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Comment 24 Feb 2019

Another bullseye is not what we need especially recovering from last year and some of these sleezeball reporters.I understand that kids will be kids and this is a nothing burger, it just doesn't look good. With all the talk about "pay-for-play" , I would think that the NCAA would have some interest in this picture. I think Micky knows how to handle this and I'm sure that he will.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

You can always tell by the amount of jobs that a person has had how valuable he is. Not to say that Billy D. isn't good but:

As coach:

Michigan State (1991)
Graduate assistant
Pittsburgh Steelers (1992–1994)
Defensive assistant
Carolina Panthers (1995–1998)
Outside linebackers coach
Cleveland Browns (1999)
Assistant linebackers coach
Green Bay Packers (2000)
Assistant defensive line coach
Atlanta Falcons (2001–2003)
Linebackers coach
New York Giants (2004)
Linebackers coach
San Francisco 49ers (2005–2006)
Defensive coordinator
Arizona Cardinals (2007–2008)
Linebackers coach
Arizona Cardinals (2009–2010)
Defensive coordinator
Cleveland Browns (2011–2012)
Linebackers coach
Philadelphia Eagles (2013–2015)
Defensive coordinator
Ohio State (2017–2018)
Linebackers coach
Arizona Cardinals (2019–present)
Linebackers coach

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Maryland is also an inside to get Hurts from Bama. He and Locksley had a good relationship there before he went to Maryland. If Stud does go to Maryland, Nester will probably go to GA. even if Stud decides to stay, Nester and GA. are getting close to each other. Don't know how much pull Stud has over Nester anymore however I'm sure that Day knows a lot more and he's not saying or hinting at anything.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I can see him going to Maryland following Locksley who was on the Bama staff with Hurts. 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

In the first quarter, Bama was running at will, then they decided to start passing instead of ramming it down their throat. Played right in Clemson's hand and their DB's. When they couldn't get it in from the one that was a sign, they missed on a fake FG, and Clemson knew that they had them. Bama panicked!!

Comment 07 Jan 2019

To go along with what JCam said, Grinch is a 3-4 guy and wanted to implement that defense this year. Day didn't think/like that defense here so it was a no-go. They wanted to keep Grinch but Grinch didn't think that he would have the control that he wanted. 

Comment 05 Jan 2019

I think that this would be great for Doss, but he would have to work his way up like everyone else.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

That said, Mike Tressel would be a good DC.

I also like very much Marcus Freeman and especially Matt House

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Grinch or Schiano will be gone but there is somethings to look at; 

Schiano is actively looking at getting back into the NFL/Temple job. He is also a very good recruiter which helps a lot especially in the  eastern part of the US. Either way he won't be much longer for tOSU take or give a year or so. Plus his schemes were horrible at times and I don't think he likes being second fiddle to Day.

Grinch has had only 1 year here so it's kind of hard to tell his coaching style but we do know that the safeties have been burned a lot. He is not the greatest recruiter when he was at Washington St. and he is carrying that over to tOSU. His defensive schemes for the defensive backfield at times are questionable. He's an Ohio guy but wants total control of a defense and does not want any "CO" titles. In other words all or nothing.

Tough choice for Day, retain Schiano knowing that he won't be here but a year or at the most two, or go with an unknown who does not recruit well but is young and a Ohio guy.

I think that Grinch will leave, but I also think that Day might look at getting a new DC all together because of Schiano's performance and potential short time at tOSU.