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Comment 02 Jan 2017

It doesn't matter how many drop passes or turnovers Webber had: in the first quarter when your not running the football like we have the entire season that's a problem. Webber had great runs vs Clemson but we tried to pass and show that JT wasn't a bad QB: which he isn't we just don't have the offensive line to block in the passing game this year. We played right into the hype of Clemson when they was talking about our passing game. And then forcing the ball to good players have been the problem as well. You have a big back like Webber he should be getting the bulk of the carries that's why Samuel looks great because we feed Webber majority of the time then go with Samuel when you don't expect it. We've done that all year till Clemson. When we had Carlos Hyde we forced the ball to Braxton miller in 2013 vs MSU: when if we would've feed Hyde we win that game too. We could've beat Clemson if we continued to feed Webber even after his mistakes. Webber could've had his Zeke Elliott moment but we went away from the running game. Ohio State needs to stick to the run that's our strong suit and when we don't we lose simple as that. You saw when we tried that passing shit in 2006 vs Florida didn't work: but we had positive yards in the run but Tressel went away from the run and tried to pass. Urban is doing that same thing at times. Power run is Ohio State football and till we wake up and realize that then that's when we will win on a consistent basis. We are not a passing team sure we can become a good passing team: but many have tried to turn Ohio State football into a passing team and they all have failed. Germain, Hoying, Smith, Barrett, and Schlister. Those have been some of the best passing QB"s in buckeye history. 3 have failed to win national championships: one has a ring because we didn't go away from the power running game in the big games when we had Zeke Elliott. Again Webber and Samuel can carry the rock: but Webber needs majority of those carries so it can be easier for Samuel to hurt the defense in the pass and run game. When we had krenzel who was the perfect game manager: we ran power football and also running krenzel to help win the teams 7 national title. That should've been the gameplain vs Clemson: run Webber 20 times, Samuel 16 times, and Barrett the usual 25-30 times and like vs Michigan or any other team we've ran the ball on it would've been successful and we would be playing for a national title this year. But we tried something we are not and that's becoming a passing team. Vs Clemson wasn't the time or place to change the game plain and pass the football. That's another thing too stop trying to be balanced: we don't need to be a balanced offense: we just need to line up and run the ball do what got us 8 national titles and that's running the football. Run to setup pass. We got the greatest option QB in college football and best 2 running backs with a great run blocking team: we should've just ran the football like we did vs Michigan but we didn't. We tried to pass all day and just run jetswweeps and didn't work. Jet sweeps are great run plays but only work when you use your power run game with Webber and Barrett and then use a jet sweep to bust them for big yards cause then by that time the defense would've been tired. Play calling isn't the problem it's the going away from what got you here that's the problem and that's running the ball. We went away from the run vs MSU when we had Herman at OC only giving the ball to Hyde 18 times and bounced back from that by feeding Zeke in the playoffs 20-30 times a game. We need to stick with that kind of gameplain with Barrett, Webber and Samuel running the ball 20-30 times a game and then  throwing the occasional pass. But trying to become a passing team vs Clemson when that's the weakest part of this team this season was a mistake and lost us the game. You work on becoming a better passing team in the offseason not in the playoffs. We should've ran the ball 20 times with Webber despite those mistakes let him bounce back from that: run Barrett 25-30 times: and run Samuel 15-19 times. Instead Samuel got more carries and it didn't work: when we ran Barrett and Webber we got down the field and shredded that defense. The coaches need to stop trying to be balanced or feeding a certain player touches and just do what won  you games all season and that's running the football with everyone not just one guy. We was great when we was running Webber, Barrett, and Samuel. 25-30 times togeather as a team. Go Bucks! In 2017 stop trying to be balanced and just play power football and do what wins us game and what won this program a 8th national title and that's the running game. Go Bucks!