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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002/03 National Championship
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Comment 22 Jan 2020

qb is not as important as offensive and defensive lines. that's where the issue continues to be. they've had two first-round QBs in the last 5 years and have zero trophies.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

the tackles we lose going into next year were absolutely fantastic. the awesome thing is, aside from cornell, they weren't heralded recruits. these guys ARE heralded recruits. if they can absorb the LJ juice as well as the guys in the past, this interior line will be something to behold. i'm not worried about the turnover, at least on the dline.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

this led me to look at michigan's nfl players. they have two (yes, two) offensive skill players (RB or WR) in the entire league.

anyone want to try to name them? i would have gotten one but not the other.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

this times a million. all kinds of diva red flags if a lesser-regarded (until he blows up next season) kid does all that hulabaloo to announce he's leaving when guys like okudah and young just did it over twitter. i never thought wade was leaving given the medium of his announcement; he's too smart for that.

Comment 20 Dec 2019

tough thing is, there are many people., including most of mr. wolken's industry, that consider any success whatsoever to be unfair and based solely on luck or fortune.

Comment 20 Dec 2019

yeah what drives money to programs is people caring about said program - butts in seats and eyeballs on TVs. the market dictates that the star at osu will make more off his likeness than the star at purdue. unless they cap or normalize what a guy can make, in which case it would be almost as bad as the current system.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

i continue to think the biggest difference in this game is in the trenches and the fact that clemson has faced literally no good competition this year. if we can keep slugging them up front, i think we pull ahead for good late in the 3rd and could force some mistakes late in the game as well.

if they think they're blocking chase one-on-one, hoo boy. i could see them having some success in the short passing game early, but as soon as hafley sees the singles on young, he will take away the short tosses and give the line time to get home. could result in a couple big plays downfield, but could also result in a couple turnovers.

Comment 16 Dec 2019
Stadium area largely sucks. It's more like an outdoor mall than a stadium area. It's plop in a residential area. You're better off going downtown or to Scottsdale for the bar scene.