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Comment 17 Oct 2018
This game is the tipping point for the last third of the 2018 campaign. We ll learn if the Bucks are their mentally to beat MSU & scUM. Not sure what to expect Saturday night honestly.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
If we leave a DB on an island all day trying to cover that MSU WR, Shelton?, all game I'll probably end up destroying my television.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Heisman is going to come down who wins, if OSU is in the playoff, it will come down to Tua vs Haskins. If they're not, the media will pimp Tua all the way to the trophy.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Said it before the season and sticking it to it, scum will come into cbus 10-1, b10 on the line.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Folks, team is soft. It could change, but through almost 7 games, this is who we are I think. We played with more heart and toughness with Day, not saying its fire Meyer time at all but it has to be a concern for the program.
Comment 30 Sep 2018
Think he played well. PSU sold out on the blitzes all game, it eventually lead to their demise. We should've probably threw about 10 more screen like passes, they were giving us that all game.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
I think ratings at this point are useless but this is more evidence that playing big OCC games like that does little good. Beat a top 15 team on the road by 12 and go nowhere in the polls. If we played Kent state and won by 40 we would still be at 4. At least playing kent would likely have meant a healthy Bosa. We should be #2 right now.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
To me it looked like they motioned to Fullers side several times forcing him to come down leaving the other safety to play zone and read the field. Seemed like a good strategy, given that the other safties are struggling...to put it kindly.