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Comment 01 Jan 2019

I love this kid. It must be an incredibly difficult decision when you genuinely love your school and you can see that he does. Whatever he does, I'll always support him.

One thought that bothers me is they always refer to his draft projection when speculating if players will go pro or not. What about if he's actually ready or not? Clearly he has a special arm and release. But with only one year starting I'm sure he could benefit from another year under Ryan Day.

Regardless, he's already a Buckeye legend. As a fan, I feel fortunate that we had him. He's a good kid and I wish for his success whatever he does.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

To take anything I said as disrespectful is pretty demented. Unless you're one of those people that need to put others down to elevate yourself, I don't really even understand why you'd suggest that. What I meant was that the team simply believed they wouldn't be beaten, and then made it so. Besides, this wasn't the point. I was simply referring to the ball handling. And I wasn't comparing the level of competition but if that changes your ability to handle the ball, then you don't need to be a QB at all. I think JT is superior at every part of being a QB except arm strength and weight. Just an opinion...and I agreed that Braxton should start if he can. 

Comment 10 Feb 2015
I don't see many people talk about it, but JT is clearly the best ball handler of the three. Cardale is atrocious. If we weren't such a team of destiny this year his mistakes could have been devastating. I'm a fan of Braxton starting if he's capable of doing so, but I feel like Barrett is clearly the best QB for us. He had such a command of the offense, and what a leader he is. I honestly don't know that I've ever been more impressed watching a Freshman play. He was incredible.
Comment 06 Feb 2015

I understand the relationship thing being a big deal to recruits, but this seems so whiny. I don't think we should be intentionally misleading recruits, but at the same time the world isn't all about him. I also understand Drayton having the right to keep his decision quiet until whenever he feels it's appropriate to announce. Sounds like nothing more than Weber 2nd guessing his decision to me. If he truly wants to leave, release him...let him go 0-4 against us and be happy. Who cares? 

Comment 09 Jan 2015
Other than JT maturing, the only major thing that changed during this season was our line. They came together and learned to play as a unit. As far as I'm concerned they are the MVP's of the year. I don't recall seeing a team improve this much in one year ever, and our "S.L.O.B.S." made it all possible.
Comment 09 Jan 2015
There's no way Oregon shuts down our run game. This is a special team, I've never seen any team brutalize Alabama the way we did. Bottom line, this team is on a roll and playing with confidence. We will be very hard to beat regardless of whatever plan we have on offense. Oregon believes they are as physical as us, and I just disagree. We will pound them. And at some point in the second half, they will begin to crumble. Just my thoughts:)
Comment 02 Jan 2015

This absolutely blew my mind too. Horrible, horrible decisions. It all turned out ok, and seemed that Bama kind of gave up on that last possession. I didn't understand their clock management at all...no timeouts or spikes to stop the clock. Very sloppy end of the game for both teams. But I'm with you, no idea why Urban did that. He said the bomb was his call after the game, and that it would have been fun if they completed it, but I didn't get it.