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Comment 4 hours ago

sell! sell! they'll go 10-2 due to the soft schedule then embarrass the B1G in whatever bowl game they go to due to being in a matchup that's far over their skis.

would be huge if they could somehow beat penn state.

Comment 5 hours ago

if we lose by 20 against a .500 team again this year (think - we're far enough in the schedule that this has to be NW, maryland, or rutgers - not happening), yep we're left out, and should be. if we lose to a good team by 14 or less and then win the B1G and look as good doing it as we did the first 6 weeks, zero chance a 1-loss buckeyes team gets left out. most dangerous game is penn state. assuming they beat the bad guys this week, we likely cannot lose that game and win the B1G because they'd have to lose two. crappy thing is, if we're going to lose, it needs to be against wisconsin, because then there's the chance to avenge it in december.

what would be fun - dangerous, but fun - is if we went into the UM game unbeaten and with them having lost two B1G games...we'd likely make the playoff (assuming a B1GCG win) regardless of what happened (like i said, dangerous, but fun)

Comment 08 Oct 2019

i think urban did that more often than we think, it's just usually we were so far superior in the trenches (see: michigan, 2015) that it worked. if you look at it, we didn't do much differently game-plan wise. we started out the MSU game giving zeke the ball. we just got beat in the trenches, and gave up on the RB runs. we torched michigan the next week in the trenches from the first snap, zeke gets 200+, and all is good. did anything really change coaching-wise, or did we just get beat in the trenches one week and dominate the next? we'll never know.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

i agree going from herman to warinner was a huge issue, but i don't think the 2014 personnel loses that game to michigan state even with the same coaching. playcalling was garbage but we got housed in the trenches as well.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

but the defensive talent isn't the issue. they've been winning on the back of their defense thus far. i don't dispute that they lost a lot of big defensive guys but the dropoff has been much more precipitous on offense. 2015 osu's dropoff was a little on both sides, but also most noticeably offense.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

i think there are a lot of similarities between 2015 osu and 2019 clemson. the "visible" elite talent guys didn't change (zeke, thomas, quarterbacks, bosa = lawrence, higgins, etienne for clemson), but the true LEADERS of that 2014 team (curtis grant, michael bennett, heuerman, evan spencer) were irreplaceable. clemson looks like they should be the same from the outside, but i'd venture that the locker room is VERY different this year, and it shows on the field.

it's lazy not to re-evaluate all teams in a new year. no team is ever the same as the previous year.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

i'm not as concerned about wisky's D - we will out-athlete them all over the field. my concern with the wisky game is their run game and the ability to limit our possessions if we can't get them off the field.  PSU's recruiting has been better, and their athletes are more concerning - that game has the makings of a HUGE one. we'll find out more when ttun goes out there.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

okudah is fantastic, dont get me wrong. i think by the end of the season, wade will have continued to ball out and be a top 10 pick. dude can play three of the four secondary positions at the next level.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

stock down: officials "protecting" players. a perfectly good block called a blindside cost fuller a td. a blatant target on dobbins not even reviewed, let alone called.

stock up: wyatt davis and josh myers. wrecking people. davis put bachie completely airborne on one play.

stock down: WR blocking, by our own ridiculously high standard (or, msu players just great at shedding them). seems like the perimeter plays never got going (same play that davis put bachie airborne, KJ essentially whiffed on a block and his man tackled dobbins for a short gain)

stock up: playing your worst game since week 1 and beating a top-25 constant-thorn-in-your-side-when-you're-really-good team by 20+.