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Comment 06 Aug 2020
I do not like all this bravado talk. I remember the 90s too much. Seems like every year some Buckeye player(s) ran their mouth too much and most of the 90s scum owned the Buckeyes. I say it is best to keep ones mouth shut and put that energy into workouts and studying the play book.
Comment 04 Aug 2020
Well just about every Karen i have run into, belong to a certain party. However i have only run across just a couple of Karens'.
Comment 03 Aug 2020
I generally start at the bottom of these comments and read up to about the 20 comments above. I never read comments that are posted hours after a comment at the top. Too many comments to scroll through that are meaningless.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
I have no interest in these 120 dollars worth of offers. I rather get a decent service for a decent price along the lines of what new customers are getting. As for the Karen thing, not my party. I am waiting for the reckoning coming in November, fyi.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
I understand what you are saying Cincy, but i have been a Sprint customer for about 15 years. I think i am due for a bit of gratitude, i also can and will be looking for a new deal with another company, which means they lose me for a new customer getting a deal to switch to Tmobile and they lose me paying more for service than a new customer.
Comment 21 Jul 2020
Thinking of leaving t mobile unless they cut me a deal like they offer people who switch from another company to tmobile. If they can offer non customers a deal to switch, then i expect a deal. They will be hearing from me soon.
Comment 11 Jul 2020
Hhhmm, waiting on football myself, staying home, wearing a mask when i do venture out and patiently waiting for the reckoning coming soon. Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!