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Comment 23 Oct 2019

Forgive my ignorance, was not sure what Vettix.org is until I checked the website!

Thanks for your service by the way and enjoy the game!

Comment 30 Nov 2018
I gotta a feeling he is coming back. Ryan Day in his last interview was talking about his development at leadership skills and he pointed out he only played 12 total game. He needs more time at college level before going pro. I won't fault him if he got the indication he is going to be high draft pick and decided to leave though.
Comment 18 Nov 2018

It's not March yet but I guess we still can talk vasectomies!

The fluid from the testes is mostly sperms and constitutes less than 1% of the entire seminal fluid volume (your ejaculate). The majority of the ejaculated fluid (~ 70%) comes from the seminal vesicles (the organ stores sperms, lies behind the bladder) and the rest comes from the prostate glands. Both seminal vesicles and prostate glands  connect distal to the cut end of the vas during vasectomy. This is the reason you don't notice much difference in ejaculate fluid volume after vasectomy as you only take small percentage off it.

After vasectomy, the sperms (fluid from testes) will be resorbed by the body. In rare incidents, if the cut end of the vas is not sealed well (tied off well during vasectomy) and some sperms will leak but the body will wall it off quickly around the cut end of the vas and from what we called sperm granuloma. This will be felt as tiny pea size nodule in the scrotum. 

Hope that answer your question :)

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Urologist here, deal with balls not bones :)

MRI is magnetic resonance based imaging, no X-rays is involved, can be repeated with minimal or no risk. Generally reserved for soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons, etc) and cartilages injuries. It does show bone fractures as well with very high sensitivity. Obtaining an MRI is a time consuming and usually requires at least 45 minutes to finish the test.

CT scan is an X-ray based test with very high resolution than normal plain film X-rays. Very fast to obtained (seconds to minutes). Shows bone lesions/ fractrues well. less sensitive to soft tissue injuries. Can't be repeated often due to radiation side effects.

Hope that helps!

Comment 29 Oct 2018

The one thing that drew my attention is Joe saying Nick had TWO BIG INCISIONS" This tells me the injury was not your regular sport hernia that can be repaired laparoscopically. The fact he required open surgery means his recovery is longer than reported and he re-injures the tore muscles this will be very hard thing to repair. 

Good luck to Nick with his recovery and best of luck in the NFL. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. 

Comment 04 Mar 2018

Thanks Des. Don't have cable subscription. I checked first row sport and VipBox but they don't have links.