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Comment 27 Jul 2011

Very true. I think guidance has everything to do with it. Especially when you're 17 years old standing in a room full of cameras and ESPN reporters hanging off your every word. But at the same time, he had Tressel. Ideally, Tressel should've been (and in most cases he was) helping his high profile players deal with all of the attention and fame accordingly. Ultimately, he let a big one slip through the cracks. 

Comment 27 Jul 2011

Great article. I don't necessarily fault TP for everything that happened either. However, the ability to deal with all of the attention and fame in a way that builds character, rather than ego, is what separates the Terrelle Pryors from the Peyton Mannings. I know there's obviously a huge age/maturity gap between the two, but even so, I don't believe TP has the capacity to achieve the same level of self-awareness as someone like Peyton Manning.

Comment 03 Jun 2011

Amazing job Ramzy! This is a MUST read for everyone who has taken the time to read the SI article, especially those who changed or formed their opinions about JT based on the laundry list of hasty allegations. Thanks you!