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Comment 27 Dec 2019

The stars -- other than maybe the fives --- really don't mean that much. Often, the evaluators have seen a few game clips at best. The sites often go by how many offers a kid has and who is interested, assuming those coaches have done their homework. That's why some unknown kid will suddenly shoot up to four stars after a couple of big programs offer. And to some degree, coaches do the same thing, as illustrated by the story. Once you get that first offer, others quickly follow, because some programs will throw out an offer to anyone their rivals offer assuming those coaches have seen some potential. 

My nephew was a zero-star guy who started getting some mid-level DI offers. He suddenly became a two-star recruit and picked up some "copycat" offers without hearing practically anything from the coaches from those schools. The two-star rating came from who was offering, not some in-depth analysis by the recruiting services, who have far too many players to cover to look at everyone. (In case you are wondering, he took the Air Force offer and will be playing in a bowl game tonight.) 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

Honestly, the forecast is a big worry for me. I think it hurts our passing game, depending on how hard it's raining and how much wind there is. But I think I'm emotionally scarred from that Michigan State game in the hurricane-like weather from a few years ago. I'm hoping we go up early and force Wisconsin to play from behind, but I'm nervous about how the rain will impact our efficiency.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Not far from the truth. If we can see Chase's kneecaps above the grass on TV, I will consider it a win.

I wonder if it's any sort of infraction to bring your own mowers and mow the freaking field as part of pre-game warmups? Brutus cruising through the grass on a zero-turn Dixie Chopper as stunned NW groundskeepers look on might make for the greatest moment in turf grass management history.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

In my limited viewing of M's offense, I don't understand what they are doing. It's like Harbaugh compromised with Gattis and they melded some brand of Harbaugh's power game with "people in space" or whatever Gattis was calling it. But it's like merging Abe Lincoln with a Roomba -- it just doesn't work.

And what the **** happened to Patterson? Before the Game last year, one of the announcers compared him to Patrick Mahomes. Yes, a grand overstatement, but he seems to be getting worse. 

They had two weeks to prepare defensively for Wisconsin, who has as much offensive diversity as a Tecmo Bowl team, yet were unable to stop the running back. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a fan of that mess up north...(insert maniacal laugh here)

Comment 26 Jul 2019

It just seemed like both of them would come charging up from the secondary full-bore, with no awareness, and a simple side-step by the runner/receiver would send them tumbling out of the play. Using the sideline and keeping themselves under a bit more control when coming in for a tackle would go a long way, I would think. Some of our linebackers had the same problem at times - so hopefully some new coaching can get that straightened out.

Comment 09 Apr 2019

We toured Clemson when my daughter was looking at colleges. The campus is beautiful, and there's a big lake nearby for water sports/activities. A big factor for some kids is that it's a college town -- while Ohio State is in the middle of a large urban area. (And let's not forget better weather). Some kids prefer the college town charm, and if you can play for a national title contender too, that's a bonus.

We also attended an early season game while we were there. The tailgating is phenomenal, and they actually have in-out privileges, meaning you can leave the stadium go back out to your tailgate and come back in after halftime. The stadium doesn't seem that big -- just eyeballing it you would think it held about 35,000 and looks more like a Div II stadium because there is no upper deck, but is obviously way bigger than that.

One really goofy thing is that the locker room is at one end of the field and the rock they touch and hill they run down is at the other. This means the entire team comes out of the locker room outside the stadium, gets on several big tour buses (in full football gear of course), rides around the outside of the stadium, gets off the bus on the other side and then runs down the hill. Hey fellas, maybe you should put the locker room on the same end as the players entrance? 

Comment 27 Nov 2018

I think Northwestern will be ready, because I think they've been preparing for this game for two weeks. Fitz held out starters that could have played against Illinois and pulled his starters that did play early (too early, nearly costing them the game). I think he looked at the Illinois game as not mattering, so spent little time on them, choosing to focus on Ohio State and Michigan as likely opponents. They already played Michigan, so had some insight there, so it wouldn't surprise me if his staff didn't spend a lot of time looking at the Buckeyes leading up to the Illinois game. After all, a loss to Illinois would be quickly swept away if they beat M or OSU in the conference title game.

Here's hoping the new, improved Buckeyes show up on Saturday and truck their purple ***.

Comment 26 Oct 2018

Just a few general observations - and I'm no coach, just an idiot fan: After hearing the comments about the linebackers playing too close, I looked at some of the highlights from the Purdue game and did notice that our LBs tend to play within 2 to 2.5 yards of the d-linemen. I'm not talking about when they walk up in a blitz look, I'm talking about standard alignment. There happened to be a replay of the Duke-Virginia game on (yeah, not the best source material, but at least they are D1 teams, sort of), and both teams played their LBs closer to 3-3.5 yards off the d-linemen. Watching part of the Dolphins-Texans game last night, their LBs were closer to 4 yards off the d-linemen. 

I don't think this is just about when the LBs are walking up to the line, I think it's about their normal depth -- which compared to other teams, does seem really shallow and I could see how that would get them caught in the wash and not allow them to make as many plays. (And thus ends my highly scientific analysis...)