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Die Hard Buckeye fan living in SEC country. I lived in Central Ohio for 21 years. I was running around high street back in the park alley and papa Joe's kegs n eggs days. SOme of you may remember me from the old sporting news blog days where I used the same name... then again, maybe not.

I take pride in my "Ohio State football addiction".


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Comment 08 Aug 2017

yea, based on what stud said the last couple of days, his pass-blocking isn't close...   back-up guard...   maybe 3 -deep..




Burrell 1rst-in

Knox 2nd-in

Myers 3rd

Davis 4rth

Next year, who knows? COuld be literally any position in '18. He'll get some mop-up duty, but as good as these young OL are, they're not cracking the two-deep to start the season. I do think Myers could pass knox by BiGplay though.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I agree. It may not be a strength but it still has to be respected and given effort in game-situations.  Nobody thought we were going to throw it deep because we didn't throw it deep, and when we did against Clemson...  that was like showing up on campus and throwing it deep...   how could we have ever expected-it to be successful when we had nearly NO game-reps doing-it..    I mean it worked because of the PI's to move the ball..   and in all fairness the nice arc and spirals from JT had me wondering why we hadn't been doing-it..   but they still were incomplete.  IAnd don't care if we dont complete a single bomb, but you MUST show you're willing to do it, and at any time, for it ever to be effective down the line, and for it to open-up the box for the running game.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I know we've seen our spring game breakout flash-in-the-pans before, but Burrow has been solid imo. I think there's a very realistic shot he starts game one in '18.  He's smart, accurate, and not given enough credit for his athleticism. With the way Wilson leverages the outside-edge of defenses so well, you don't need that athlete to be a rb like JT, you just need for him to have 4.6ish speed to get what's open when it's open, and Burrow has that.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

not misses..   the numbers just haven't been there...   not just the elite ranking, but sheer numbers... since Meyer arrived its the only unit that hasn't stockpiled.. 

     plus, these guys, like the article says, are more physically ready to play than the usual elite4/5 star OL recruits..   not much development in terms of strength, already big boys..    road-graters...    

Comment 02 Aug 2017

i know you're having fun with that, but Munford would have been much higher given different circumstances...     played 3 games last season...   looked really good doing-it too.     Plus, even with Myers and Davis getting all the hype, Meyer seems to default to mentioning Thayer a lot. Past has shown that those little verbal nods mean a lot..    Which is also why I think Dixon has moved ahead of Hill at WR. 

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I've always thought Pridgeon would be the favorite despite his "tackle-dimensions"..   he looked great last year in camp and was primed to play a lot or start, so It's hard for me to imagine him not being the fave for the spot..  he's a great combination of size and agility... he plays with good pad level to offset the height..   Burrell the first Guard in, Davis the 2nd, and Knox the third. Knox was in cement against Clemson. He just can't get off the ball and imo lacks the agility to start.  Of course, I think they should take some good hard looks at Pridgeon over Prince and then Burrell would defo start at g. If Bowen is the first tackle-in, then Pridgeon is without question the next best option there.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

johnny Dixon isn't gonna be a third teamer...    we know Wilson is technically a starter at hb, and devin smith is a starter, but I think Dixon has earned equal time with Michael Thomas and Evan Spencer. Spencer is the blocking wr at that spot, Thomas the redzone guy, and Dixon the all-purpose guy... Dixon will see as many snaps as the others.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

I realize you have reeves OR apple, but I'd have Apple in bold...  also..  IMO if billy price is NOT a starter on this OL then we don't have any OL problems.  Billy will start at guard. I think he might be the second best OL(right now) on this team..  jmo.