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Comment 02 Sep 2020

We need six no votes to change to yes. Here's the breakdown of the school president's backgrounds and my guess as to whether they might change or not:

  • Illinois: Agrarian researcher. Would be inclined to study the data in depth, so I'll say doubtful, but maybe.
  • Indiana: IT and Logic expert, also vice chair of the health system. No
  • Maryland: Engineer. Again, a very data-driven outlook, so like Illinois, doubtful, but maybe.
  • TSUN: Medical doctor. Hell no.
  • MSU: Infectious disease doctor. Super hell no, and may influence others toward "no" with his expertise.
  • Minn: Lawyer and risk management expert. No, too much risk both in health and lawsuits.
  • NW: Economist. Maybe, but probably no pressure to play football, so leaning no.
  • PSU: Geologist. Maybe
  • Purdue: Lawyer and politician (red state). Maybe
  • Rutgers: Historian, but focused on post emancipation discrimination. May not have favorable view of primarily black athletes having to play during a pandemic for a primarily white audience. Maybe, leaning no, especially since no one cares about Rutgers football.
  • Wisconsin: Economist, maybe.

So of the presidents who voted no, my guesswork above has 7 potential flips, but several would probably lean no, so I doubt the votes are there. Obviously this exercise does NOT take anything into account as far as public pressure, trustee pressure, fan pressure, economic pressure, changing COVID numbers etc., but I thought it would be interesting to look at how their background might influence their decision. PSU and Wiscy are probably most likely to flip because of their football tradition, but that leaves us well short. This is ALL speculation on my part - just educated guesses based on their careers/expertise; I have no sources indicating any of this is accurate.

Comment 27 Aug 2020

Just a reminder that there are a lot of negative outcomes from COVID other than death. Those aren't reported in the stats. And the numbers for younger people are increasing. But I do agree with you about the vaccine - too much political pressure and money is likely going to yield an ineffective or potentially harmful result. Now back to football:

If the COVID numbers rapidly increase and other conferences have to cancel, the Big10 will look smart. If they have minor contained outbreaks and manage to play through it, well, at least they can say they erred on the side of caution.

Comment 18 Aug 2020

All the conference needed to do was the same thing the PACwhatever did - explain its reasoning. And if you want to be a boss, then you also explain where the various numbers (infections per 100,000, state of testing, etc.) would need to be to resume play - and if those numbers vary by state, how that would affect any games there. For example, if Ohio State is supposed to play at Iowa and Iowa's numbers are above the threshold and Ohio's are below, does the game get flipped or cancelled?

That's it. That's all that needed to be done. Define the playing field and where the goal posts are.

This mysterious non-vote and further non comment are just making things worse and leading to all kinds of speculation. When there is an absence of information, rumors fill in the vacuum. And right now, there is a really really big vacuum.

Comment 27 Apr 2020

Yeah, you used to be able to make an elite living just recruiting Ohio, but now to be competitive, you have to recruit nationally. Ohio State has the luxury of now picking the players they want from Ohio (15-1 will help your odds) as well as bringing in national talent. Michigan is trying to bring in national talent, but can't do it at the same level, and now can't get the best Ohio players on a regular basis (1-15 will do that to you). Michigan isn't a rich recruiting ground, and they have in-state rival to fight with. 

TLDR: Michigan sucks. 

Comment 14 Apr 2020

I was at the Purdue game when Kenny G came in for the comeback win! Will always remember that guy - great effort. Stadium had half emptied out and missed the great finish. Never leave a game early! I saw the comeback against LSU many years ago and the Purdue comeback because I stuck around when many others went home.

Thanks for the memories, Kenny G!

Comment 02 Apr 2020

My freshman year was Earle's last year. I saw many of those games first hand. Then I had to suffer through Cooper's years. It was a dark, dark time for the football program, always struggling in the rivalry game and losing bowls. I can't imagine how fun it must be to be in school during this golden age of winning and more winning. 

Comment 06 Mar 2020

If he wants to be a journalist, he has a lot to learn. The only sloppiness was from him, not from Jeff. He didn't do his homework and got owned by our star DB. Instead of doubling down and pretending he's asking tough questions, he should have admitted he didn't do enough homework on the player and asked a lousy question as a result. Hey, it happens. But now he's just made it worse.

Let an OSU alum with a journalism degree and almost 30 years of (non-sports) experience help you out with a better question:

Mr. Okudah - the NFL game is officiated differently than the college game. What adjustments, if any, do you think you'll have to make to your game to be successful at the next level?

Just admit when you screwed up. Everyone does it occasionally, and we all can relate. Admit it, apologize and move on.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

It makes me very happy to hear about former players doing well after football. All the best, Mr. Rolle!

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Sounds like Mr. Reeves is doing very well. Great job! Love to hear how former Buckeyes are doing.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

The stars -- other than maybe the fives --- really don't mean that much. Often, the evaluators have seen a few game clips at best. The sites often go by how many offers a kid has and who is interested, assuming those coaches have done their homework. That's why some unknown kid will suddenly shoot up to four stars after a couple of big programs offer. And to some degree, coaches do the same thing, as illustrated by the story. Once you get that first offer, others quickly follow, because some programs will throw out an offer to anyone their rivals offer assuming those coaches have seen some potential. 

My nephew was a zero-star guy who started getting some mid-level DI offers. He suddenly became a two-star recruit and picked up some "copycat" offers without hearing practically anything from the coaches from those schools. The two-star rating came from who was offering, not some in-depth analysis by the recruiting services, who have far too many players to cover to look at everyone. (In case you are wondering, he took the Air Force offer and will be playing in a bowl game tonight.)