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Comment 11 Aug 2017

No, I think our biggest concern this year is our WRs and OL.  To replace all the starters on the perceived weakest positions would be huge.  I am not sure our backups would be Top-25, at this point of time.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I am going to be that guy.  Did you mean mascot or team name?  Perhaps there is a different moniker to use.  I was thinking you meant like Brutus or something but the responses trend towards the name of the schools athletic teams.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

What is it about the Indiana offense that Ohio State under Urban Meyer has seemed to struggle containing at times?

Comment 24 Feb 2016

I will be upset if it is anybody other than Wentz. He looks and sounds to me like the real deal.  I see him being our Ben Rothlesburger (spelling?)

Comment 19 Feb 2016

It isn't that I want to humiliate them, rather I thought they would be a great addition. Plus in my opinion, some of histories best coaches are what brings a school to being a power house.

I think Tom Herman can make Houston big if they get into a power 5 conference. But sounds like they cannot enter since they are not in the AAU

Comment 24 Dec 2015

Cousins has been on a mission of late, but Palmer has been so good this year that I hate to bench him. However, I did bench him earlier this year for Cousins correctly (albeit I still lost). I think I can count on 30+ for Palmer, and Cousins could go either way, lowside would be 20+ but his upside I think is 40+ this week. Gotta decide if I play to win or not to lose.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

I may be wrong, but I think West was traded before roster cuts to 53.  Which means, there was no open spot since West was not occupying a a final roster spot.

Comment 29 May 2015

I am curious to find out what the B1G brought in this year as this report only gives info on what the B1G brought in the previous year.  I believe we will see 1 of 2 results when the B1G reveals their numbers for 2014-2015. 

1) Our numbers will be similar if not greater than what the SEC pulled in


2) we will be lower than them this year but higher next year as a result of winning the National Title.  What I mean by number two is that the SEC has been higher because of their dominance the past almost decade, but the season after we won it all, meaning this coming season will greatly increase the B1G revenue.

Comment 17 May 2015

Had my first experience with No-See Uns the other week.  Almost, took my infant to the emergency room thinking he was ahving an allergic reaction until my wife who grew up here in Florida realized we had em too and they bugs were around.  I live on Merritt Island and am learning about all kinds of new things down here.

Comment 16 May 2015

Went to my first last year (again thanks 11w donor) for the Navy game.  Unfortunatly, I now live in east central Florida so it will be harder to see another unless they are down here sometime.