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Comment 04 Jun 2019

It ain't sunny in Ohio in October and November especially in a Big Ten night game where there is horrible midwestern weather. He can kick in the wind, rain and snow he is good to me. Needs to prove he can kick in really bad incelement weather. Nugent could kick in all the elements. We shall see what this young man does in a Buckeye uniform. 

Comment 29 Mar 2019

Kaleb's too fat (calorically challenged) and he needs to start losing weight ASAP. Needs to lose 25 to 30 pounds of adipose tissue and convert to muscle. Sorry Spaceman calorically challenged individual not FAT! He was the best player on the team considering you have no guards who can make mid range and three point shots consistently. BTW Bingo still sucks!

Comment 15 Mar 2019
He scored nine points against Wisconsin. After Kaleb got suspended, every opposing coach was not going to let Ahrens beat them with the three point shot. So they defended him better by allowing him to get open threes. Ahrens will be a good player in the future but he needs to develop an inside game as well as defend better.
Comment 10 Mar 2019

29 seconds left on the shot clock and the guy makes an airball three when he only needed one point to win. Yes, I can blame the game on CJ at the end. Agree with you a point guard unable to make critical free throws is demoralizing. 

Glad CJ and Woods are gone from this team. 

Comment 07 Mar 2019

1999 Final Four Team in his second season. Unfortunately,  seasons got worse as time progressed. I'd rather have young Boban Savovic than CJ Jackson, Woods, Jallow or Andre Wesson. Dude was gritty, tough and did something these guys cannot do make three point shots consistently. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019
No, I'm just a realist. Got beat by 35 points they are playing really good there pal. I think most of your posts are idiotic from your lame bingo boards. Frankly, I don't care what you sheep call me. Come on you a pastor at the nursing home and bingo boards. It's called criticism you can call me whatever you like. Thank you for your input.
Comment 03 Mar 2019

There are too many juniors in this conference. It also depends on the schedule. OSU doesn't get a favorable basketball schedule most years. Buckeyes will be in the middle of the pack at best there are too many freshman and sophomores to develop this next season. Plus staff needs to develop an offense not predicated on Kaleb Wesson. Getting rid of CJ Jackson and Woods is a plus. You will have Carton and CJ Walker which is an upgrade.  Buckeyes need to get that center kid out of Senegal. He will be raw at least there is depth at center. 

Maryland, Michigan and Michigan State will be on top.

Iowa will be a solid team. 

Indiana will lose Morgan and Langford. They maybe will have Hunter.

Wisconsin loses Happ and Iverson which is 22 points a game right there and they get Potter. 

Minnesota loses Murphy 15 points and 10 rebounds gone

Purdue will likely lose Carsen Edwards, lose Cline and Eifert there's 41 points right there.

Illinois will likely lose Dosunmu to NBA and get Cockburn LOL 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

The whole team wasn't in the game for 40 minutes. Helps to have guards who can actually drive the lane effectively and make shots. No guard can drive the lane effectively other than Washington. All the other guards think they are Steph Curry but they throw up airballs. Coaches need to tell players to drive the lane instead of letting them chucking 3 point bricks about every time go down the court. 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

You cannot put all your offensive plays with one player namely Kaleb. The coaches should have developed more offensive plays throughout the season. You need to have offense contingency games plans in case your man scorer is out of the game. A good team is going to take out your primary scoring option. You need a secondary, tertiary and quandary options to put the ball in the basket. 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

Where is the poor offensive development of your current players and young players throughout the season? Have to put the ball in the basket to win. Offensive sets were lousy throughout the whole season.  There are too many scoring droughts with this team.  Buckeyes were 2-19 three point percentage for a measly 10.5%. Ahrens scored 29 points last game and you give him one damn shot attempt. Stupid offensive coaching.

Sole bright spots were Ledee scoring 16 points and Young got 8 rebounds and 7 points

Comment 27 Feb 2019
Luther Muhammed was a solid recruit for Ohio State. He played at Hudson Catholic. They played some of the best high school teams in New York City, New Jersey and the nation. He was the third best player the kid was on the same team as two five star players Jahvon Quinerly, went to Arizona but was declared ineligible he took a 15,000 bribe, Isiah King another high four star kid who committed to Oregon. It's like being on the same team as Trey Burke and Jared sullinger at Northland. Muhammed is a young kid, he makes mistakes but he will be a very good player in years to come. Holtmann was aware of his offensive deficiencies. He needs instruction on getting better with his shot. Muhammad's shot is mid range shot in-between the foul line and the three point line. Muhammed reminds me of Brian Brown and Stephen Bardo back on this days with that great 89 Flying Illini team.
Comment 27 Feb 2019
Everyone needs to chill and focus on the Purdue game. Purdue is playing high level basketball right now. Northwestern game will be harder at Northwestern. Wisconsin took Indiana to two overtimes. Hope some guys can get out of their slumps. Holtmann needs to tell Luther to attack the rim, hit the mid range shots, that's his shot. Hope Buckeyes find a way.
Comment 27 Feb 2019
Block was an Iowa momentum killer that changed the game. It was an impressive block. Great win versus Iowa. Need to focus on Purdue. One of the toughest arebas to play in the Big Ten conference. Ahrens was 6/11 but the team as a whole was 12/32 three point line. 6/21 three pointers shot by the other players needs improvement.
Comment 27 Feb 2019
These Wessons played their asses off tonight. Kaleb was great in this game. His passing was superb, played with a high level of energy and physicality, handled the ball extremely well rebounding and dribbling under the double teams. Andre Wesson made a phenomenal block against Isiah Moss. Great performance by the team 38 rebounds, 21 assists and 11 turnovers. CJ Jackson has 6 assists and 1 turnover.