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Comment 24 Feb 2020

Don’t know what to make of Oregon. That might end up being our toughest game of the year, but if we do our thing, I think it goes like out trip to Norman a few years ago. I know PSU thinks this is their year, but I’d be surprised if they win up in AA seeing how they were blown out in their last two trips. If we’re lucky, both them and TTUN will drop a couple games and we’ll have a cushion in the division race.

Comment 24 Feb 2020

The weather in the BIG takes Chickenshit Saturday off the table. I imagine a lot of people staying home on a cold, snowy November day instead of coming out to watch OSU play a glorified scrimmage against Miami. The Shoe would still be pretty full but other BIG stadiums would be empty.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

If OSU wants a better student section, they can (a) stop charging for tickets or (b) put a better team on the court. Every other sport is free except football obviously and if the team started going 8-4, people would stop dropping $270 on that student ticket package too.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

You think Fickell is cool with the fact that Day is the better coach? He sure looked pissed off walking out of the Shoe this year. He’ll have something to prove against us each year which I don’t like since we already have TTUN, PSU, and a 6 year rotation with Wisconsin on the schedule in the future. 

Comment 08 Feb 2020

Great. Another coach with an axe to grind against us who will probably fill half his roster with upset Ohio players snubbed by OSU. Next year @MSU will be a trap game. Can’t be looking ahead to PSU that week.

Comment 02 Feb 2020

I think it’s insulting they flash the +6, +3 on the scoreboard after TD’s and FG’s. 99% of the viewers know how many points a TD is and the 1% who don’t can do the math to figure it out.

Comment 01 Feb 2020

This is the dumbest team in America. IU is trying to hand you this game and we hand it right back to them. This will be a 3 point game by the 18:00 mark out of the half.