the neck up and sub-zero below. On the plus side, your sodas stay nice and cold:)

Comment 14 Dec 2019

There would definitely be some benefits to that from a program stability perspective. That said, I think one gets the most out of this world by helping others to achieve their goals.  

College head coaching opportunities emerge so unpredictably, it'd be tough to deny the right opportunity to someone you care about when it presented itself. Day, Addazio, and Hafley are well acquainted with each other, so no doubt, they saw this as a great opportunity for Jeff's head coaching debut.

I hate to see a coach of Hafley's talent move on after one year, but I also understand the need to "strike while the iron's hot" when a great opportunity comes along. A contractual barrier to do that might actually deter assistants with head coaching aspirations from coming to tOSU. It'll be interesting to see how the difference in policy plays out over Day's tenure.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Tough to take (more) time away from K.J. this year. The guy is just flat out money and he earned enough playing time to break Boston's record. But next year, Gill is going to shine. His tangibles are just too good and he's had two years to hone his route running behind Parris and K.J.  Hartline will have him ready to go in 2020 and I can't wait to see it.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Dude. Sorry you interpreted this story so negatively. Look, if there's one thing that helps with recruiting, it's consistency and--as evidenced by Stoops to Riley and Meyer to Day--a solid succession plan goes a loooong way to ensuring recruits know the PROGRAM to which they are committing is consistent and stable. 

I, for one, think this is brilliant. LJ is your current legendary position coach, but we all know he's approaching retirement. So, for all you potential recruits, allow us to introduce the guy we're grooming as the next elite coach who will be developing you as a player and man. And, oh by the way, here are a few NFL players--including a couple first round picks--who swear by his coaching.

Loved this article. Well done 11W. I'm fired up after watching his video!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

If our OLine can keep Fields clean

Yes x 1000! Going into the B1G Championship, pass pro was probably tOSU's most vulnerable area. First half, Fields was running for his life and getting sacked way too often. Throws were inaccurate killing the passing game and allowing Wiscy to hedge against the run game. Second half, pass pro improved, Fields had time to set his feet, accuracy improved, and the whole offense opened up.

To me, pass pro is THE key to this game. O-line has been great in the run game, defense has been solid and made good adjustments when tested, and special teams has done well outside of Wilson's two miscues. Protecting Fields with solid blocking, screens, and quick slants will go a loooong way toward winning this game and throwing the Clemson monkey off our backs.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Icould, when you're the OC for a Big Ten program, then MAYBE you'll have some credibility calling Day's play calling "boneheaded." The truth is--if you paid any attention to the game--the crappy performance in the 1st half was NOT due to play calling. It was poor execution. The players admitted as much in post-game interviews. Fields was missing wide open receivers, the O-line was a turnstile, and tackling was ghastly. They cleaned it up in the second half and they rolled.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Talk about different perspectives on the same season. The O this year has been anything BUT traditional outside of fielding 11 players and a football. When was the last time you saw tOSU execute a perfect onside kick early in a game? Or Fields' fake run to set up a wide-open Ben Victor?

Day's ability to identify opposing defenses' weaknesses and exploit them has been nothing short of masterful. Play design and timing have kept defenses off-balance all season long. There are several reasons tOSU has the largest margin of victory in the country: Day's originality and playcalling are among them.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Just need the OL to protect Fields long enough for those deep routes to develop. This is an amazing team with few areas that need much improvement, but pass pro is one of them. The pass rush has gotten to Fields on a regular basis.  The Bucks are firmly in the middle of the B10 in sacks allowed (26).  Shore this up, give Fields time, and this game has the potential to be another ass-kicking of epic proportions. Their corners simply can't hang for long with tOSU's receivers.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Don't worry. Livers are tough SOBs. True story: good buddy of mine was an "enthusiastic" drinker. Dude could seriously put away the booze...every...single...day. He was also selfless and elected to be an organ donor. So when he passed, of all the organs they could have taken, we all thought his liver would be the last. But no...his liver was as healthy as can be and docs used it to save the life of a 16-yo girl. At his wake, we all got a chuckle out of 1) the irony, and 2) the fact that girl now had a massive advantage in college drinking games.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Couldn't agree more about the commercials. That's such a bad look. Never mind that coaches are paid multimillion-dollar contracts to coach young men who can't benefit financially from their own likenesses (at least for now), a few coaches have to throw endorsements in the kids' faces, too? AND on national TV, on game day. WTF? Just...not...good.  Harbaugh's Downy commercial playing while his team was getting beaten like a drum by Wisconsin was the perfect illustration of why those kind of endorsement deals are not a good idea. Zero % class, zero % situational awareness, 100% NCAA hypocrisy.