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Comment 26 Jun 2020

That is what the liability waivers are designed to do, but you can still be found liable in court if they can prove you were negligent in some way.

For example, I could build a shoddy roller-coaster and ask everyone to sign liability waivers. But when people start flying off the contraption, and it’s clear it was never safe to ride, I’m definitely getting sued. And losing.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

They rank them now anyway, and playing Oklahoma was almost like a bye for LSU this year. Haha. But yes, sure, getting a bye is a huge advantage. But it’s the same system that currently decides who is 4th and who is 5th, and the latter doesn’t get in at all. Which is even more of a disadvantage to those 5th and 6th rated teams (who sometimes might have taken an early loss but could be playing better football than anyone else by the end of the year). You don’t all have to agree with me, but I am fine giving the two best teams a reward while also giving two more teams a chance.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

I know this isn’t recruiting-related, but I have always advocated for a 6-team playoff. #1 and #2 get a bye. It only adds 2 games. It could also increase the odds of a non-power 5 school getting in, or at the very least eliminate a power 5 conference from being excluded entirely. I think it would be perfect. But no one is asking me...

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Hancock. Not Handcock. 

That’s at least the second time you’ve done it. Typos happen, but some are worse than others. You might want to work on this one.

Comment 19 Jun 2020

If we land Egbuka, then I love our trio. Currently, Alabama’s WR haul is better than ours. They have 3 commits and right now Leary is their lowest-rated WR.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

This is a reasonable take, Huffdaddy. Maybe too reasonable. Because the responses show people are only thinking about football. Good parents are also considering other things their kids need. Not just at the university, but also emotionally, relationally, etc. Some kids can relocate for college and thrive. Others, for various reasons, struggle. I am not suggesting Wolfe deals with mental health issues, but if DJ Carton’s mom had put her foot down two years ago, that probably would have been good for her boy since his struggles began in high school. But we wouldn’t have known or understood that. And we would have called her selfish too. And we would have assumed the distance concern involved the travel it would require to see him play. So who knows, maybe mama really knows best here?

But at the end of the day, we’re almost all guilty of OSU bias. And that’s why Wolfe’s mom is the villain. If Jack Sawyer wanted to go to USC but his mom put her foot down, you all know she would be an instant hero on these boards. Haha.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

I am glad you knew who I meant. But isn’t it great that confusion is even possible?

Having 1 5-star receiver in Wilson was awesome a year ago. By fall of 2021, we might have four on the roster (if Egbuka commits). 

And...let’s not forget, we have one of the best WR coaches in the country in Hartline to coach them up! Can’t wait!

Comment 26 Apr 2020

I am excited about both of them. I have no idea which WRs will get the most targets in college, but I have a suspicion that JSN will go on to be the best pro. No disrespect to Fleming or Egbuka. But we shouldn’t forget about that “other” five-star receiver. :)

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Forget the comment about how the TD passes were just screens. I’m confused about why are we trying to dismiss the fact that Lawrence broke off a 68-yard (is that right? Was it even longer?) TD run? You know if that were Fields, we would have chalked it up to his athleticism. But we are trying to claim Lawrence didn’t actually demonstrate some vision and speed on that play? Even with the gaping hole, our D would have caught most QBs before they got to the red zone. I like Fields better as a prospect, but I think Lawrence is for real.

Comment 25 Apr 2020

It’s taken me nearly 3 weeks to get caught up on all of these threads. The quarantine has been busier than expected. So whenever I had time to read up on these threads, I couldn’t comment because the threads I was reading were already closed. 

So it’s nice to be caught up and finally be able to say things like, “Man, it feels good to be a gangster Buckeye!”

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Was that Fleming?

If he were still active, I have a feeling he would be talking a lot about Egbuka playing CB. (Which is actually more realistic than many of his posts were.)

I love that you got the joke, by the way. 

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Bob, can you tell us more about your preferences? Are you often concerned that the Buckeyes aren’t prioritizing defensive recruits...?

(PS This is just a silly joke at the expense of a former Bob whose posts all shared a similar refrain, so you can just ignore it. But welcome to the forum!)

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Why did you say Bradley will follow? I see there are a couple new CBs for him today. Is he trending towards the Terps too?

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I used to love playing trivia and watching March Madness at Damon’s. I miss it too. But man, right now I would settle for watching March Madness anywhere.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Rated as a five-star prospect and the No. 18 punter in the class of 2019 by ChrisSailerKicking.com

How many five star punters does Chris Sailer designate in one class? At least 18, apparently?

Comment 20 Mar 2020

Hmmm. Interesting. And here I thought this comparison was an insult to Buck68.

I still miss him. I would much prefer his hard to decipher poetry to the incessant posts that just repeat things previously mentioned in other threads. Or sometimes even in the same thread...

Comment 20 Mar 2020

I know their commitments aren’t a given, but IF we added Henderson, JT, and Egbuka... We would be over 301 with only 17 commits. That would be insane.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

I just want to point out that OSU’s class is ranked number 1 with 14 commits. Clemson is #2 with 10. BUT Clemson (10), TTUN (2), and Alabama (1) only have a COMBINED 13 recruits. (Penn State also only has 2, FWIW.)

Sure, Clemson will finish strong and Alabama will close the gap...but WOW, we’re in a great spot. Great kids committing early and recruiting others to join them. This is fun. 

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Now what are we supposed to do with a comment like that? Keeping it on OSU because you think we may flip him eventually? Because you are an optimist? Stubborn?

Or you just don’t fully trust the source saying he might commit to UNC tomorrow? I’m intrigued.

Comment 10 Mar 2020

+1 Thanks for sharing the link. I now remember reading that article last month. And you’re right. Doesn’t seem likely he will be heading north.