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Comment 05 Mar 2018

You missed my point of the player could be injured in ANY game. You could blow a knee out stepping off the bus if you wanna be worried about injuries. And playing corner is probably the least amount of contact. Linemen on both sides of the ball played. You could also use that bowl game to raise your stock, facing a QB like Darnold. We'll agree to disagree :)

Comment 05 Mar 2018

This whole "I don't wanna get injured bs" gets old. You know what, you could've been injured against Army, UNLV, Rutgers, Maryland, Mich St etc etc. Maybe have good faith that somebody has a plan for you! The Jaylon Smith injury is 1 out of how many? Injuries can happen at ANY time to ANY player! Ask Billy Price, a true warrior. You played corner, dude! Many high draft guys along the OL & DL played! What's even worse is he told the coaches a day before the game?? 

Rant over.  Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Dec 2017

Eli needs to have a lil sit down with Jack Johnson of the CBJ!! Sadly, parents don't always have YOUR best interest! 

For those that are wondering, just google Jack Johnson's parents and read about that mess.