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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning against Miami. Need I say more?
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Comment 26 Aug 2019

The "U" people are idiots. I worked for large company downtown in Cbus when the "U" came here about what 8-9 years ago.  I worked many long hours and weekends and shared building with a walkway to the Crown Plaza downtown. I went to work afterhours before the game and these crazy ass "U" fans were running up to me with the stupid U hand game crap. I worked in a business building with large signs that pointed to hotel walkway to the right. Well, I of course have work badge that takes me to the floor I need to go to when I scan in when I got onto elevator or stairs. These dumbass "U" fans were screaming at me when I would simply get on elevator and they would scream and yell at me because those idiot "U" fans thought that since they tried to get into hotel and it wasn't I was total loser. The "U" fans calling me dumbass, Ftard, Ahole, and laughing at me where the same people who failed to see the arrows to the hotel. They were standing around elevator yelling at people who worked in the building as they got on elevator, scanned card, and guess what? Door closed, we went to our offices. While hearing screaming and having them shove the stupid "U" hand crap in our faces.  U fans almost as worse as Penn State fans. 

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Birm has his pulse on the kids and watches what he puts out there on social media to protect the kids.  I remember the Jayln Holmes fiasco and weird Bill K did by spoiled Jaylns moment.  I kind of figured the assistant coaches were involved with Birm but listening to Zach affirmed it.  Birm good guy, good intel, the kids really respect him.   

Comment 27 Apr 2019

He going to light it up as a UFA, but I really thought he would have been drafted.

Comment 27 Oct 2018

No you do not settle when some BS reporter attacks you MSM. I am not ZS fan at all. Just saying if I was attacked all over MSM, I.E. ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, and expected to back down hell no. Kids lives already ruined by that. If backed into a corner, I will fight.  If you look at timeline of events, ZS was attacked, and he then fought back. If facts showed he was wrong I would agree.  Facts and case outcome shows he was attacked without merit by Brett. If anyone gets sued and wins it's ZS. Can't just believe accuser without facts. Brett is BS MSM reporter looking for clicks.  

Comment 23 Oct 2018

If I was falsely accused of something I would be pissed as hell and want to state facts. In today's mentality if you stand up for yourself, you are wrong and told to be silent. If silent, they will say you are guilty for not being upset.  If I was falsely accused, I would fight back and want to face the person accusing me of it.  It's not former assistant coach issue, it's a personal issue. You come at me with false info. I will throw facts and show facts. If you do not like it and feel offended well facts don't care if you feel offended. 

Comment 03 Aug 2018

I only watch ESPCNNN for games, not any shows.  If OSU game on ESPN I mute and listen to Paul Keels on radio to hear the games.