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Comment 11 Oct 2018

The other teams play them yearly. They are prepared for a Patterson defense. Not many surprises there.

Comment 04 Oct 2018

Man coverage as we do not have a running QB to worry about, with delayed/heavy blitz from linebackers to force quick throws. Given that we do not throw the deep ball often, I would also bring a safety up into the box to help defend bubble screens and/or crossing routes.

Comment 22 Sep 2018

It’s an issue because we can’t use the zone read effectively with Haskins as we have for the last few years. Nobody is going to get beat by his legs. This negates the advantage we typically have in the running game. Eventually this will catch up to us. Hoping the staff gets it figured out. This feels like the reverse of how it has been over the last few years where it was the passing game that disappeared in a few games.

Comment 21 Sep 2018

One thing is for sure, OSU is going to set out to stop the run and force PSU receivers and McSorley to make plays to beat our secondary. Haskins is going to pick their back 7 apart. Let’s hope for good weather in Happy Valley.

Comment 21 Sep 2018

Illinois got caught bringing safety into box, and PSU ran away from it. No one deep after the broken tackle. They might be better off keeping safeties deep and accepting that PSU will have a man advantage in run blocking scheme.

Comment 20 Sep 2018

It’s not about the TCU game. This is a trend now since last year. OU, Iowa, Oregon State, TCU. To the OP’s credit, the thread was about the scheme, not the players. Every player on OSU’s roster is talented. It’s fair to wonder why one position group struggles while others do not consistently.

Comment 20 Sep 2018

I’ll add that I do think coaching matters at the LB group as well. Perhaps Fickell would have these guys not thinking as much and therefore playing at a higher level. I certainly think his track record in the college ranks supports this. It is just so hard to judge Bill Davis without being privy to how he coaches in practice. However, If things don’t change by the end of the season, I would like to see a coaching change.

Comment 20 Sep 2018

I think the philosophy/scheme changed drastically when Urban got here and again with Schiano. The LB’s are asked to do a lot. In the instances where the task is simple ( QB spy, deep pass coverage, or blitzing ), they seem to do very well. When asked to read and react, their inexperience and to some extent, lack of instincts shows up glaringly.

Tressel and Dantonio ran predominantly 4-3 defenses with cover 3 secondaries. This made sense when spread concepts were not as prevalent in CFB. The DT’s ate up blockers and the LB were the stars of the defense to go make plays. Additionally the secondary was in zone defense and could easily react to stop and running plays. 

Now we run a quarters secondary with a ton of man to man concepts, and an attacking defensive line. This is Urbans stamp on the defense and might be more modern with the times, but puts a ton of pressure on the LB and safeties to read and react. Teams we play scheme around this to confuse an inexperienced group of players.

They could do themselves a world of good by simplifying the LB duties, and perhaps that is what we are seeing with so many blitzes. I think the only cure to our issues is experience and/or more emphasis on recruiting instinctual linebackers. I am sure they will come along throughout the year.

Comment 19 Sep 2018

Johnson is too young to likely move into a starting role here. If he was a redshirt freshman, maybe.