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Comment 19 Jul 2016

The Hive was great. Sure, not so much for BG and Indiana, but those big games like USC? Sends shivers through me just thinking about it.

Quick Cals are fine, but why keep something around that is just fine? Everyone says Urban gets what Urban wants, and what Urban wants is a bonkers atmosphere and fan involvement. I don't think he gives a damn if it's Quick Cals or the chicken dance.

To be honest, anything that shows the players excited and getting pumped up will be enough. The Hive did that, I'm sure they could come up with something better than that if it is important to the staff.

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I spent way too much money at that Taco Hut during my years on campus. It was also a great source of entertainment at 2 am.

Quick story:  one time I'm sitting at the light trying to turn right into TB waiting for oncoming traffic that had the right of way, when a black SUV brakes too late coming from behind me and taps my bumper. I was pissed so when I got out, I was ready for a confrontation when he turned into the parking lot following me. Then he gets out. It's Greg Oden. I was no longer even slightly mad and even if I was, wtf was I gonna do about it? 

He couldn't have been more apologetic and there was no damage. He had been pro for a year or two so dude should've bought me some tacos though. TL;DR

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I was at the Shoe with my roommate watching the Buckeyes beat up on his native Penguins, jabbing him in the ribs anytime he rooted for YSU.  Earlier that morning my brother, a huge Michigan fan, texted me (and I'll never forget this) "at the big house, life is good". To which I replied, "At the Shoe, life is better." The stadium in-game announcements kept us semi up to date with the Michigan score and as our game slowed down to a Tressel 30+ point lead trickle, I left looking for a TV. 

Now DJ mentions having BTN in Montana, but many of us with Time Warner in Columbus didn't have BTN yet. So I hit up a few bars on High hoping for a DirecTv establishment. With no luck, I went home which was nearby on 14th and brought up the game online on Gamecast. App St. had just taken the lead and I sat talking on the phone to my girlfriend. Suddenly, the Manningham catch happens and I see huge streak on the Gamecast window deep into FG territory. I tell her "Michigan is going to win" and sit for an eternity waiting for it to update with a made FG and go final. Then something amazing happened. It just went final, 34-32. I just remember screaming that App St won, and running out onto my roof that faced the street and screaming out the score to shocked and delighted Buckeye fans walking back to their apartments and cars.

Michigan wasn't a complete laughingstock at this time, so we hardly knew the laughs yet to come, but this upset is something I'll never forget. And neither will they.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I achieved nirvana during Zeke's run. I was on another plane of existence. I don't remember what I was doing but I was told by the others I was watching with that I was jumping up and down and unleashed a primal scream that could awaken dormant volcanoes. 

No matter what happens, we'll have always Holy Buckeye and 85 Yards Through The Heart of the South.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I miss them playing Slayer right before kick off. Sure it scared the cheerleaders but I was ready for blood.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Ridiculous that this still exists anywhere but it does everywhere. It's a very small minority and unfortunately the expanse of social media allows for disgusting people like this to have a louder voice than they truly do in society.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

It's fine, I could try to clarify my statement but when an FDNY firefighter disagrees with you on 9/11 you're gonna look like an a-hole regardless.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Well it's certainly more important that it means something to you than if it means something to me or not.

It's not like I'm pro-9/11 over here.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Uh, it's a flag added to the helmet? Hardly the first time it's been done. I expected some heart melting speech or something.