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Comment 27 Mar 2017

Love the soccer dialogue today. Pulisic is special. Wouldn't call him our "best player ever" quite yet because longevity matters, but he certainly appears to be on track.

Also, lots of credit to Dempsey as well. I'd argue his perfect touch off his shoulder running at full speed while walling off a defender, as well as the half volley for the goal, was even more impressive than Pulisic's chip (although Pulisic's through ball on Clint's second goal was something else). I wish those two weren't 16 years apart in age, because they looked to be a special combination, albeit in just one game against Honduras.

Comment 03 Apr 2016

This, coming from a buckeye legend, really pisses me off. "Literally minutes away from home," "unjust manner in which it happened," and the comment that he was on the way to assist someone else from his party just signal to me that Troy doesn't get it. It seems like he's implying that there are times when it's acceptable to drive drunk, which is disgusting.

Comment 21 Mar 2016
To be honest the comment from JaQuan rubs me the wrong way. What he's saying seems to be 100% accurate, I'm not disputing that. It's just that Lyle seems to be one of our most lethargic players more often than not. Anyone who watched yesterday knows that Dan Dakich (great announcer, btw) repeatedly called out his lack of effort on the court. It's so frustrating watching players not hustle for loose balls or run back on defense. I agree with what you're saying JaQuan, but don't play at 50% effort and then come out in the press conference and question how bad your teammates want it.
Comment 16 Jan 2016

Fair point, but that's more of an exception rather than the rule. Also I'd argue that in basketball, having elite, top 40 type recruits matters even more than in football. Every national champion I can remember has had a McDonald's AA. And our stadium atmosphere is downright embarrassing. The Schott is one of the worst venues in sports. I don't blame Thad for not pulling in top talent, not even Calipari (minus the bagmen) could consistently convince top players to play in front of that.

Comment 16 Jan 2016
Trying to be objective here, but I think no one should be questioning Thad just yet. We've had great tournament success in his tenure. The last two-plus years have been shaky, but a 6 seed in the tournament and a round of 32 exit are not the end of the world. Obviously, this year could be worse, but there's still time and it's too early to say anything. Every coach goes through rough patches. Its easy to forget how great Thad has been. This is a young team, and he should get the benefit of the doubt. That being said, I think if we still under achieve next year, with all the players coming back, it's fair to question whether he still has it. That could be potentially 4 seasons of less than expected performance. However, I think we will be good next year and ranked for most of the season. And everyone in the "Fire Thad" crowd take a step back and look at the embarrassing fan support our program has. Our arena atmosphere is terrible. How can anyone convince a top Ohio talent like Bragg or Kennard to stay and play in front of a half full arena that's quieter than a library? Part of Thad's struggles are due to a lack of super talented, top 20 players. A lot of it falls on the students. They don't fill up the student section, every game student tickets go unsold, and the ones who are there arent loud. Our stadium atmosphere is absolute garbage, and for those of you who want a top 25 team year after year, that's really hard to do with bottom 5 in the big ten fan support.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
The one thing that gets me with this team is the absolute lack of toughness. Three times this year we've went through a rough patch in the first half and just totally thrown in the towel. We quit running an offense and just starting taking contested shots, we were slow and lazy on defense, and we just got outhustled and out competed the last 30 minutes of the game. This team's lack of a response to adversity is probably the worst I've ever seen.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
Don't make excuses man. Don't say "not much can be done." So many of their shots were wide open. The lack if effort was unbelievable. Dakich hit the nail on the head when he said this team was soft. When we go through a rough patch in a game every single player puts their head down and gives up. Unbelievable lack of toughness
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Burfict is still running in full speed at a clearly defenseless player without the ball, whether he's aiming at his head or not (which imo he was)
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Whether he could have pulled up or changed direction or not is debatable, but the hit was absolutely reckelss. It didn't matter if he couldnt have pulled up, because he had no reason to be running in at brown's head well before the ball got there. That hit was malicious and with intent to injure, and Burfict should be suspended
Comment 10 Jan 2016
And yes, I'm a steelers fan who isn't from Western PA. I don't have to defend myself to you. Its amazing how much animosity towards "the worst type of fan" (steelers fans living in Ohio) there is. Would you be a Michigan fan if you moved to Detroit? No. I'm gonna cheer for my team. Get off my case.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
I'm not trying to take any "moral high ground" here buddy, but at some point you have to call a spade a spade and own up to the fact that a member of your team is the dirtiest player in the league and a classless piece of trash. Yes, shazier's hit was questionable, but in what word was it "way worse" than burficts? Bernard had possession of the ball. Bernard was a legal ball carrier and therefore not a defenseless player. Shazier has no reason not to hit him hard. Yes, he may have put the helmet first, but that could have gone either way. And he most likely knew he actually forced a fumble, which is a reason to celebrate. The play wasn't a good look overall, but it was nothing like burficts hit. In what world was burficts hit not malicious? He was lining up his shoulder with brown's head well before the ball got there. The ball was long gone but he had no idea because he was so set on lighting brown up. And brown was 100% defenseless, which is undeniable. Burfict has clearly shown a desire to hurt other players over and over and should be punished hard
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Anyone defending burfict on this thread is an idiot. The amount of people wearing orange-colored glasses trying to take blame off him is unbelievable. He hit a defenseless brown in the head with the intent to injure. The ball was long gone but burfict was completely unaware because he was so locked into lining up his shoulder pad so it would hit brown's head. Not only that, but anyone who watched the game knows he was mixing it up and engaging in dead-ball chippiness as often as he could. He was 100% out of control all night, particularly in the second half. All of this is before bringing up his history. He was fined 70k this year for a dirty shot to Roethlisbergers ankles/knees. Ben came out and was up front with the fact that burfict was trying to hurt him In separate occasions against the Panthers, burfict is in on a tackle of both Cam Newton and Greg Olsen, and after each is down, burfict maliciously gives their ankles a hard twist. Look it up. Also, when burfict injured Le'Veon bell earlier this season, the hit was clean, but he appeared to be calmly getting up, and then when he realized bell was hurt, sprinted away in a celebratory manner. The steelers were not shy about making it clear they thought he was celebrating the fact that he hurt bell. While RDS's act last night is nothing to be proud of, he was presumably celebrating his turnover forced. Burfict was, without a doubt, celebrating an injury. Anyone saying he simply plays with "passion" needs to wake up. The dude is malicious and a threat to the well being of everyone on the field. The hit he laid on brown is the type of thing that could paralyze someone. Imo he should be suspended for 8 games at least. He's repeatedly shown the fact that he has no regard for the health/safety of other players. It's not football. That man is a danger to the well-being of others. If the league is serious about player safety they will hit him with a long suspension. Yes I'm an Ohio born steelers fan. Sue me.
Comment 16 Dec 2015
I think it's a stretch to consider them as more omnipotent than Bama or even OSU these days. Maybe in the older generations, but I can tell you among young people this isn't the case
Comment 08 Dec 2015

Some good points you guys. Kobe is a selfish blight on the team and Byron Scott cannot get his team to defend nor does he have the stones to properly manage Bryant's role or even his minutes. De'angelo will never have the strength or quickness to break down a defense and get to the rim. Cannot think of a quality point or off who cannot get that done. I have never seen him post anyone up but I have seen him posted up and taken off the dribble continually. Check his assist to turnover ratio. Awful. He looks lost and hapless.if you can't start or finish a game with the Lakers roster,  and the financial and management stake the Lakers have in him...it speaks volumes.

Thought I'd throw in my two cents

Comment 05 Jul 2015
THIS. I was telling this to my friends and no one was having any of it, glad someone else feels the same way
Comment 07 Apr 2015
Obviously not. Stop creeping on a young woman from the internet. She has no idea you're doing this which is what makes you creepy
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Man, it's borderline creepy how you've posted multiple pictures of this girl in here. cut it out.
Comment 23 Mar 2015

Andy - This is not a response directly to this post.

However, I've noticed that you've been all over the Matta threads recently. You, more than any other user, have been questioning coach Matta. Now, you haven't been an outright ass about it, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. But I just feel there are way too many questions coming from you towards a coach who came in and turned a program that had been mediocre-to-middling for decades into a frequent B1G champion and occasional national title contender. Not to mention that Thad has done this at a football school. Sure, OSU has money, but we can't even fill our arena, and the basketball team has dealt with EXTREMELY fair-weathered fans (like you), who openly question our great coach and call for the team to be better. All of this while, to be honest, the atmosphere in our arena on most game days just sucks, and cannot compete with the likes of a Duke, Kansas, or even Michigan State. I think you need to temper your expectations, because Thad has done an OUTSTANDING job with the Ohio State basketball program, and calling for him to contend for a national title year in and year out simply because we have money is just unreasonable. Only a few schools are perennial national title contenders in basketball, and just having a large athletic department does not constitute a school where two years like we've just had can justify your frequent questioning of Thad. Sure, you can probably deny that many of your posts have explicitly questioned the job Thad has done, and you throw the occasional hedge word in there, but the frequent comments and overall disapproving, negative tone of your posts are unmistakable. So, to be blunt with you, in the next year or two when Thad has us contending for a title again, I'm going to come find you and shove it in your face. You may spit out an argument that you like Thad but just think he could be doing more. But the negativity towards him is impossible to miss and I can't wait to come find one of your comments 1-2 years from now and remind you of your frequent negativity.