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Comment 09 Dec 2019

Once again, Georgia gets ranked above a power 5 conference champion that had either less losses or the same amount. The committee is saying they believe that Georgia is unequivocally better than Oregon by ranking them at 5. After watching Georgia saturday, I wouldn't say they are unequivocally better than anyone ranked in the top 15.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

They could solve all of this by just changing the ticket price by seat. Instead of every seat being $212 why not have the seats range from around $100-350 based on location. They could do it in a way where they make the same amount of money and it would be much more easily affordable for fans that don't mind being behind the endzone in C deck.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

These are ranking pre-ostarine. Post-ostarine they are:

Safety Kvon Wallace #150 overall
Safety Tanner Muse #70
OLB Chad Smith #23
MLB James Skalski #68
DT Nyles Pickney #32
DT Tyler Davis #13(But a true freshment DT)
DE Logan Rudolph #33(transitioned from OLB)

I'm only half joking.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I believe I saw a tweet that said OSU's FPI rating, this week, reached the highest number  in FPI history, passing 2005 USC.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Luckily my extra pair of 3 sold for $300 each about a month ago but it is unfortunate for me that Nebraska lost cause I still have this pair of 2.

I've got my 2 still available and would give them for $150 each. Save both parties on fee's as the cheapest pair on stubhub after fees is $167.29. Again I think these are tOSU section which is a plus.

Comment 05 Sep 2019

Selling a pair for Nebraska in what I believe is tOSU section. Section 19 Row 81. 

They are listed on stubhub for $290.18 (after fees) right now but I can remove the listing. The cheapest pair in any section on stubhub now is going for $243.05 each, after fee's.

I'm looking for $220 each. We would both benefit from missing the fees.

Comment 24 Aug 2019

I have 3 tickets for the Nebraska game in what I believe is the OSU section (Section 20 row 78). Looking for $220 a piece but I would have to sell all 3 together. Cheapest pair of 3 on stubhub (after fees) right now is about $261 which is my listing.