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Comment 10 May 2014

in the late 1800's OSU had a club football team while Umich had an official football program established. It was about 16 years befor OSU won a game vs The Weasels and yes, they count thos egames as official.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

yes, a year penalty for this is excessive.

yet he knew the rules and chose to ignore.

Based off the two above statements my bet is that he knew this would make his decision to move to the NBA easy so he made his choice knowing full well the outcome.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

Hoke and Beckman in the B1G are in the biggest trouble with Pelini just a stupid act away from an NFL Dc job.

Agree with Muschamp. You can only blame the former coach for his top 5 level recruiting classes for so long. I just dont see 8 wins at Fla this season and that is probably what it takes to save his job. The other SEC coach I see in trouble is our old friend, Bert.

I would think that Morris as mentioned plus Kirby Smart from Bama would get looks.

Paul Chryst at Pitt has failed to capitalize on the PSU disaster so that is one to add to the list.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

I just dont see how college kids that are not old enough to legally buy a beer can be expected to play that much extra football at the highest level of their game for our entertaainment and no direct compensation.


OSU will close out the season each year with Umich, then play in a B1G CH game vs Wisky the following week. Then we play a playoff game vs Stanford, then play the next week we play Oklahoma and finally play LSU in the NC game.


You think kids are holding up playing that schedule? If you do please review Alabam's 2013 schedule and tell me who they played the week before EVERY big game.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

I'm one of the few that isnt in favor of the playoffs for several reasons.

I just dont see how you can sell tickets to semi final games with OSU playing Oklahoma in Miami with the potential of the teams playing in the NC game a week later in Arizona. Few people can spend $2000/3000 per person for each game and tours each game plus take that much time away from work.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

It will be September before we know if DGB has "paid his debt" or at least repented enough in public to regain his spot on the team. Another kid wasting his talent by making very bad choices.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

The state of Ohio just like the USA shares its base in agriculture. I have learned that those that type ignorant statements that make lame attempts at insulting the nobel profession do so with a full stomach and have no clue where the safe and abundant food supply comes from.

I'm one that is damn happy with Dayton's performance. Would much rather lose to a hot team that is winning as opposed to a Dook that was taken down by a joke of a team that was slaughtered the next game.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

OSU, USC and PSU were nailed by the NCAA due to the fact that there were legal issues behind each of the programs that forced out the facts of the cases. In every other recent NCAA allegedcheating  issues - Oregon, Manziel, Missouri, Auburn, Auburn, Alabama, Alabama, Dook basketball ............ and so forth in each and evey case the coach/players/institution simply lies and they escape as the NCAA has no real power. Had it not been for the scumbag tat parlor owner and the impending federal investigation OSU would have not have the current coaching staff on campus.

Dont hold your breath on the NCAA punishing Dook or UNC basketball anytime soon. You do realize that never in the history of Ky mens BB that a BB player has never once been suspended/removed for poor academics? Anybody think that is a realistic possibility?

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Sure a few kids have turned out to be solid players for other programs that OSU didnt pursue and it is always so easy to view recruiting in hindsight.

OSU has been on the greatest 10 year run in our basketball history under Matta and staff. Really hard to bitch about the players brought in the program. Not many academic issues, not many off court issues, no NCAA issues. Kids are going to the NBA. Since the early 1960's has there been a better period in OSU basketball?


Comment 22 Mar 2014

Yea, but he always gets great seats to the games.


Too funny.

Comment 19 Mar 2014

I dont think there can be any debate that The Former Coach deserves accolades for the accomplishments on the field and with the OSU players in the classroom and even with the majority of players in the community. I am very much aware of the state of the OSU football program in those areas before The Former Coach arrived.

However it is just as unfair to simply gloss over the issues where he played an active role in at OSU that led to his ouster as coach. The actions are well beyond the "everybody does it", "it was just trinkets and tats" arguements. Lets not forget that the compliance lies to the NCAA and The University led to OSU losing one season of football, one year of a 12-0 record and a post season ban, the loss of 9 scholarships, several years of probation plus damage to the University. Lets all keep in mind that had he taken correct action that the players would have been suspended for 4 worthless non conference games vs the likes of Eastern Michigan and OSU would still have won the conference and played in the Sugar Bowl that season.

We must keep in mind the scumbag tat parlor owner was a felon and a drug dealer. How much of a stretch is it to take the next steps in his actions when he needs some quick cash and blackmails the players to drop a pass, fumble, make sure you have a 3 and out in order to be sure the spread is covered? Please. Do you really think Eddie Martin with the Felony 5 at Umich in the 90's made the $660k he paid those players from his day job as a janitor or his real job as a number runner for the mafia? We just leared a few weeks ago that McQueary from PSU had a massive gambling issue as a player and did things to infuence point spreads.

Comment 12 Mar 2014

If your top asst coaches aren't being mentioned as potential head coaches then you have a weak staff or are running a weak program. It is also pretty obvious that when MAtta loses a good coach he finds another that is equal or better as a replacement. It is also mighty obvious why you would want to coach with Matta if you wish to ascend in the profession.

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Yea, he hurt his knee in the B1G game in Indy. remember after the tipped ball late in the 3rd quarter he was out for a few series.