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Comment 28 Jan 2020

I ran through TTUN’s list. No Ohio players. (unless you count Ed Warinner’s kid who transferred from MSU). Yea!

Comment 28 Dec 2019
Wow I haven’t seen such crappy safety play since Grinch was was coaching our safeties last season. (remember Maryland?)
Comment 11 Dec 2019

Wait a Michigan fan gave YOU shit about how OSU looked in the first half against UW?

You might want to remind him that OSU was not down 35-0 like UM was in September to the Badgers.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Stopped rooting for the Knicks when Frazier, Reed, Bradley, Lucas  and DeBuscherre retired.

However I will root for the Buckeyes until I die.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

A little more positivity: We have 13 wins and 9 of those wins are against teams playing in bowls. We have been tested and we’ve passed every test. Go Bucks!