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I am a retired civilian employee of the Air Force. I lived in Ohio until I married my wife in 2001. I agreed to move to Richmond , Indian but told herI would never become a Hoosier. I will always be a Buckeye!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: When Cesar Geronimo caught Carl Yastrzemski's flyball to end the 1975 world series and the Cincinnati Reds became world champions.
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Comment 21 Jun 2019
Replying to IH8UOFM. Not the whole state has been having horrible weather. We are on our way back from Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. We were there 3 days and had absolutely gorgeous weather every day.
Comment 06 May 2019
The 1969 Michigan game was the one game whose result I would change if possible. I was a senior in high school then and still remember the names of most of the starters on that '69 team. Many folks at that time believed it was the greatest college football team ever assembled. Since OSU couldn't play in a bowl game that year because of the BIG 10's no-repeat Rose Bowl rule, winning that game would have ensured a second straight national championship. I was depressed for several weeks after that game.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
F. I truly think he wants to be closer to home. I don't think football was a cause of his leaving nor was it a case of having a problem with any of the coaches or OSU in general.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
Two comments. First I tend to beleive football had nothing to do with Baldwin's decision. Reading his announcement he basically said as much. I truly think it was based on wanting to be closer to home. Maybe he has been feeling that way for a while and the Spring game was the deciding factor. Maybe his parents couldn't come because of the distance or maybe they did but he saw that it was a real inconvenience to them and wanted to ensure they didn't have to travel so far in the future. Secondly, criticizing Day for taking Fields seems to me to be a really rediculous take. Coming out of high school he was considered one of the best QB recruits ever. I heard some folks say he had the best week ever seen at the Elite 11 QB competition. (A competition which BTW also included Lawrence from Clemson.) There is no way any coach could decline the services of that kind of expected talent when it suddenly drops in your lap. If doing that upsets the other QBs on the roster so be it. You just can't turn down that kind of potential.
Comment 16 Apr 2019
Technically I guess its true OSU only returns 3 starters on offense. However, I think the experience is much greater than that as Hill, Mack, and Victor were essentially co-starters the last 2 years. Its also unlike the line is void of starting experience beyond Munford since Jackson, Bowen, Davis and Alabi all have started games in the past. Actually the only projected starters who have no starting experience are the quarterback, Meyer, and possibly NPF if he makes the starting lineup.
Comment 07 Mar 2019
I keep seeing people say Meyer picked his starters by using seniority and/or by favoring players who he either personally liked or had parents he liked. I don't buy that for a minute. The coaches main job is to win football games. As much as we as fans want the Buckeyes to win the coaches both want and need that even more. Afterall their livelihood depends on it. They are going to play the players who give the team the best chance to win. They see all the practices and know the players in ways we fans don't. You can bet your bottom dollar the players on the fied on Saturdays are the ones they have reason to beleive are the best.
Comment 18 Jan 2019
We keep hearing folks who think coaches are playing favorites instead of the best players. I don't believe this at all. They are hired to win football games. They are going to play who they think are the best based upon what they see at practices. They may make mistake some times but are starting the players who they think will best help their team win. Fans who think they know more than the coaches are just fooling themselves.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
It can only help us having a player return who has been good enough to have several years of past starting experience. If he is still good enough to start this year, considering all the other talent on this team, he will start. If not he gives us a great backup option. All of the folks complaining that he may play based on seniority vs. talent ought to realize the coaches are going to play whoever they feel give OSU the best chance to win. If he does start it will be because they think he is better than any other options to help us win. If not he won't start. It's really that simple. Either way it's a definite win to have him return.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
If I understand correctly, it seems the Martell camp feels since Tate was a backup for 2 years he now deserves to be the starter and it isn't fair that a transfer could come in and possibly take the job from him. If that's the case I assume if he transfers he will tell his new coach not to consider him as a possible starter since the teams' previous backup will deserve to start. Actually he probably won't say that.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
I know this was an article about Garrett Wilson, but there was a mention about Harrison's possibilty of seeing playing time next year, also. It said Young, Cooper, Smith, and Friday will be in front of him, but there was no mention of Cornell. I've seen those same 4 mentioned at several other places, also. For some reaon everybody seems to forget about Cornell. I know he hasn't been real flashy but was the number 3 DE this year after Bosa went down. I think he even had a sack in the Rose Bowl game. I would expect he still will be seeing plenty of reps next year. People shouldn't just forget about him.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
So it seems we still need another cornerbacks coach. I hope Day at least takes a shot at getting Coombs to come back. He just seems like a guy who would be more effective and enjoy his life in college more than the NFL.
Comment 03 Jan 2019
If Grinch leaves I wonder if there is any chance bringing Coombs back as cocoordinator and cornerbacks coach and then moving Johnson to safeties coach. Coombs just didn't seem a good fit to the NFL dealing with the older professionals with his super enthusiasm. I just wonder if maybe he doesn't enjoy it as much and would welcome coming back to the college game.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
I understand why, due to his health, Urban had to retire now, and I wish him the best in his retirement. I just wish he could have been able to continue one more year. It really irks me though that now McMurphy is probably walking around giddy thinking he succeeded in taking Urban down. Also, Finebaum will let everybody know he was right when he said Meyer would never coach at OSU again after this year. This also greatly disgusts me since he was right but only for the wrong reason.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
Two things I thought of this morning: I can imagine the national press saying Urban lied again when asked about next year when he said "I'm coaching." However, this was actually a true statement. He knew he'd be coaching in the Rose Bowl which is on Jan. 1, 2019. Also, it is always important for OSU to beat _ichigan, but just think how much more important it was this year. Had we lost, the national media would say his health wasn't the real issue in his retirement, it was really because Harbaugh ran him out. He saw _ichigan ascending past us while we were dedcending. At least they can't use this crappy narrative now! Thanks Urban for 7 great years. I pray your health improves and you have a great retirement!
Comment 02 Dec 2018
I don't give a crap if we lost by 1 pt., 29 pts., or 100 pts., a loss is a loss nothing more, nothing less. We were 12 - 1 and get put behind a 2 loss Georgia team and an Oklahoma team who we overall were better than. One other thing, all you folks who were yelling and crying when we didn't win every game by 30 pts. , and yelled about our coaches and schemes and about how terribly we played, are quite possibly part of the reason we didn't make it. All the committee had to do was look at OSU'S own fans and think if even their own fans don't think we are any good why should they. Maybe some of you gripers should remember this next year. You definitely aren't helping us and quite possibly hurting us in the committe's eyes.
Comment 20 Nov 2018
I know most folks are really upset about our defense, especially after Saturday. I totally undestand and agree why. However I found it quite interesting how Pro Football Focus gave its game grades for the game. Their ratings had 7 of our top 10 performers from the defense and had Borland rated one of our very best performers. They also had Knox rated as the only offensive lineman in the top 10 group. I found that very interesting that Borland on D and Knox on the O have been 2 players most heavily criticized all year. FYI, They did have Haskins the highest rated player, at an almost elite level.
Comment 18 Nov 2018
I can't say I'm at all confident this week and would be surprised if the Buckeyes do actually win. However having said that, I think it's still quite possible. I've not seen anyone mention the fact that it's a rivalry game and you can often throw out records in such a game. As Buckeye fans we should remember the Cooper years as well as the last several years. In the Cooper years we would usually go in as the favorites but somehow manage to lose the game. Also the last several years Michigan has played us close despite us being the much better team. This gives me the belief we at least sport a fighting chance in this one.