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Comment 11 Jul 2019
I was at that game, in the student section and we rushed the field and were met with a barrage of pepper spray shortly thereafter. The fans were climbing the north end goalpost and security wasn't having it. It was a great game to finally get that monkey off of OSU and Cooper's back. How times have changed...
Comment 19 Mar 2019

First, don't kill the messenger....I think the reason college athletes aren't treated the same way coaches are is obviously because coaches are paid. Players are "student-athletes" who are supposed to value an education first and foremost. We know that's all B.S., but the NCAA is never going to publicly call them "athlete-students" who bring in all kinds of hard cash in exchange for a degree they really don't carre about. Gotta keep the Matrix alive!

Comment 24 Jan 2019

Did you have to bring up Amir Williams!? I'm over here twitching and feeling nauseated all over again... 

I believe Thad Matta's single most difficult challenge of his coaching career was to try and motivate that 5* man-child. Must've been frustrating beyond words.