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Comment 04 Mar 2012

GO BUCKS!!!! I had my worries and fears about the game but its great to be a Buckeye. Young Men wearing Scarlet and Gray playing their hearts out and winning in the end. THANK YOU THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY MENS BASKETBALL TEAM, You never waivered in your goals!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Comment 24 Jan 2012

+1. I will take Coach Tress's decision over another ex-coach's decision who put his program over the abuse that kids had to endure for a decade. It's funny how the media portrayed Coach Tressel as a lifelong liar, blah, blah and portrayed Paterno in a much better perspective when he should have been labeled an enabler of child abuse cuz he kept quiet for over a decade. Just my opinion. Also the writer is an unexperienced college student who has no knowledge of how much Coach Tressel volunteers his time for the military men and women, hospitals, communities, etc. I could go on but we lost more than a coach, we lost an honorable man who made a decision knowing the consequences in order to protect his players during an investigatioin. It's not like he was protecting a coach who was abusing kids or something. Just my opinion. GO BUCKS!!! O-H

Comment 24 Jan 2012

I think that Coach Tressels' coaching experience over a period of over 40 years or more might be just one of the reasons an owner, who by the way wouldn't just throw his money, is very interested in Tressel. Good Luck Coach Tressel.