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Comment 29 Sep 2015

I have friends that live/teach in the Bloomington area, so I've already got my tickets. Was there a few years ago when OSU was there, too! I've always liked the town, and the tailgating is good too.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I coached FL HS football before recently moving back and becoming a HSFB HC here in our great state. I've had many convos with fellow FB coaches in FL about IMG, and also schools like Montverde (where D'Angelo Russell went,), including coaches from the likes of Dwyer, etc, who've been hurt by guys transferring to IMG. I've seen many of you guys posting  that if it's "within FHSAA rules" type of stuff....Be aware, IMG Academy is NOT, I repeat, NOT an FHSAA member institution. It is a sports training facility that opened up a tuition based school. This academy can almost realistically get any player they want from any program they want in the entire country if that player is willing to pay to go there.  And believe me, they have (Tyler Gerald(OH), Jango Glackin(OH), Emmanuel Greene (Coconut Creek FL), Malik Barrow (Tampa Catholic), Mirko Jurkovic (IN) just to name a few of an INSANELY talented roster). Any kid can transfer there if they are willing to pay. And at 60k/year, who do you think is honestly paying that much to go there? IMG's "practices" are well known amongst FL coaches and FHSAA member schools. They can get players like a Shea Patterson at this point because, well, no one can stop them from doing it. Something is wrong there, isn't it?

Look up their schedule. Most FL schools will not play him, as they are not affiliated with the FHSAA so there is no benefit to playing them. There are no district playoff standings on the line, etc., with regard to playing IMG. Schools like Dwyer, Miami Central, etc. have repeatedly turned down requests to play IMG, and I don't blame them. That would be why they travel to Texas every year to play the likes of DeSoto, etc.

At some point, "academies" like IMG will falter big time, much like Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy. As a teacher, I'm a little biased, but long live public education. :)

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I recently moved to FL, just north of West Palm, in December after living all 27 years in OH. I've been listening to the big Miami sports station a lot, Dolphins and Canes talk and such. What's interesting is The U's contract with Nike ran out after this past season, so  they were going to hear pitches from both Adidas and Under Armour. Point being, The U PICKED THIS!! People here are less than happy, believe it. Speaks to what was said above - the U is disconnected from it's following.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

If I'm not mistaken, I thought it was said that Rashad Berry was being recruited to be the TE in this class. 

Comment 03 Jan 2015

There were 2 turning points I thought. Finally, the switch to man gave us energy got our guys moving, creating turnovers, and contesting shots! They only made 1 3ptr after the switch. And the other turning point was getting Amir the hell out early in the 2nd half. Fouls or not, Lee and McDonald play harder and give us a pulse in there. Dan Dakich's commentary on Amir was spot on. Eventually one day he may decide to actually wake up and play. Thad, PLEASE continue with what we saw that second half today. Man up (with Sam, Shannon, JaeSean, D'Angelo, Kam, ect, we have the athletes to do it!), and put Amir on reserve duty. 

Comment 20 Dec 2014

The issues are numerous in my mind. The Seniors are scared like someone mentioned above. And outside of Sam, none have improved over the course of their 4 years. Amir is just useless. I mean useless. The hardest playing lineup consists of FR and SO, and either McDonald and maybe Lee. Amir needs to be the 3rd guy. I don't understand Thad's continued loyalty to him!! Can someone explain that to me? I know he's a players coach, I get that. But Dear God he is terrible. 

Our 2-3 zone is a J O K E. Seth Davis or Doug Gottlieb (can't remember which it was) said it best on the halftime show. It's not good, at all. Especially with players like Amir and even Loving, who are already lazy minded on defense. We are 9 deep supposedly. Why the hell aren't we playing man?? 

i don't mean to be all doomsday, because this is a solid team. And I heavily support Thad Matta! But this zone and his misguided loyalty to guys like Amir will limit us against top 15 teams. 

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Definitely agree - hopefully those double figure games he had in the Bahamas can give him the confidence he needs heading into the season. Getting someone who can put in 10-12 a night off the bench would be huge! 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

For me, it's simply scheme based. Team like the Academies run this Option scheme because they know they don't have the talent of major schools and never will, so they have to run something that gives them a schematic advantage. With only a handful of teams running the Option, it does that. When you aren't used to seeing something, it can take a great deal of time to get used to it. As a HS coach myself, it takes your kids playing EXTREMELY disciplined football. They option relies on defensive players not being able to do their job every play.  If the Bucks can do their assignment every time, they will be fine. If they can't, it will be much closer than any of us wants. The good part is, the Bucks have had weeks to prepare for it and hone their assignments, rather than only a weeks time if this game was in the middle of the season. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Just saw Jerry Meyer quoted his article on 247 that there is a "strong possibility" of a commitment from ESA come Saturday! Back to back great classes for Thad it looks like :)

Comment 03 Jul 2014

From everything I have read and seen, evidently it would be a complete shock if he didn't pick the good guys! 

Comment 07 Apr 2014

He can not play next year...will have to sit out 14-15 season. But with Amir, McDonald, and the incoming Anthony Lee all graduating after this year, it leaves Dave Bell as only big man on the roster for the 2015-2016 seasons. So we need this kid! And hopefully we can add Giddins, the 5 star C out of GA too. Crossing my fingers.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Seems like all this depends on who he believes people think is the perceived "favorite." I say, that if he thinks everyone believes Duke is the favorite then I think it could be an OSU selection. If he thinks everyone believes UK is the fav then it could be a Duke selection.... But again I am ALL speculation haha. Amazing what recruiting will bring to your head! Just hope he picks the Scarlet and Grey! 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Really BD? Haven't you heard? I, in fact, do know everything. Easy bro- it's a message board post my man. But until I hear something positive that he indeed is leaning toward OSU , I don't think there is any way he does. I hope to eat my words... But let's face it, the staff's inability to develop a big man is hurting us. Amir and Trey are not good and haven't gotten much better, if at all. You can't say Sully got that much better in his 2nd year...all he did was develop his outside game himself. His only post move was bullying through dudes, which he did do well lol. Mullens...nope, and Koufos...eh. 

Amir has a few moves...but we have never made the effort to include him in the offense. High school kids see that. So until I see something positive with him and OSU, I say he will follow the same thing Okonoboh and Elbert Robinson did and choose somewhere else. 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Crossing my fingers here!!! We aren't getting Myles Turner...so we NEED this guy. Hopefully that will bridge the gap until 2015 when Daniel Giddins (hopefully) is our C.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

The thing that gets me about the Curtis Samuel ESPN scouting report is when they say they "aren't sure how fast he is because he has such good foot speed, he may look faster than he is." Lol wow...only timed 4.3 at The Opening. Oh ESPN.....

Comment 01 Nov 2013

The facts are guys, the Big 10 is a conference that HAS to go near undefeated in their bowl games pretty soon to get that respect back. That's about the only way it's going to get the respect back. And I believe the biggest way OSU gets the haters to shut up, is to win in good fashion in their BCS game this year....whether that turns out to be the NC or another bowl.

Until these things happen for the league and the Bucks...the bashing of both will commence weekly.