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Comment 14 Jun 2019
My fine lady makes a great pizza. She is an italian lady. I rarely eat pizza and when i do it is made by her.
Comment 27 May 2019
Matt; i think the school still goes by Tiffin Columbian. I havent lived in Tiffin since 1994. In fact until you posted this today, i did not know that my old school was in a different league. They use to be in the Northern Ohio League (NOL).
Comment 27 May 2019
I graduated from "Tiffin" Columbian. I do not know of this Columbian you wrote about. 1970 grad here. Chuck Heater and Bob Hunt were the two best players of my time at Tiffin Columbian.
Comment 23 May 2019
Have no idea how to post videos and pics and stuff, however i like Radar Love, Twilight Zone, LA Woman, some Tom Petty and Allman Brothers, Green Grass and High Tides, Bob Seger, and many others
Comment 04 May 2019
This decision is not a black eye for the sport. This was the right call, and if this decision was not made, then perhaps the sport suffers a black eye.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
My day off and i am just not doing anything useful, drinking some eye opener and just now taking a glance at 11w and a BOOM greets me. Now i am awake. Now my day is off to a nice start. BOOM!